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A Mutually Assured Attachment

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Constance peeped outside the window and saw it’s raining around the city heavily, she sighed heavily thinking about her interview which was about to take place at 9 sharp in the morning at Rosewood Hotels and CO. She sat at the window, waiting for her cab to arrive thinking how her life changed in mere two months. She was living her dream after she graduated from Oxford university with double honors in English literature as well as in business administration and finance. She scored her dream job in blue balloon publishing of a junior editor and was happy about the way her life had turned out after coming here from a country town of Bakewell , Derbyshire. She was sure that she will be able to support herself as well as pay of her mountainous student loan after this job and live a good life. But her life came crashing down in front of her eyes when the publishing house went bankrupt and got sold to another company which laid of half of their employees. She lost her job and her dream in one single night, since then she is working as a part time waitress and bar tender to keep the roof up on her head and food on the table. Due to minimum experience finding a good profile job in London was proving quite a gruesome task for her. But thanks to her editor in chief from last job who gave her a good recommendation as well as helped her in acquiring this interview. Constance was hoping to get the job as she had not much savings left to live for another two months in London.

Constance wore aqua blue jumpsuit and paired it up white blazer and tied her auburn wavy hair into a long sleek pony tail and did minimum make up with bronze eye shadow and pink lipstick and some peach blush which enhanced her natural delicate features, her violet eyes popped out and put up her spectacles. She took all her necessary documents and began to decend down the stairs towards her cab. She climbed up the car and gave the address to the driver and started playing with her fingers. The anxiety of the interview was quite visible on her face. She reached the corporation and got down from the cab, she did pay the driver and thanked him. The corporation was a fifty story glass building , it stood tall in the middle of the city which did not help her anxiety a bit. She entered the lobby and went towards the reception and inquired about the interview which was about to start her in fifteen minutes. The receptionist told her it is taking place on the 45th floor and she had to move towards her right and take the third lift which was the visitors specifically. She gave Constance her ID card required for the interview. Thanking her she started moving towards the lift when she dashed into a wall… “wait a minute” she thought while her hands came in contact with something hard. She lifts her face upwards and gasps, her eyes meets with the most handsome and breathtaking man she had ever seen. He has emerald green eyes and dark angled eyebrows. He has olive skin and jet black hair, a straight nose with a bump which makes it more attractive due to it. A thin upper lip but a bit plump lower lip with a prominent cupid’s bow, high cheekbones and hollow cheeks with a distinguish jawline which is razor sharp, hint of a day stubble present, prominent chin and a square face shape.

He makes her stand erect and leaves her behind with no backward glance. Constance comes out of her trance and make her way toward the lift and makes her way up to 45th floor. She showed her ID card to the lady present and she is made to sit and wait for her turn. As she starts reading her book, she starts hearing murmurs about how the CEO is going to be the one who is going to conduct the interviews. This increases her anxiety another notch, she keeps taking deep breathes to calm her nerves down. Her name is called as she is the last candidate left, she starts moving towards the door and knocks it. Constance hears a deep husky voice calling her “ Come in.” As she enters she gasps out loud as she sees the same man whom she had banged herself into downstairs near the lift. As their eyes meet, she feels shivers run down her spine. Her feet are stuck in the middle of the room when she hears his voice saying “ Please have a seat , let’s begin it.”

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