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An Ancient Love

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The city of Uruk was once a powerful city ruled by a young king named Gilgamesh. He is known for his arrogance and his selfishness. What happens when a mysterious young woman enters Gilgamesh's life?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: The King of Uruk’s Desire

"You’re Majesty, I can’t believe you.” A tall man with dark hair and fiery red eyes scoffed while rolling his eyes in annoyance.

“Excuse me?” A stern voice said daring the man to talk down to him once more.

“Pardon me your excellency.” The middle-aged man bowed his head lower onto the leopard carpet. He then cleared his throat. “Out of all the women we could conjure up, you’re not the least bit interested in one?” The man gulped avoiding eye contact with the intimidating king.

“No.” The blonde growled playing with a strand of his luscious locks.

“So what is it that you seek my lord?” The king of Uruk stood up from his golden chair crafted just for him.

“I want a woman who interests me. A divine being Salenj.”

“Your grace, you are able to have any woman in this kingdom. Is all the beautiful woman that I’ve gathered for you not to your liking? I can’t believe you Gilgamesh.” Gilgamesh shot Salenj a death glare. “I mean your greatness.” He laughed nervously. Salenj was the military advisor for the Urukian army. Despite being so, Gilgamesh sent Salenj on irrelevant missions. One of the missions that Gilgamesh gave Salenj was to find women who could pleasure him.

“Know your place Salenj.” The young king hissed as he fixed a golden bangle on his muscular arm.

“Forgive me.” Salenj bowed. Gilgamesh arose from his throne and approached Salenj. Salenj bit his lip nervously. You could hear his teeth chattering throughout the great hall. Salenj redirected his gaze to a painting of a beautiful woman with blonde hair holding the hand of an infant. Gilgamesh then leaned closer to Salenj and whispered in his ear.

“If you do not find me a maiden by night fall, I guarantee that I will have your head mounted on my wall.”

“I believe that is your frustration talking.” A soft voice said while entering the great hall. Gilgamesh turned around to face his dearest friend.

“Hm. You could be right Enkidu.” Gilgamesh grinned as he welcomed his longtime companion. He greeted his friend with a pat on his shoulder. “If Salenj doesn’t do as he is told…” Gilgamesh raised his right index finger and summoned a golden blade from a warp hole in the sky. “His head will become a new piece to my magnificent art collection.” He pointed his finger at Salenj and the blade cut a strand of Salenj’s hair off. It slightly grazed his cheek causing a bead of crimson to form. Salenj eyes widened from the minor sting. “Now. Go.” Gilgamesh demanded

“Yes you’re majesty.” Salenj quickly left the room terrified of the great powers that Gilgamesh had.

“Gilgamesh, you need to start settling down.” Enkidu stated while twirling a strand of grey hair in his hands. “You need to start thinking of your heir.” Gilgamesh chuckled loudly.

“Enkidu. I am 23 years old. I am not concerned about my heir just yet. Nor a wife.”

“Are you just looking for a better pleasure slave?” Enkidu asked while pinching his pale cheeks.

“You could say that.”

“How many woman have you been with?” Gilgamesh laughed sitting back down in his golden chair. He snapped his fingers and two women came in dressed in the finest of clothing. One of the women had very fair skin and the other woman had a medium brown complexion. Their hair was braided to the side. Both women wore a golden head chain signifying that they were maids of the king. One woman poured Gilgamesh wine from an elegant wooden gourd while the other woman began to feed him grapes.

“Many. Every woman in Uruk belongs to me.”

“So, I’m guessing the whole kingdom.” Enkidu sat on the floor. He crossed his legs in pretzel style waiting for Gilgamesh’s response.

“I’ve pleasured many my companion.”

“Hopefully, Salenj can find you someone of your caliber.” Enkidu said with a hopeful grin.

“For his sake, he better.” Gilgamesh hissed as his mystical eyes started to glow a bright red.

