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The Last Lycan

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<<<<<<< WEREWOLF ROMANCE >>>>>>> The king of the werewolves is now dead. now everyone is on the verge of giving up. no rules, no punishment. everything was falling for werewolves. What happens when the elders think of bringing back the lycan. the only lycan king alive on earth. he is the only one who can save the werewolves from the upcoming threat of war between Witches and werewolves. Lycan, who the elders considered as a devil own spawn, who was never known to show love or any feelings. what happens when he has a mate. Rose is an omega in the pack far away from the kingdom. she has never seen sun because all her days go in getting hit by the pack members and all her night goes in cleaning up the pack house. she is mentally torn up by the alpha and Physically by the pack members. she has now learned to keep her head down and take everything that is given to her untill she dies. Although moon goddess had another plans for her and Lycan. Their meet each other is quiet differently. Find out how and ride along the story along with wave of emotions and drama.

Romance / Action
Black rose
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Chapter 1 Elders

'The war has been going on, for days now. King in still alive and that is a good news as well for all the others it is hard to say whether the guards will return or not. The increasing men from witches are making a bit of trouble for the werewolves although let's not lose our trust in our people.'

This an article written in today's news paper in the supernatural world. The supernatural's growing interest in the matters of werewolves.

"We should do something. " said a man sitting in the high chair of the room. The room was decorated with simplicity but still holds lot of power.

"There is nothing we can do until the king returns." Said someone from the far corner of the room.

"Yes, we have faith in him, also all we could do now is pray for his well being and for our warriors to be strong." Said a lady.

The elders nodded at each other and soon after discussing few matters at hand the meeting dispersed. The kingdom of werewolves was well managed. There were guards at the entrance, the main castle was surrounded by a garden with roses of different colors. The gardeners took care of them daily. Inside the castle there were two wings, one which contained the king, this mate and his advisor's family. The other wing consisted of elders, various offices that did the funding, the governing of the pack, the security checks. The left wing in which the offices were situated contained four floors, the first floor--offices, the second floor--the rooms for maids, the third floor--rooms for guards, the final floor--the infirmary. The right wing where the king himself lived had four floors as well. The first floor--rooms for royal guards, the second floor-- The family and advisor lived, the third floor--the king himself and the fourth floor--the king's personal office. The castle was grand and only few people lived in it which maintained the Utmost security for the king and the Queen. The elders often lived in the pack house but sometimes when needed by the king they lived in the castle. The castle was amazing because from outside it looked like one perfect building while from inside, both the wings were separated from the first floor itself. If one have to walk from left Wing to right wings he has to go all the way down and come back up. It was hard for the maids and guards but to maintain the security of the king it was necessary. Besides that the castle withheld lots of secret doors for king to escape in times of need. The interior map if the castle was only known to the king himself not even his Queen. The royal pack was called The Dark knight pack, since most of the men and women in the pack were warriors also they represented the first pack that existed on earth. The oldest and most royal among the other packs. The pack consisted around 5000 wolves excluding the elders and royal guards. They were the biggest pack that ever existed. The pack had 1000 men and 1000 women, around 2985 children and the rest teenagers. Among them men were expected to train for joining the army, women for taking care of children and the teenagers to be the secondary attack protection. The pack like any other pack around the world contained The Alpha or the king, his mate the Queen. The beta and his mate, the gamma and his mate and the delta and his mate. Although in royal pack they had two gamma and two delta; then they had the warriors, the pack members and the most precious to the pack were their omega.

The job of beta is to assist the alpha and be his side at any time necessary and also known for his personal security. One of the gamma helps the beta with his works and supervise the office and funding of the kingdom while the other gamma looks over the well being of the pack and their needs. One of the delta trains the royal guards while the other trains the rest of the warriors. The royal warriors secure the castle and its perimeter while the other warriors secure the pack and its borders. The women looks over the children and the other needs and finally comes the Omega of the pack, they are the most adored members of the pack as they are considered closest to the humans, they are the ones who do not have a wolf but contains the wolf gene in them. They do not have any feral side so they help the children to grow and understand the feelings of love, helping, sharing and caring among the pack. They cannot fight but the members are expected to fight for them as they are precious. They help to balance the feral side and the human side in the pack. The royal pack had around 20 omega. They were very well protected and given everything they needed. The heiracy of the pack was well maintained untill a year ago the witches started to kill the werewolves and thus erupted the war among both the species before that they lived in peace and harmony. The news of the war has circulated across the earth and warriors from different parts has come to join the war but now seeing the increasing number of witches the warriors are scared as well. The elders are now concerned whether they will win or not. The king is yet to find a mate and if he did not come alive the kingdom will be without a king and everything is start to fall.

Far away from all this chaos lived a pack separated from the others called as Blue moon pack. It was a small pack consisted only 300 wolves. They lived in the northern parts of the Greenland surrounded with ice from all the directions. Since they are wolves they so not feel much cold and it was away from the danger of rogues, the pack had covered a small area if 500 square feet and lived there since the old alpha died protecting his mate from rogues. After that his mate, the alpha female took the pack and shifted to the northern parts away from the forest, where they could clearly see the danger from afar and prepare for the defense. The Alpha female took the charge untill her son found his mate at the age of 18 and later passed the title to him. Alex along with his mate Charlie were really great leaders untill it came to their omega. The previous alpha female has not known about her existence as she lived in the basement of the pack house. Her mate although tortured her and passing the same habit to his son. Alex and Charlie were great pair according to the pack but the Omega knew what was the truth. Her name was Rose she was a wolf she was actually a human born in the wolf family, she did not have a wolf untill long so her family despised her since her birth. She had Two sisters and one brother. A brother who loved her but never spoke for her and her sister who hated her and helped to torture her.

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