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Wily Bitch

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What is the fastest way to ruin a perfectly good relationship? Kate and Aaron are about to find out. After meeting Jen at a party, the couple decides to act out a fantasy and in the process, they discover just how strong their relationship really is.

Romance / Erotica
E. Crowther
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Chapter 1

Katie knew that it wasn’t all Jen’s fault that things ended. She also knew it wasn’t a threesome that tore her relationship apart. They did that themselves.

Jen had met them both at a party two weeks before their date. Aaron’s buddy was having people over and guests meandered throughout the three bedroom apartment as music thumped and people played kings at the kitchen table. Jen introduced herself in the hallway where Katie noticed plenty of soft arm touches, glances, and giggles. Eventually, the two of them moved to the couch where they chatted for nearly an hour before Aaron waved Katie over to join them.

Aaron pulled Katie in next to him, placing his arm behind her shoulders. He sat between her and Jen and his gaze moved between the two of them as they spoke over the course of the night. Katie focused on the feel of Aaron’s fingers as he stroked her arm while she addressed with their new friend. Jen recrossed her legs and leaned into them as she played with her hair and chatted.

The windows were thrown open for the soft spring breeze to whirl through the overly warm apartment. More friends arrived with ice, other friends moved on to a bar down the street. It wasn’t until later, when Aaron and Katie were back in his apartment with a slight buzz, getting ready for bed together, that he mentioned the nature of their earlier talk, before she had been invited to join them.

“It looks like you need a new toothpaste,” Katie informed him as she struggled to squeeze some onto the toothbrush that she left in his medicine cabinet.

Aaron nodded but didn’t say anything as he brushed his own teeth. He gargled and spit then stood back and leaned against the wall behind her, watching as she brushed and washed up.

“You know… Jen would be into a threesome,” he told her.

Katie paused in her ministrations.

“Jen?” she asked pointedly. She watched his face in the mirror.

“Jen. From the party,” he reminded her.

“Jen from the party would be into a threesome?” Katie repeated. She turned around to look him in the eye. Katie didn’t know if she should feel threatened that her boyfriend was having such a sensitive conversation with a stranger at a party, or if she should be turned on. She continued to brush lightly and sucked on the toothbrush bristles to keep herself from drooling.

Maybe both, she thought to herself. Why was he having that conversation right in front of me? She was slightly hurt but also grateful that he brought it up to her.

“Why were you talking to a random girl at a party about a threesome?” she questioned, turning back around to spit in the sink. She caught his eyes in the mirror as she moved to rubbing lotion onto her face.

“It came up. She was saying how attractive you and I are,” he said nonchalantly.

“How did it come up?” she asked, a small smile on her lips. She still hadn’t decided which side of threatened and upset she stood on.

“We were just chatting, you know? I guess it got a little flirty. But I pointed you out right away, so she knew you were my girlfriend from the start,” he shrugged as he assured her. “She was asking about our relationship - how long we’ve been together and stuff - and it came up somehow.” He could tell she wasn’t fully comfortable with the conversation. He dropped his gaze.

“And you mentioned that we have discussed it so Jen indicated that she would be interested in joining us in a threesome?”

“Yeah. Something like that,” he told her.

Katie pursed her lips and nodded and then pulled her curls down from the knot on top of her head as she walked past him and out of the bathroom.

It was a typical Saturday night. She was staying over and they would likely sleep in, have brunch in the morning, then she would head to the grocery store on her way home to her own apartment where she lived with two girlfriends.

After three years of dating, they had a certain routine and she was comfortable with it. She enjoyed their text banter, their midweek dates after work, their slow weekends, whether sleepovers happened at her apartment or his. Since Aaron only had one roommate who was often not at home, they spent more time at his than he did at hers.

Katie made her way to his bedroom, aware of his eyes on her as she moved through the apartment. She slid into his bed and looked at him as he closed the door behind him.

“I know that we’ve talked about it, but it just got a lot more real knowing that there is someone out there that would actually be interested,” she said. Her cheeks heated as she looked at him.

Aaron joined her and laid down beneath his comforter, placing his hand on her thigh and slowly stroking her as he looked down at her, settling in close to his body.

“Yeah, I agree,” he said in a low, husky tone.

She moved closer, settling the thigh he was stroking atop his own.

“Jen was cute,” she offered playfully. She ducked her head and then looked Aaron in the eye. “Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, she was cute.”

“If I was going to have a threesome, I’d want to do it with a girl like Jen,” Katie said as she moved closer to him, placing her hand on his bare chest. The stroking of his hand became stronger. He had a small smile on his face.

“Yeah, I think I would too,” he said as he pulled her fully on top of him.

The next day, as Katie and Aaron were walking back to his apartment after they had coffee and bagels at the little cafe around the corner from his place, Aaron noticed a message he received on Instagram.

