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Prevailing Life

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What happens when two opposite personalities come face-to-face and discover each other's truth and lies ? Devastating in one other way of ambition, will they catch upon their feelings for the individual? ~ A NORMAL LIFE was all she needed. ANNA PATRICK WILLIAM just started to explore her college life . Always influenced by her surroundings and emotion . For her eminent lifestyle , she has to deal with her own blood . During her vie , she encounters College's Heartthrob and Playboy AARAV SHETTY - Wealthy , Crabby and Arrogant . To him people's heart are like a piece of paper. He detects his attraction towards ANNA ,for which he decides to play along with her and break it as usually . ~ But will his plan succeed when she gets involve in his personal life ...... ~"Is it a crime to dream big? Do you think I did wrong?"~

Romance / Drama
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Author Pov

July 3 ,2021

Making a way through huge cartons and suitcase. She took a seat on a small sofa which efficiently looked enormous in her new home . Sighing in exhaustion , She inclined herself on the head of sofa and closed her eyes for few seconds, before a loud thud echoed around the house.

Snapping her eyes on every corner of the house. Her hazelnut soft orbs went on a carton placed on TV unit which was now on the floor. But her whole attention was on a particular thing-
Her Old Dairy.

Memories. We all have. We all create . We let them flow inside our mind and carry them with us. Even She also carried them with her till today. Being an introvert , it's not easy to vent your feelings out. Her diary was just a medium through which She expressed her thoughts.

She believed that it's good to know what you have done in your past . That's what makes you the person you are today .The past memories are the reason of 'Who You Are' and 'What You Are' in present .

Creating a small place for her to sit near the TV unit . She picked up her Diary and placed on her lap . Opening the first few pages, a flash of moments went inside her mind; when She lived with her parents before a metamorphic decision made her life upside down.

A joyful giggle left her mouth which made her look more beautiful .Her honey-like skin , almond shaped eyes , bushy eyelash-spread across on the outline of her eyes and a bowed shape soft-rosy lips that complimented to her gorgeous beam .

Indeed an Angel!.

Turning pages ; She came across a ravishingly decorated page.The day , where She thought how better her life would get when She decided to get admitted to Mumbai University.

But little did She know it will somewhere cause trouble in her way of her survival.

22 July, 2015

Pattering of rain drops sounded so fresh and calm even in that chaotic and busy street . Running people to protect themselves from the sudden outbrust of the sky didn't interrupt her from gazing at the surroundings.

There stood She. Holding an umbrella in her right hand and clutching her left hand on her bag that hung on her shoulder. She looked straight observing every moment of people before exhaling a breadth of confidence and walking inside where her life will start a new phase.

Pacing slowly towards the receptionist , her hazelnut orbs wandered around scanning the environment. Everything felt new to her , having a decent family background - socializing and gathering was way too new to her.

She wanted to break that personality of her and that's what brought her here, in the top ,famous and prestigious University known for Rich and wealthy brats.

Reaching in front of a large white wooden desk . She noticed a young lady maybe in her thirties typing in her computer totally looked occupied.

When the lady felt the presence in front , the lady lifted her gaze in front and eyed the girl looking at her with doe eyes , innocence perking in it. She felt the lady's dark eyes openly checking her out making her mind overflow with thoughts.

I definitely don't belong here....but I can do it

"How can I help you?" A young yet thick voice interrupts her string of thoughts. She hesitantly looked in the lady's eyes before splitting her worry.

"Um..I am actually new here and......can I know where class 432 is ?" Her words came like she was talking to some sort of devil. Scattered and whispered sweet tone.

" It's on the third floor " said the lady in a boring voice. And again continued her work on the computer.

Before a voice again cut the lady in the middle ,the lady looked up in a totally pissed off way and glaring at a 19-year-old girl but totally looked like a five year scared to ask for chocolate from her mom.

"The st..staircase?". Shattering in her words was prominent because of the stare lady was throwing , which definitely made her regret asking the question.