Every fifteen years or so there was a special ritual that was held in the city of Uruk. Whoever was the king would send his court across the country and gather the most beautiful women in the kingdom. They all had to be virgins. The king had to take a liking to the girl and the blood from her virginity would be offered to the Gods. This offering kept the gods happy and kept the country from going into a famine. Uruk was a beautiful city. It was very prosperous due to Gilgamesh’s success as a leader. The people of Uruk were grateful to Gilgamesh for keeping the land in order and their bellies full but, many were frightened of the king. Not too long ago, Gilgamesh had chopped a man’s hand off with a sword for simply not bowing down to him. He had quite a nasty temper. Gilgamesh was one of the youngest kings to rule over Uruk. He was only 23 years old. Women constantly threw themselves at the young king for his incredible good looks. Gilgamesh was tall and his skin was kissed by the desert sun. He had a slight tan and was muscular. He had beautiful golden hair and mystical red eyes like no other. Secretly, Gilgamesh was tired of all the women who constantly threw themselves at him. Although they were all divine, he couldn’t connect with any of them. Maybe Enkidu was right. Maybe it was time to settle down. Gilgamesh ran his slightly tanned fingers through his golden locks while inhaling. “He better come back with my golden prize.”

The sound of humming was all that could be heard from the kitchen. It was a simple kitchen; nothing fancy. The pots were molded from clay and stone. The kitchen was nice and tidy. There was a small window that let in a small ray of sun. In the kitchen stood a beautiful young woman with skin of bronze and eyes of fire. The sun reflected off her violet tresses. She hummed while she completed her task.

“Hey! Xura!” A young girl with a similar appearance to the woman in the kitchen yelled.

“Hm? Did you say something Syria?” She responded.

“Do, you think the king will come here?” The tall violet haired beauty laughed.

“No. Why would he come here?” Xura asked.

“Well, you’re beautiful and rumor has it that he’s collecting all of the beautiful woman in the city.” Across from Syria there was a tall and slender man. The sudden feeling of jealousy consumed him. He cleared his throat. He had jet black hair and ivory skin. He closed the book that he was reading.

“Yes. Xura is a beauty.” He slightly blushed. “But the king only visits here when it’s tax season. He “the king” doesn’t even show up himself. He sends his court.”

“True. But can you imagine if Lord Gilgamesh, the most handsome man in Uruk, a mighty warrior in glistening gold came here to choose you Xura?” Syria asked cheesing from ear to hear.

“Syria. For all we know. Lord Gilgamesh could be this horrifying and appalling creature.”

“Don’t speak of him like that! He is half God. He has to be divine!”

“Whatever you say Syria.” Little did Syria know that the young girls being collected were virgins. Their blood would be offered up to the Gods as a peace offering to keep happiness among the land. The king taking a girl’s virginity was proof of his divineness. The blood of a virgin was sacred and holy. Xura shivered at the thought of losing her virginity to a stranger. Even if it was the king. The thought was revolting and repulsive. She couldn’t disagree too much. It kept the land full of fruit, grains and wine. Syria was too young to understand so Xura let Syria rejoice and live in her daydream. Xura put the last of the dishes away and took off her apron. She hung it up on the small hook extending from the wall. She sat down in a chair beside her sister when suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Syria, Xura and Ritharj glared at each other looking to see who would answer the door first. No one stood up. A few moments later, there was another knock at the door. Xura stood up. She was curious to know who was at her front door. She wasn’t expecting company.

“I’ll get it.” Xura said straightening a wrinkle in her baby blue gown.

“No let me.” The tall and slender man insisted. He got up from the table to answer the door while Syria and Xura talked. He slowly opened the door. His dark eyes went wide. It was as if he had seen a ghost. To his surprise, the king’s court was standing right in front of him. He was shocked. He immediately bowed.

“Good day…Um…” Salenj began to speak while reading off a scroll in his hands.

“Oh. My name is Ritharj sir.” He answered making sure not to make eye contact.

“Yes. Yes. Good day Ritharj. I am Salenj. I am king Gilgamesh’s military advisor. May I come in?” There was no way Ritharj could tell him no.

“Yes. You may.” Salenj and the court entered the home. It wasn’t small but, it wasn’t big. It was spacious with a bit of vibrancy. Salenj gazed around the house and saw a fine painting of what seemed to be Egyptian art. While looking at the paintings, he glanced at the dining room table and he was captivated. His heart raced in excitement. Not for himself but, for Gilgamesh. She was breath taking. Stunning. Her slender body, perky breast, big eyes, full lips, her curly hair that looked like wool. Words couldn’t describe how beautiful she was.

“Y-You! Maiden!” Xura and Syria was in complete shock. The king’s court was standing in their home. The two girls quickly stood from their chairs and bowed. Xura and Syria made sure to not make eye contact. Salenj began to circle Xura making her extremely nervous. “How old are you woman?”

“I’m 19 years of age sir.” Xura answered.

