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Billion times you suffer in life, Because Million things give you pain, There are thousand reasons why people lie to you, leave you, hate you, Hundreds of emotions you feel, And how those ten happy moments are enough to live rest of your life, Because there is only one person you love, who will give you these ten moments until your last breath in this world! Will Emery do the same mistake again? Will Finn break his walls built around his heart in these two years for one person? Both are hiding their secrets, hiding behind their darkness. Both are trying not to hurt anyone, Will these sugar-coated love and lies help them to come together? Join Emery and Finn in their sugar-coated journey!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 : Sugar Pie?


Someone said, ‘Music is the best solution to any problem’.

I agree. Totally agree.

But have you ever thought that music can be a problem sometimes?

And the only solution is to turn it off?

So can someone just tell my neighbour to turn it off and shove something down his throat? So he’ll never be able to sing a song again.

I screamed into my pillow. His terrible voice has just ruined my peaceful, beauty sleep.

“But you see, it’s not me
it’s not my family
in your head, in your head, they are fightttttiiiiiing”

After travelling for straight 12hrs, I was knackered. I didn’t even change my clothes and sprawled my dead body on my fluffy bed.

After freaking two years I was back. Back in my room, in my house, in my town. I thought these two days will be peaceful before my school starts and my past life slaps me in the face like an inevitable storm.

But no, this boy has snatched that too.

God, I don’t even know him.

“With their tanks, and their bombs
and their bombs, and their guns
in your head, in your head they are cryyyyyyyyyinggg”

I shoved my head into my pillow. Asked the devil to show up on earth and choke this boy to death.

Oh boy no, not choke him like that, you dirty minded people.

“In your heeee-ad, in your heeeee-ad
Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie
what’s in your heeee-ad, in your heeee-ad
Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh”

“Goddamnit!” I threw my pillow across the room. And dragged my lifeless body in balcony.

Cool breeze touched my bare skin and I shivered. I could see a silhouette dancing in the room like a happy monkey who just broke free from circus.

“Heyyy!” Keeping my both hands on the railing, I shouted in annoyance.

“Du, du, du, du
Du, du, du, du
Du, du, du, du
Du, du, du, du”

“What the-” I trailed off when he literally screamed like a dying cat. And my head started spinning like a helicopter.

“That’s enough” I said to myself. I looked around and picked some small pebbles from flower pot and started throwing it towards his balcony door until the silhouette came near the curtains and opened the door.

Revealing the shirtless boy, with messy dark hair (but not enough messy to compare my life) laying on his forehead, With Captain America boxers (heehee). I couldn’t say a word when he came into the balcony and mimicked my position. His muscles pumped out when he put some pressure on his hands. His perfect abs slightly sweaty,


DAMN! Sugar and spice!

I mentally slapped myself and brought my eyes to meet his. He grinned at me, showing off his dimple on the right cheek.

“Hey, Sugar pie! Got some problem?” He raised his eyebrow at me and suddenly I forgot all the words to form a single sentence. I opened my mouth and closed it again.

My mind was forcing my eyes to look at those veins again. But I glued my eyes to his face.

He tapped a finger on his invisible watch and folded his hands.

Don’t do that boy. Please.

“It’s okay. Take your time. I’ve all night to teach you how to speak, how to form a sentence. Don’t worry, I won’t charge you any fees. So let’s start. First of all, there are 26 Alphabets, say ‘A’ ‘B’-”

His sarcasm brought me back from my la la land.

“Y-Yeah! I mean No no. I just wanted t-to ask, ummm c-can you lower down the volume? I-I’m tryna sleep”

Why the hell am I stammering?

“N-No, I-I can’t d-do that, because I-I like my m-music l-loud” he imitated my stuttering and started laughing.

I gave him a flat look and let my anger get best of me.

I didn’t get to sleep from last 12hrs and he is doing this shit.

In the middle of the night.

When I’m half asleep.

“Listen doofus, I’m so tired right now. So, lower down the volume. You’re disturbing the fucking neighbors.” Surprised by my sudden outburst, he sobered up for a second and gave me a bored look.

“So what? It’s not my problem that you can’t sleep. Do you see anybody here complaining about my sexy voice? No. It’s only you, so deal with it sweety” He didn’t even give me chance to answer his question as he winked and turned around to go in his room.

I looked at the last pebble in my hand and threw towards him without thinking of any consequences.

“Oww! Jeez, women” The pebble hit him in the back of the head and he turned around so fast that I closed my eyes to hear a sound of his cracking neck.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you in ya head” I cracked open my one eye to face a raging bull in front of me.

He closed his eyes and started to take deep breaths. Before he could say anything I blurted out.

“I’m sorry okay? I just came home and now I am too tired to argue with you. I just want to sleep. S-L-E-E-P. So can you turn it off” I looked at the clock in his room with my squinting eyes. “It’s fucking 12.30, Are you mad? Who sings like a dying cat in the midnight?” I looked at him to catch his staring eyes never leaving my face. I gulped. “Look, you play or sing or do whatever the fuck you want to do, but do it in the morning or any time of the day. Not now. I’m even saying the magic word right now, PLEASE?”

The rage in his eyes softens a bit and he smirked.

“Okay Sugar pie. No problem. You sleep, okay? I’ll turn off the music.” He smiled sweetly and went in his room.

I stood there like a dumb. Did he just listen to me? How on earth? Is he really a good guy? I felt bad for shouting at him.

As I turned around to go back to my one and only love,

“I’m hurting, baby, I’m down
I need your loving, loving, I need it now
When I’m you
I’m weak
You got me begging
Begging, I’m on my knees”

His terrible voice again boomed in the air. I groaned loudly.

He came back into the balcony and with air pods in his ears and singing a song at top of his lungs.

“I don’t be your love,
I just be deep in your love
And it’s me when you’re away
Ooh, baby,
’Cause I don’t care you are
I just be where you are
And I get one taste”

I covered my ears with my hands because I know for sure If I hear his voice even for a second now, I’m gonna be deaf for my whole life.

“Your sugar
Yes, please
Won’t you come and put it down on me
I’m here, ’cause I need
Little love and sympathy”

“Stop singing for fuck’s sake” I literally cried.

He stopped for a minute; “Now what sugar pie?” he gave me a goofy smile.

“You Bit-”

“Wait, didn’t you tell me to turn off the music. See, I did” He cut me off and shrugged his shoulders.

“I.will.kill.you.” I muttered under my breath trying to calm myself.

“What? Did you say something?” he leaned on the railings as his veins came into the show.

I ignored him and closed my eyes again.

“Wait up” He shouted as I turned my back to him.


“Are you going to tell me your name or should I continue calling you Sugar pie?” He winked that made me roll my eyes.

“Medusa. My name is Medusa”

With the bored look on my face I shut the balcony door loudly, without listening to his reply, I jumped on my bed.

“Sorry baby for keeping you waiting” I kissed my pillow and went back to sleep.

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