“Jen just messaged me,” he told Katie excitedly. “She said, ‘Hey Aaron, it was great meeting you last night. I hope it’s ok that I’m reaching out,’” he read to her. Katie looked to the screen as he recited the phone number Jen shared and her hope to connect with Aaron again soon.

“What do you think? Should I text her?” he asked excitedly.

Six months earlier, on Aaron’s twenty-sixth birthday, Katie treated him to a steakhouse dinner, complete with a fancy bottle of red wine and a big slice of chocolate cake at the end of the meal.

They rolled into bed so full that they were unable to sleep.

“That was amazing but I’m so full and thirsty and I can’t sleep. If I keep chugging water, I’ll be up peeing all night,” Katie complained. The lights were out and they lay side be side under the covers with her leg slung lazily over his. They had finished the cake, the wine, and the steak, with only a few leftovers of the creamed spinach and hash-browns by the time they left the table. It had been a bit of a splurge but she loved him and wanted him to feel special.

Earlier in the day, she had showered him with a few gifts - breakfast in bed, a vintage sweatshirt from his favorite soccer team and new earbuds. He had made her feel so special on her last birthday with a homemade dinner and gifts that she wondered if it was enough.

“Are you happy,” she asked quietly as she rolled to her side to look at him. She could see his profile in the light that streamed in through the blinds.

“Of course I am,” he told her firmly with a stroke of his hand over her thigh. He laid on his back with his other hand tucked behind his head.

“What are your fantasies?” she asked him, her voice low.

“My fantasies?” he chuckled. “You’re my fantasy,” he assured her.

“C’mon. There has to be something. Is there something you wish you could try?”

“You make me more than happy,” he reassured her. He pulled her closer so that she was nestled into his body. He was like a furnace. She felt a bit too hot but she stayed close and lightly stroked her fingers up his arm. “But as far as fantasies, I guess it would be hot to have a threesome with you. If I got to see you with another girl, that would be the ultimate fantasy.”

“A threesome… Mmhmm, that could be hot” she agreed softly with her lips close to his neck.

“Seeing you make out with another girl and touch her and be touched by her… Yeah, I’d like that. That would be very sexy.” His stroking hand was getting higher on her leg now, slightly more insistent.

“I wouldn’t mind sharing you with someone if you found it sexy to see me with them. I’ve always found women to be beautiful and I love making out,” she smiled at him as she gently stroked her fingers up his abs. “It would be cool to experiment and touch and lick and kiss and share,” she said as she traced soft kisses up his jaw.

“You would be able to do that? That would turn you on?” his hand had moved farther up her thigh and his fingers were teasingly close to her panties. The soft pads of his questing fingers were exploring and he would soon discover how wet she was getting.

“Just thinking about someone watching us kiss while you touch me like that makes me so ready for you,” she whispered as she trailed her hand over his lap, finding him ready for her as well.

Without another word, he bent his head to hers and then moved down her body, pulling her panties down her legs. Aaron kissed up her inner thighs, keeping an eye on her as she leaned back onto her elbows with her knees bent, and watched him with hooded lids. When he was finally in the crook of her legs, he breathed in deeply and licked her from her opening to her clit, slipping a finger inside of her and watching as she threw her head back. She emitted a moan that set his cock even harder in his boxers. Gliding his finger slowly in and out, he put it in his mouth and tasted her. She was so wet, her lips and inner thighs were already coated in a glistening sheen.

Katie pulled one of the pillows under her head and relaxed as he kissed directly on her clit and then licked her from bottom to top. Her breathing hitched as he put his finger back in then after a minute, adding a second, as his tongue flicked over her clit and he kissed and sucked her.

“Oh, that feels amazing,” she sighed. Her fingers were in his hair and he looked up, peering at her face behind the swells of her breasts, noticing the flush of her cheeks and her closed eyes. He bent his head back to his task, focusing on making his tongue flat, prodding at her opening to get his tongue in as far as he could, and then using just the tip of his tongue to snap pointedly over her clit again and again.

“Yes, like that. Keep doing that. I love your fingers moving in and out of me,” she urged. With shaking thighs, her fingers pulling his hair, her stomach muscles contracted under his hand. Finally, she let out a groan, muttering, “Oh my God, I’m coming,” and then melted into the sheets, dabbing the back of her hand against her sweating temples.

Aaron wiped his mouth and pulled himself up the bed to lay beside her. She was instantly on top of him, straddling him and pulling his mouth to hers, tasting herself on his lips and against his tongue.

“That was amazing,” she told him, her voice hoarse.

“I like making you feel good,” he whispered, trailing his hands up her sides and cupping her breasts. “Those noises you were making were so sexy.”

“I was making noises? I didn’t even notice,” she murmured as her hands traveled over his body. She cupped her hand over his crotch. “You’re so hard,” she said, stroking, then running her teeth on his earlobe and moving down to lick and suck his nipples.