“Ah. Young. Virgin are you not?” Xura’s cheeks burned because of the embarrassing question. “Don’t lie either. We have our ways of telling if you are telling us a lie woman.” Xura looked down making sure she wasn’t playing with her hands.

“Y-yes. I am. Please don’t speak of such things in front of my sister sir. She is only 11 years of age.”

“Splendid!” Salenj exclaimed ignoring what Xura had told him. He turned to the guards dressed in black and gold togas. “Send the other girls home. We found the girl we were looking for!” The guard in the golden armor bowed holding his spear in his hand and marched out of the front door.

“What is your name?” Salenj asked grabbing Xura by her chin. Her skin was unbelievably soft.

“It’s Xura.” Xura answered feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“Unique! I love it! Gather a few belongings. You are coming with me.” Xura’s heart sank. Was this coincidence or just pure irony?

“W-wh-what about my family?” Xura stuttered.

“What about them?” Salenj said with his arms behind his back slightly raising his eyebrow.

“Can they come along with me?” she asked sweetly.

“Not today. I promise you that you will see them again.” He bowed giving Xura his word.

“Ok.” Xura sighed. Syria was happy for her sister. Ritharj on the other hand was not.

“Hurry child! We do not have time to waste!” Sunset was drawing near. Xura gathered a few of her things and hugged her sister farewell. She then hugged Ritharj farewell. He hugged her tightly.

“I’ll be ok. I’ll be back soon.” Ritharj nodded. Both Ritharj and Syria watched as the golden chariot took Xura away.

Xura was in absolute awe. It took about 1 hour to get to the palace. Her jaw dropped as the chariot passed through the mudbrick gate. As the chariot passed the beautiful garden filled with colorful desert flowers, Xura’s eyes grew wider. She then redirected her attention to the stone maze in front of her. She opened the red drapes that shielded her from the desert wind and scorching sun fully. The palace was magnificent. There were three buildings within the maze that stood two stories tall. The building in the center of the maze was where the king lived. It was surrounded by palm trees. There was also a pool surrounded by pillars with Urukian hieroglyphics engraved on them. The trimming of the pool was made of pure gold. The building in the East was the Urukian military base. Weapons and military strategies that were written on scrolls were stored there. That building was guarded 24/7. The building in the west was a temple where rituals were conducted by high priest. The priests would also have meetings there with the king if needed. Xura watched as the servants watered the plants. One servant scratched her eye from the desert wind. The chariot stopped and a guard opened the door. Xura hesitantly stepped out of the carriage. “I must be dreaming.” Xura’s eyes shifted from left to right. She adjusted the head garb she wore on her head.

“Heavens!” A short middle aged woman exclaimed. She was in her forties. Her hair was tied in a bun. She was quite beautiful. Her skin was pale for living in the desert and she had a mole in the corner of her right eye. She looked as if she could have been from the far east. Xura looked down at the woman. She scanned the woman’s face which were also covered in freckles. The woman wore a royal blue and gold robe with brown leather sandals. “The king will be pleased. Where did you find her?” asked the woman as Salenj exited the golden chariot.

“On the country side. Just North from here.” Salenj responded taking a sip of water from a gourd attached to his hip. Xura’s expression changed from shocked to frightened.

“Now, now child don’t fret. I am Alia, one of the king’s maids. Let’s get you prepared. Shall we? Oh! Yes, what is your name dear?”

“It’s Xura.” She answered with a soft voice.

“Ah! Exquisite! Come on. We mustn’t waste time!” Alia was excited. She grabbed Xura by her arm and led her into the palace. Above them on the balcony, Enkidu was watching. He started bouncing around.

“Oh! I hope Gilgy is happy!”

Xura was brought into a huge room with the biggest vanity mirror she had ever seen in her life. It was also made of gold. The glass was so clear that if anyone gazed inside the mirror, they would think that they were looking at their twin. Across from the mirror there was a large bed. The railing of the bed was gold. A jaguar rug was placed neatly in front of the bed on the floor. There was an off-white canopy that covered the bed on each corner. The room also had a large window that was draped in golden silk. Alia was brushing Xura’s hair. Prior to Alia brushing Xura’s hair, Xura had taken a bath. After Xura was bathed, she was sprayed with the finest perfumes and given an elegant red halter dress with gold lining and a golden sash. She was also given a golden pair of sandals to wear. Alia placed a golden head chain on Xura’s neatly braided hair. She then gave Xura two golden bangles to put on. Alia stepped back to look at Xura. She looked stunning enough to be presented before the Gods. Alia looked at the clock. “Oh! 15 minutes!” She said cheerfully. Xura liked how cheerful Alia was. It helped with her nerves. Xura was now fidgeting with her hands.

