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Things Change

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Bianca and Josh are just friends. Or maybe they're more than just friends.

Ashton Maxwell
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Chapter 1

I’m getting my stuff out of my locker when I hear my bestie, Josh, come up, “Hey, B! How’s your day?” “Awesome!” Then, Jack comes up, “Hey, Bookworm, have you read any good books lately?” Then he laughs. He’s been bullying me since eighth grade. “Leave her alone,” says Josh. That gets Jack real mad, “ What’re you going to do ’bout it? Huh? Are you going to be the knight in shining armor?” “Yeah, I am.” “Josh, stop. He’s not worth it,” I step in. “Whatever B, let’s go.”

We go out to the parking lot and find Josh’s beat up car. He always drives me home because I can’t drive yet. This is why I love my best friend. Although, I’m pretty sure he also just drives me home because I’m his neighbor. We get to his house and just watch The Flash. His older sister, Demi, comes in after a half an hour. “What do you want, Demi?” Asks Josh. “Just asking if you losers want some popcorn. Bianca, you want some?” Asks Demi, in response. “Sure,” I reply.” “Popcorn is on the way!” “Thanks, Demi,” Josh and I reply in unison.

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