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By EleanorRigby All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


SOMETHING IN THE familiarity of finding someone leads everything else to suddenly making sense. Every stumble, every decision, even every feeling that choked us dying in the attempt of being freed. The day I reluctantly walked back to my house because I forgot my umbrella behind probably had to do with that twist in destiny that allowed me to notice you a night where, for some reason, I left my stubbornness behind and looked at you. And anyone who knows me is well aware; I’m new when it comes to opening my eyes. I didn’t have to choose you, I couldn’t escape, nor I had the will to do it .

The girl with a destiny marked by the loneliness of the wrong company, the muse behind the saddest verses and the sobbing nights dedicated to the most impossible love of all, the owner of the comfortable life, suddenly run out of words and let feelings reign.

I arrived, without knowing, to a place many would say it’s new, for me it’s simply coming home. Without doubts, lies, games or strategies.

There are certainties that settle on the traces of the deepest sense of uneasiness, on the fragments of what never was but forever survived.

There are loves that always exist, they only take a little bit longer to arrive.

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