“I am pretty sure you know how to address the king. You do know how to address the king right?” she asked Xura.

“Yes.” Xura answered.

“Good. Just a few pointers. Lord Gilgamesh could be very…. impatient. Just comply with what he says.” Xura looked at Alia through the vanity mirror.

“Is he nice?” Xura questioned. Alia laughed.

“Only to a select few dear.” Xura became more nervous. “It will be fine. Just follow all of his directions and you will be ok.” She said hugging Xura. “Come on. It’s getting closer to the time.” Xura looked at herself in the mirror one last time before Alia forced her to exit the room.

Night time had fallen upon Uruk. The desert air was now cool and crisp. The moon was shining brightly lighting up the night sky. The king of Uruk was in his bedding chambers patiently waiting. He had his face in the palm of his hand. He sighed heavily. “Salenj, I am warning you.” Gilgamesh growled. “If you have brought me another filthy mongrel...”

“No! No! Your majesty. I guarantee you will be pleased. Very pleased.” Salenj responded with a bow. Gilgamesh looked at Enkidu. Enkidu just giggled. Salenj continued to laugh nervously. A few moments later, a guard came in to tell Salenj that Xura was ready. Salenj walked back to Gilgamesh’s royal bedside and kneeled before him.

“Your highness, I present to you the finest maiden in all of Babylonia. In all of Uruk.” He made sure he said it loud enough for Alia to hear him. Alia entered the room first looking at the ground with her hands neatly folded before her and then Xura followed behind. Gilgamesh rolled his eyes as he saw the veiled girl kneel before him. He slowly arose from his bed and walked over to Xura. Xura’s heart skipped a beat. Alia, Enkidu and Salenj watched nervously not sure of what the king’s reaction would be. Xura was not allowed to look up from the floor until the king unveiled her. Gilgamesh did so slowly while glaring at Salenj. Salenj smiled with a huge grin hoping that today wasn’t the last day he would breathe. Gilgamesh looked at the young girls face and his mouth went dry. He was speechless. She was captivating. Salenj did not disappoint him. His life would be spared. Gilgamesh thought Xura had the face of one of Egypt’s Goddesses. She was curvy, but slender. Her breast was a nice size. Gilgamesh scanned the girl up and down and couldn’t find a flaw.

To Xura’s surprise, Gilgamesh was very handsome. He was by far the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes upon. He was indeed a divine being. His skin was kissed from the desert sun and his golden blonde locks hung loosely over his fiery red eyes. Xura could tell he was quite strong just from the toned body he had. A bead of sweat trickled down her armpit. She was expecting Gilgamesh to be an ugly old man. She glared at his abs but quickly looked away. Gilgamesh grinned slyly.

“Away! All of you!” Enkidu, Alia and Salenj left with the two royal guards. Three maids followed as well. Salenj sighed in relief once he reached the opposite side of the door.

“Do you think he likes her?” Alia asked. Salenj nodded.

“He loves her!” Enkidu said running cheerfully down the candle lit hall.

Gilgamesh removed Xura’s vail and head piece. She watched him place the two items on a night stand. He walked back to Xura taking her long braided hair into his hand. She bit her lip.

“What is your name?” Gilgamesh purred.

“I am Xura your grace.” She said looking at the ground.

“Xura…. Xura….” Gilgamesh repeated. “I like it.” He ran his fingers through his golden locks. “Come. Sit.” Xura rolled her eyes disobeying the king.

“Are you going to stand there and disobey me?!” Gilgamesh growled. Xura looked at Gilgamesh with disgust. “I will tell you once more. Come and sit down.”

“Are you asking me or demanding me?” Xura shot back. Gilgamesh couldn’t help but laugh arrogantly. This angered her. He continued to laugh as he walked towards her.

“Listen to me woman. I am king.” He viciously grabbed Xura by her wrist. “King of all heroes and king of every breathing thing across this land. I’d advise you not to disobey me again.” He summoned one of his many blades and cut a strand of Xura’s hair. “Or you will be sorry.” He chuckled evilly. Xura was in shock. She couldn’t believe he had cut her hair. She was debating whether she should slap him now or later. “Now. SIT!” he yelled. Xura sat down but did not dare to make eye contact.

