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A Mutually Assured Attachment

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I was always a girl reading books in cafes and libraries. I came to this city with big dreams and wanted to make them true. I was in control of my dreams until tragedy struck, leading me unemployed and without any source of income. It became difficult to survive in the cold streets of London. Then I met him , A man who had the power to make or break me. I had no power to stop him. I fell hard for him, will he get me or is this a recipe for irreparable and irrevocable heartbreak… Join me, Constance and Richard on our journey here.

Romance / Erotica
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“ Please leave us, Miss Taylor” said Mr. Hamilton

She was looking at him with tears in her eyes as she saw him alone in his cabin with his ex-girlfriend and super model Brianna Jacobson.

“But Sir the-’’ she was about to remind him about his family dinner

He shouted , furiously looking at her “I said Get the fuck out of my cabin right now Constance or you would not like the consequence of it.”

Tears emerged in her eyes as she saw her moving closer to him and holding his arm tightly clutching as if making a claim on him,

He was allowing her to do so, Looking at them standing so close to each other and being in each other’s arm was too much for my heart to take, she sharply turned around and was about to leave when she heard his deep husky voice saying

“Close the door on your way Miss Taylor and cancel all my remaining appointments and re schedule them and you are dismissed for the day, you can leave” said Mr. Hamilton

With hot tears rolling down her face, I answered in shaky voice “yes sir” and closed the door and sat on the table to cancel his appointments with tears flowing down.

As she finished doing her work, she heard something crashing in his cabin, as she was about to go and see what is happening, she remembered his harsh words. So she packed my bag and left the building crying with various thoughts running through her mind.

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