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Uncharted Territory

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The humans

Derek POV

″Guys... Not here″ I grumble at my twin and his mate. Levi and I were having a meeting with Colton, my best friend and most trusted Gamma, when Stella waltzed in and plopped down on Levi’s lap. They’re too clingy for words when they’re together, and it’s quite confronting to see them so happy together.

Not only because I haven’t found my mate yet, but also because Colton lost his mate 3 years ago. For a year he practically lived with me because he was on a destructive path, always fighting with everyone and drinking way too much alcohol.

Many wolves go berserk when they lose their mate, but no way I’m going to lose my best friend. So Levi and I did everything we could to keep him on the straight path, which thankfully worked out somewhat.

He is no longer so deep in his depression, he no longer fights and drinks. But he has closed himself off from all his emotions, the only ones who see some emotions in him are Levi and I.

“Jealous brother?” Levi says, sticking his tongue back into Stella’s mouth. Stella moans and starts to grind wildly on Levi’s lap. Colton grumbles and walks out of the office.

″Don’t break my desk again Levi, and clean when you’re done″ I grumble as I walk behind Colton, I don’t have to be here anymore.

My brother and I have had a pretty wild life, and I can’t say we haven’t shared some ladies. But when I took over alpha from our dad at 22 years old, I knew I couldn’t live like that anymore.

It’s ten years later and Levi has slowed down a little bit with the wild life since 2 years. Stella came in his life like a whirlwind and shaved off his wild hair, taming his wild behaviour.

I’m glad my brother found his mate, Stella is a beautiful she wolf with fiery red hair and beautiful green eyes. Her temperament matches her red hair, but I think my brother could use that.

I can’t say I’m jealous of him when Stella goes wild, that woman is terrifying when she’s angry. But they are a strong Beta couple, and Stella is sweet and good with people. As long as we don’t have Luna yet, she will fulfill that role as good as possible.

″Fancy a nice bite of Mira’s cooking?″ I ask Colton as we walk down towards the pack hall. It is reasonably quiet in the hall when we come downstairs.

Colton nods and grins, if anyone loves my Aunt Mira’s food, it’s Colton. We walk towards the cafeteria when we run into Wren and Marcus.

“Alpha!” Wren says as he gives me a nod of his head as a form of respect. “Talk gamma Wren,” I say curtly as I look at him.

I’m not a huge fan of Wren, he’s way too cocky but he’s a good gamma and he and Colton are a good duo when it comes to defending and training the pack.

“Marcus, Mariah and I were on patrol at the southern border when we heard screams. We went there and ran into two ladies who were being chased by rogues″ Wren continues. I look at Marcus with a frown and he nods, ″Fucking rogues″ I mumble and tell him to keep talking.

″The ladies are human... They attacked Mariah with some kind of spray that made her completely dazed. Doc gave them an anesthetic and we put them in the cells″ Wren ends his story.

I look at Colton and he looks as surprised as I do.

″Humans? How did they end up here?″ I ask myself aloud and I see Colton nodding next to me. “We wonderd that too, but we haven’t been able to ask it yet,” Marcus says. “The drug I gave them is actually for werewolves, it’s a bit too strong for humans,” he says with a guilty look.

I nod and think.. How can humans end up here. Our pack is incredibly remote and is difficult to reach on foot. We have our ways to occasionally go to the inhabited world, but that is very dependent on the weather.

″How long have they been in the cells?″ I ask Wren, he looks at me quickly but then looks down. “Since last night,” he says.

“They’ve been unconscious since last night? They’ve been in the cold cells for a day?″ Colton snaps next to me.

“We don’t know if they’re dangerous Colton, what if they’re hunters? What if they came here with an alternative motive to expose us,″ Wren growls and Colton glares at him, not liking how he talkes back.

″I’ve been watching them Alpha, they were both in good physical health when they arrived to us″ Marcus says and he looks at me, I can see he’s having a hard time with it as a doctor.

The cells are cold and very damp, it is uncomfortable for wolves to be there. We’ll probably get some shivers, but humans can get hypothermic if they sit there too long.

Wren does have a point, we know absolutely nothing about these ladies.

“I’m pissed you didn’t tell me sooner, as an Alpha I want to know everything, especially when you capture someone who might be a threat to the pack... Am I clear?” I say with my alpha voice and I see Marcus and Wren nod.

″Colton and I are going to eat first, we’ve had a lot of meetings this morning so we’re starving. Then I’ll visit them in the cells, I’d like you to come with me Doc″ Marcus nods and mutters a yes alpha. I slap Colton on the shoulder and we walk towards the cafeteria.

“Here you are at last! My beef wellington hasn’t gone moldy just yet″ my aunt Mira says with sas while she looks at us sternly.

″We’re sorry Mira, we had a lot of meetings″ I say while kissing her cheek. She slaps me on the chest and then gives Colton a hug, ″you are such busy men, but come eat earlier from now on,″ she says while hitting Colton’s chest with her serving spoon.

“Yes ma’am” says Colton while making a small bow, I see the corners of his mouth go up.

″Oh you...″ snaps Mira and she walks away laughing. Colton and I scoop up our favorite dish in large quantities and take a seat at our standard table.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you smirk Colt,” I say, stuffing my mouth with Beef Wellington. Colton grunts but continues to chew quietly.

″What do you think of the situation in the cells?″ he asks, looking at me intensely, I know he’s trying to change the subject.

He prefers not to talk about feelings and things that he used to do a lot, such as laughing. I’m the only one he shares things with sometimes, but I can’t say I don’t miss the old Colton from a few years ago.

“I’m fucking pissed that he thinks he doesn’t have to tell me things like this,” I growl as I slide my food back and forth on my plate. “I’m his fucking Alpha! At least he should have told Levi if he doesn’t dare come to me″ I say while pushing my plate away from me.

“You’ve been in a bad mood lately, D.. I don't blame him for avoiding you” Colton says as the corners of his mouth twitch.

″Are you serious? And that comes from your mouth?” I ask surprised and he chuckles softly.

″But getting back to your question... It’s strange that humans got to our borders, they must have been seriously lost if they didn’t know we were here. So I have my doubts... And I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they say why they’re here″ I say confidently and I see a grin on Colton’s face.

Colton and I are a seriously good team when it comes to... persuasion, if you know what I mean.

“Let’s go buddy” I say while I hit him hard on the shoulder, he growls in response and we walk together towards the cells.

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