“You know, I haven’t even been in the same room as you for an hour and I could already tell you are a pompous, spoiled, arrogant and selfish man.” Xura hissed with her arms folded across her chest. He laughed Xura’s comment off. Xura refused to sleep with a man like Gilgamesh. She scanned the room and saw a bowl of oil. A light bulb flashed in her head. She smirked deviously. She got up from the king’s bed and walked over to the bowl.

“Did I tell you to arise from my bed?!” Gilgamesh yelled. He watched Xura walk across the room. She picked up the bowl and walked towards Gilgamesh’s bed. He smirked thinking that she was going to be submissive to him. She smiled falsely and quickly let Gilgamesh come beside her. She soon threw the oil in Gilgamesh’s face causing a temporary blindness.

“WOMAN ARE YOU MAD!?” He was furious. He couldn’t see. Xura quickly ran towards Gilgamesh’s balcony and started climbing down what seemed to be a vine. The vine was a little short so she had to jump the rest of the way down. She quickly started to run towards what seemed to be a forest. Little did she know that Gilgamesh had caught onto her and made an illusion of what seemed to be a forest. After all, Uruk was in a desert region. Gilgamesh rubbed the oil out of his eyes.

“That damned fool. She has no idea.” He walked over towards the balcony and saw a slight trail of oil. “What an Idiot” Gilgamesh quickly changed into spirit form to chase after the girl. The chase was amusing to him. He left behind a stream of gold and red glitter.

Xura tripped on a vine and scraped her elbow. She fell over a rock and scraped her elbow on the rock. The sting did not bother her. The only thing she was concerned about was getting away from the demanding king. She quickly got up and continued to run. She could see lighting from what seemed to be a nearby city. “Just a little more.” she said to herself. Suddenly, she heard a sinister chuckle.

“Hehe.” Xura stopped.

“How?” she asked herself.

“Are you forgetting that I am half God woman?” Gilgamesh laughed.

“No.” Xura continued to run. She was scared. It was like a lion hunting its prey. Gilgamesh started to walk in the direction that Xura was running in. Xura was aggravated and out of breath. “How did he recover so quickly? The oil should have slowed him down.” Xura jumped over a branch. All she could see was funny shaped black silhouettes from the trees. She didn’t realize that she was actually running in circles in the palace training grounds. Gilgamesh constantly trained there. The moon helped light up Xura’s path a little but, it kept fading in and out. A huge cloud engulfed the moon completely and left Xura totally blind. All she could see now was traces of gold and all she heard was the crunching of grass and leaves coming towards her. She quickly ran in the opposite direction from the sparkling gold and red light only to find a cave. She quickly ran into the cave backing up making sure that Gilgamesh was nowhere to be found.

“Aren’t you fast?”

“AAAAH!” Xura screamed. She tried to run again but, Gilgamesh quickly shoved her against the damped cave wall.

“Did you really expect to out run me? How foolish.” He cupped Xura’s cheek with his hand. “What a beautiful face you have.” Soon Gilgamesh’s eyes went down to Xura’s chest. He smirked and went in to kiss Xura. Out of reflex Xura kicked him in his genitals. Gilgamesh grunted in pain. He didn’t expect that to happen. He quickly recovered and pinned Xura against the cave wall this time with more force. Xura kicked, punched and even scratched Gilgamesh’s face. Nothing was working. He was just too strong.

“Now. Are you going to submit yourself to me willingly or am I going to have to take you by force? Which is it Xura?” He coldly whispered in her ear. Xura turned her face away.

“You’re evil.” Gilgamesh laughed at Xura’s comment.

“I don’t consider myself evil.” Gilgamesh sighed. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll be kind enough to escort you back to my bedding chambers. Who would want to engage in sexual intercourse in a filthy cave like this?” He swiftly picked the small girl up and threw her over his shoulders. She continued to struggle with him and even punched him in the face. He was used to more painful blows. Eventually, he tied her arms and her feet together. Xura soon passed out due to Gilgamesh casting a spell over her. When Gilgamesh got back to his bedding chambers, he laid Xura down in his bed staring at the sleeping beauty. He touched her braided hair and then ran his hand across her soft cheeks. Seconds later, his hands moved across her breast. He grinned to himself while staring at Xura’s soft legs.

Now the fun could truly begin.

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