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The Alpha's Famous Mate |Rewritten Version

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Melody is a teenager with a lot on her plate. She is a rare werewolf for one. The other massive secret in Melody's life is her double life, she is the famous singer ‘Aubrey Elizabeth.’ Two massive secret's weigh down on the eighteen year old's shoulders. Melody meets her mate Alpha Alec at one of her concert rehearsals and does the unthinkable, she runs away from him. Melody tries to hide from him as she attempts to untangle the truth of her life so that she can finally explain it to her mate. But dangerous rogues threaten Melody's safety from the distance and Alec needs to step up to protect is mate and his pack.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Melody’s POV

At the moment I am in the middle of one of my concerts, doing what I love performing for my adoring fans. Having the time of my life! Enjoying the thrill of performing for my fans and feeding off of their energy. I am singing my last song for tonight. I gotta end this concert on a high note! Smiling widely at the roaring crowd cheering me on, I close my eyes and take a deep breath before beginning the song. Then I slowly raise the mike in my left hand towards my face and start singing with my eyes still closed. Getting lost in the song as I do so.

“She just wants to be beautiful

She goes unnoticed, she knows no limits

She craves attention, she praises an image

She prays to be sculpted by the sculptor

Oh, she don’t see the light that’s shining

Deeper than the eyes can find it

Maybe we have made her blind

So she tries to cover up her pain and cut her woes away

’Cause cover girls don’t cry after their face is made

But there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark

You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are

And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful

Oh-oh, oh-oh

And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful

She has dreams to be an envy, so she’s starving

You know, covergirls eat nothing

She says beauty is pain and there’s beauty in everything

What’s a little bit of hunger?

I could go a little while longer, she fades away

She don’t see her perfect, she don’t understand she’s worth it

Or that beauty goes deeper than the surface

Oh, oh

So to all the girls that’s hurting

Let me be your mirror, help you see a little bit clearer

The light that shines within

There’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark

You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are

And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful

Oh-oh, oh-oh

And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful

No better you than the you that you are (no better you than the you that you are)

No better life than the life we’re living (no better life than the life we’re living)

No better time for your shine, you’re a star (no better time for your shine, you’re a star)

Oh, you’re beautiful, oh, you’re beautiful

And there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark

You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are

And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful

Oh-oh, oh-oh

And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful.”

“Goodnight you guys, I hope you enjoyed the show. It was an absolute pleasure to perform for such an amazing crowd!” I tell them after completing Alessia Cara’s ‘Scars To Your Beautiful,’ then I gracefully make my way off of the stage.

As I make my way through the people running around backstage who made sure everything went well tonight I send them all smiles of appreciation. When I finally make it to my dressing room I sigh as I close the door remembering to lock it in the process, I slide down the door in pure exhaustion. My exhaustion is short lived when I see the clock above my mirror which makes my eyes widen in slight panic. Oops… It looks like I’m going to be in trouble tonight, or this morning. I quickly stand up and rip my wig off, chucking it on a random chair in my dressing room. I rush to take off my outfit and remove my makeup. Looks like my life as both a popstar and normal girl are about to come to an end. Goodbye double life, it was nice knowing you. Death by loved ones is nice enough to have carved on your tombstone.

My only thought right now is that I’m totally dead once I get home. Someone please arrange a bouquet of white lilies for my funeral. I quickly checked the time on my phone as I’m making my way out of the dressing room, it’s 01:39 am. Yip, my brothers are so gonna kill me. Especially since I have school tomorrow. I’m so dead. My fate is definitely sealed. As I leave the building holding my phone to my chest I notice my two bodyguards in my peripheral view trailing behind me. Both of them wearing evident smirks on their stupid faces. At least they find this entertaining, I’m glad I could provide some amusement in their lives before my untimely demise. Ughhh, they know I’m in trouble and are enjoying watching me panic, which causes me to let out a warning growl to them. Almost immediately they are emotionless and straighten up. Uh huh that’s what I thought boys. After dealing with them I immediately go back to panicking and planning my funeral. Hopefully my brothers say some nice things at my funeral… Maybe that’s wishful thinking though.

“They won’t kill us, they love us way too much. Plus if we were to die by their hand our fans would hunt our oh so amazing brothers down.” says my wolf, Viola, who interrupts my funeral plans.

“Oh shush Viola, I need to get to my car and concentrate on driving, I don’t have time to argue with you.” I say rolling my eyes, “Plus you’re forgetting that our fans don’t know that they are our brothers, they’ll get away with it.”

