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I fell so hard

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When High school senior Rowé had no idea where she is with her life no parents at all in her life both dead and living with her drunkard sister .She gets this crazy idea to maybe have some fun with her life when I say fun I mean lots of FUN!

Romance / Humor
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I am awkward shy and weird I AM ROWÈ STRONGLER

You know that feeling where you're lying in your bed and have your face planted in your pillow and just wanna CRY! You don't know why but you just want to. Yep, that's the feeling I Rowé Strongler was feeling and that feeling has been happening quite alot lately. The next morning I woke up only to see bottles and bottles of liquor on the floor and my hero of a sister passed out on the couch. My life is GREAT! I said to my self emphasis on great. I quickly whipped up eggs and some bacon got myself ready then hopped in my in my car and i was on my way to that jailhouse/hellhouse I like to call SCHOOL! How exciting. The first class i had that day was yep, you guessed it, Physics, I said with a strong sigh. Honestly, I hated physics and what made it worse my arch nemesis was in the same fuckin class as me. She used to be my best friend but due to my lack of popularity and hers going uphill we barely even want to look each other in the eye. Oh yea forgot got to say her name was........Stephanie Melhaim I swear that girl had a new boyfriend every week, whilst I could barely even build up the courage to even look a boy in the eye like DAMN. Sometimes I did feel bad for her like shame the girl was failing every class imaginable maybe because she was out every night with men TWICE her age Stephanie Melhaim was living her life to the fullest. Sometimes even got jealous of her but i always just shook it off my shoulder as long as I had the grades to get a scholarship to Yale university I was okay. Because my shitty sister could barely finish college herself and was not she was gonna send me pfft I wish.

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