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Love for Aasha

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Aasha is a 17 year old girl trying to find love. For Aasha though, it's a little trickier for her to find love. She always gets with someone then they leave her. Will Aasha ever find love? Will Aasha ever get her dream?...

Romance / Drama
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Aasha and some of her friends, Tabata and Sakuma walked down the school hallway and saw a big crowd of people that were cluttered all around one area. Aasha walked up to the crowd and tried asking what was going on until she paused. She saw her boyfriend, Saito, and one of the more popular girls, Yamashiro, kissing in the middle of the hallway. Aasha thought to herself "another one!". She walked towards Saito and Yamashiro and pulled away Yamashiro. Saito looked at Aasha in somewhat, shock. He walked towards her and said "listen, it's not what it looks like. She walked up to me and kissed me out of nowhere! I love you, and only you, Aasha.".

"So your saying I should believe you, Saito?"

"Yes, you should! I would never lie to you, love."

Aasha looked at Yamashiro and looked back at Saito. "I know your lying Saito. Were done, I'm done with your pathetic lies. Go find another bitch to annoy."

Aasha walked away with a strait face and her head down. Everyone knew she was either pissed off or sad. Everyone also knew that Aasha would never find love. Aasha had been with 12 other people already, trying to find someone who would love her. Only her.

Aasha walked into a dark classroom with the lights off and she stood quietly. Until she started crying many tears.

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