As I make my way into my car I make sure to block out Viola, I make eye contact with my bodyguards and smile.

“Thanks guys, I’m fine to drive myself home. You guys can go home to your families, see you at the next one.” I say to them smiling. Before climbing into my black Ferrari with tinted windows.

They both watch me get into the car and drive away. Once I’ve made it a distance from the parking lot I see their eyes glaze over as they watch my car disappear. They must have mind linked my brothers that I’m finally on my way home. Oh joy, now the devils I call brothers are definitely counting down the minutes until I get home, knowing them, they’ve planned my death at least a hundred times already. At this point I’d be lucky to get off with just being grounded- but I think I’d prefer a swift death instead. Being grounded means no singing, no singing means I very sad and miserable.

Now let me just clear up any confusion, my name is Melody, I am an 18 year old werewolf. My eldest brother, Ashton happens to be my legal guardian and pack Alpha. Which generally means I always get caught when I get into trouble and that I’m grounded quite often. I live in a home with ten guys, my two older overprotective brothers and my eight also overprotective older cousins. A house filled to the very brim with testosterone. Unfortunately I am the only girl in the family so all of their overprotective tendencies are directed at me and occasionally the pack when situations call for them to be. But more often than not, I am just lucky enough to have their undivided attention, I’m clearly watched like a hawk.I am just about to pull up onto our property as Ashton mind links me. Speaking of the devils.

“Mel, please tell me you are on your way home?” he asks.

“Yes, I just got onto our property, see you in a bit big brother.” I reply.

“That was quick, you only left the concert like ten minutes ago” says Mason adding himself into the conversation, I can feel and hear him smirking at me over our mind link.

I laugh. “Hey Mason, you can’t blame me for being a better driver than you,” I mind linked back.

Now it’s my turn to smirk and stick my tongue out, not that he can see it but he knows me well enough to know that I’m doing that. I’m definitely the mature one of the three of us. I pull over in front of the house. Our very big house, I mean it kind of has to be big, eleven of us live in it, if it was too small we’d all be in each other’s space and annoy the hell out of each other. Fights would probably happen more often too. Plus when you’re a werewolf bigger spaces are better, it means more freedom, and with the small chance that someone loses control of their wolf, there’s enough space to shift inside if necessary.

I get my keys out and open the front door and I am immediately welcomed by my big brothers. Not. They are both standing in front of me with their arms crossed over their chests wearing unimpressed facial expressions. I’m really going to get it now. I sigh before I toss my keys onto the table in the passageway. I look up at my brothers who are certainly not very happy. I just smile innocently at them. Showing them my pretty pearly whites. Fingers crossed they don’t give me a lecture, it’s a bit too late for one of those. I would like a decent amount of sleep before school tomorrow, well later today.

“Mel, you know you need to be home after 12am if you’re doing a concert, especially on a school night. ” starts Ash.

I waved my hands dismissively. Then I shrug innocently.

“I know, I know. I kinda lost track of time.You guys know how much I love singing, I just got a little too lost in the music I guess, it won’t happen again, I promise.” I smiled sheepishly, holding out my pinky finger in front of them. Hopefully they take the bait.

Mason let out a tired sigh but manages to give me a small smile, “Just go to bed, you need some sleep, your senior year starts tomorrow,” he says before connecting his pinky finger with mine.

“Ugh, do I have to go tomorrow?” I whine.

“Yes, you do Melody, it would be your own fault if you’re tired tomorrow. Just remember kiddo, even if you are already successful you still need a proper education.” says Ashton.

I nod slightly disappointed that I can’t get my way. Before making my way upstairs to my bedroom I give both of them a kiss on their cheeks. Ash kisses my forehead and Mase pulls me in for a bear hug. I tiredly trench up to my room, my bed yelling my name. As I open my room door I manage to and throw myself onto my bed, feeling so tired and drained. I let out a sigh of utter complete exhaustion. I am so tired, I yawn.

“You would be,” says Viola.

I shut her out again and make my way into my walk-in closet to get some pajamas. I changed into my pajamas which basically consisted of one of Ashtons old hoodies and then I climbed into my really comfy bed. I can literally say with certainty that as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light, floating on a cloud as I welcome in dreamless sleep. With only one thought on my mind, one more year at the hell-hole, aka high school. Yay, I can’t wait. At least there’s only one year left. Maybe this year will end as soon as it started. I’m being too hopeful right?

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