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Thrilling romance of Kathleen and Leo who accidentally meet. Leo appears to care for her and gradually the two shape shifters fell in heated love

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I was far from home.

Last I ate was an underweight deer. Hunger caused my stomach to growl

I hid in an airy abyss and hoped to die, I was probably on another pride's land and that meant trespassing. Who cares.

Sunset was closer and I shut my eyes to conceal the pain of my growling stomach. Of course,I already trespassed and wasn't planning on hunting on their land. That offence was highly prohibited. The most peculiar and Ill-lucked thing happened then. A stray goat, barely adult was close, it's scent filled me. The meat of it's flesh smelled appealing. I was starving and there was fine meat inches away, even if they caught me, I had nothing to lose.

Wrong place and wrong time goat.

I sprang and caught it by the troath, silencing it forever. Then I fed on it, tearing and ripping easily until bones laid around. Bless God.

A different scent intruded the environment,the smell of.... carnation flowers. "Had enough?, trespasser" well good heavens. One of my kind, a shifter, stood in front of me. In his lion form of course. Shifter cats could speak telepathically so it was his mental voice that spoke. "Please, I pose no treath, I was starving" I replied staring directly at him.

"You've violated pride laws stray cat. You will come with me" He was a mature male but his scent was..... different. My senses told me what I couldn't understand, He was more than any male lion. I wasn't about to refuse, he would just kill me there and then. Maybe if I played nice, they would let me go.....maybe.

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