Katie pulled away slightly so that she could maneuver his boxers down his legs until he was completely naked below her. She slid father down the bed to straddle one of his legs and look closely at his dick, smiling at what she saw. She kissed the tip, then licked the bit of salty fluid that beaded up before she licked him like a lollipop, up and down, wetting him from base to tip.

“Mmm,” she pulled his dick in her mouth and used one hand to grasp the base of his shaft, the other to cup his balls and roll them around. She wasn’t gentle but she knew how to stay right on the edge of being too rough.

“Fuck that feels good. Oh, God, Katie I’m not going to last long. Where do you want me to cum?” he asked her. He could feel her smiling as she licked the head of his cock, flicking and swooshing her tongue over the head. She didn’t stop to answer his question, knowing she would swallow him without breaking her rhythm.

With his hands in her hair, he guided her up and down the length of his dick, not pushing but following along as she went at her own pace. He could feel her hips grating against his lower half and his hips bucked in answer.

It wasn’t long, as he had promised, before his fingers pulled her hair tighter into his fists and he alerted her that he was getting close, as she had done for him. When he came in her mouth, she kept going until she had swallowed all of his salty seed.

When Katie finally emerged, he kissed her long and deep, then pulled her up beside him and curled his body around her so that he cushioned her head against his bicep, her back was pressed against his front, and his hand cupped her breast as they lay together catching their breath.

“Bringing somebody else into that would be so hot,” Katie mumbled as she drifted off to sleep, no longer bothered by how full she felt.

Katie and Aaron had good sex. They slept together a few times a week if they could and although it was mostly vanilla, it was exciting and although she didn’t always finish, she always enjoyed it. Katie felt lucky for that, considering the conversations she would have with her girlfriends about their sex lives. It could be tough being single and navigating the dating scene with casual hookups, friends with benefits, or even a significant other that wasn’t good in bed.

A threesome with Aaaron was the kind of topic that she was dying to bring up to her besties, without sounding like a prude, a know it all, or even an idiot. She knew that she was better off exploring her insecurities with her girlfriends before taking them to Aaron and opening things up with anyone new.

“You’re contemplating a threesome and I can’t even get Dan to do anything besides missionary,” Sam complained at brunch soon after Katie and Aaron had the fantasy conversation.

She had hesitated on whether to share but she thought there would be no harm. It was just a fun idea that she and Aaron talked about. Discussing a threesome with Aaron was pretty much foreplay. Discussing having a threesome with her friends would help her think through whether the idea was crazy.

“Why would you want to? You are always complaining about your two roommates leaving you out of things. What makes you think you’d have fun in a threesome?” the always pragmatic Lucy wondered.

“Seriously, Katie, it’s a big decision. Are you actually serious about having one?” Anna asked her.

Katie laughed and took another sip of her Bloody Mary. Sunday brunch with the girls was always fun and these three were her best friends. She could tell them anything and Lucy could always be relied on to tell her how it is. Anna would always be looking out for her.

“Right now, we are just playing with the idea of it. It’s fun to talk about. We have great sex but when we talk about it, it just gets us going.”

“Do you use your vibrator during sex with him?” Sam asked.

“Of course. I mean, not all the time, but yeah it’s a part of the repertoire,” she giggled.

“I need to have a serious talk with Dan,” she determined.

“You don’t ever use a vibrator during sex?” Lucy asked her.

Separately, Anna said to Katie, “If you seriously decide to go through with it, make sure you talk about your boundaries beforehand.”

Katie nodded, serious about the suggestion. If it came down to it, that seemed like an important and logical piece to making it happen.

“Have you ever had one?” Katie asked.

“No but my sister’s roommate once did and she told me how messy it got. She said the boundaries were necessary.”

They were sitting in a cafe, the bright sun shone down on them through the windows and all of a sudden, Katie felt uncomfortably warm. She felt like she was getting a sunburn through the glass.

“I’m excited by the idea but, honestly, we don’t know what we are doing,” she confided in her friend.

“Well, I have to say, this is pretty adventurous for you,” Anna smirked. “Since when are you and Aaron trying to have open sex? Do you guys need to liven things up?”

“I know, I guess it is. I’m not trying to open the relationship. It’s just something we started talking about a while back. We don’t need to liven things up; it just seems like an adventure we want to try. I haven’t thought much about it but it could be fun,” she said with a smile.

“It’s sexy until you no longer want it on the table. If you haven’t given it much thought, you should start if you plan to actually do it. Sometimes fantasies are sexier when they aren’t acted out,” she said knowingly.

The other women at the table were tuned back into the threesome conversation.

“Why are you whispering?” Lucy asked from across the table.

“This is all new to me,” she said with a bit of an awkward cringe. “How loudly should I be discussing my threesome fantasy at Sunday brunch?” she questioned her friends.

“As loudly as you want,” Lucy laughed.

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