"Go straight and you'll see the staff room and to its right you'll see the staircase!! Any questions?". Pointing towards the back of her desk , the lady navigated her.

As the girl shook her head as 'no' the lady finally resumed her work, not even concerned to return the 'welcome' for the girls last word 'thankyou'

After getting no response, She made her way towards the staircase. High wall with open at one side to which She assumed as a porch area. Her feet started to stroll around and explore the wide area which was wide awake by the chirping sounds of students . Her gaze went to every corner of the building soaking a new ambience.

With slowly and steady She reached near the Office door to which the lady mentioned before.

Eyeing at the right side of room. A huge and magnificent staircase came into her view. She never imagined a simple staircase would take up a ample amount of space. Just like in any Disney movies , the magnificent staircase left her amused .

Still gawking at huge hallways and rooms . Stepping on the 3rd floor her eyes widen seeing a crowd of people strolling among the giant hallway .

Her fear of people and her anti socialising personality made her more anxious and She kept her head low, making a way for her to walk towards the assigned room .

While walking a guy almost running in front went unnoticed by her .But soon the same guy's shoulder crash into her , which made her stumble back nevertheless the luck was on her side She regained her posture and stare at guy in fear .

"I am so sorry" her sweet , honey like soft voice made the guy halt in his place before turning his face to her . Her voice still ringing in his ears until their eyes meet.

Everyone started to disappear around him ,just two souls staring and gawking - one in amusement , other in fear . A shot of compliment striked in his mind , looking at the most beautiful thing he ever seen in his lifetime.

No way ! She is damn beautiful!

Her shivering lips , innocently blinking eyes and battling of eyelashes - cute! Made him rethink the girl standing in front , is She real !

" There he is !!!" A playful tone echoed through the hallway making her flinch and break the eyes contact .

Her attention went to the voice - behind her, turning her head back , She saw a bunch of students walking towards where She and the guy stood, thinking she screwed up this time,she turned to look at the guy bumped into her few seconds ago , finding him still looking ; staring at her. Which made her quiet nervous.

When that Same group of people started approaching them; the guy gave a last glance at her before running swiftly from there to God knows where! Her mind was still processing what happened few moments ago. Suddenly , the group which was chasing the guy ran behind him , pushing her in the way.

Just as soon as the group and the guy passed from the sight, everyone resumed their business and again the hallway chirped as early. Heaving a deep breath She walked toward her destiny ,to the room where her First day , First year of University will eventually start.

ROOM 432

Gigantic classroom, numerous benches and a huge wooden platform for lecturers to teach with a big white board almost covering the 1/3 part of the wall . On the right corner of the classroom, beside the window she took her seat away from everyone .
The introverts ritual!!

The bell rang , indicating the students of the teachers arrival . She sat there paying every inch of attention of her to the lecture and information shared . Well, she wasn't the typical nerd but for her education comes as top priority.

Hearing the bell going off , she exited the room for her second lecture - History.

Wandering in her thoughts throughout her way to another classroom her eyes fell on the hallway , in an instinct all the incidents collied in her little brain . Not a big incident to talk about but still the beautiful eyes , the stare made something stir inside her heart.

Who was He ? Why did He make me nervous? Why was He been chased? Who were they, who chased him? .

These questions were eating her mind. Shaking her head and shooing the thoughts She went ahead to start her First day .

(Flashback Ends)

A tump sound of diary made a sound , when she quickly closed the diary not wanting to bring the past memories back again . When she finally wanted to start a new life leaving everything behind , not even nudging it .

Her phone vibrated near the TV unit . A small smile formed on her lips while picking up the call .


"Yes ! Hoe's speaking" . She playfully responded .

"What ....? " The person on the other side , checked the phone , again keeping it near the ears. " Do you mean hoe's hoe?". The person responded with wide eyes , thinking a innocent life speaking like that.

"Come on , you are the who taught me this..!"

"Ya ....but I never thought you would say that !!! OMG can you please say it again ... Imma gonna record it and keep it , so next time when you will refuse to buy me McDonald's imma black mail with this .. ALSO ...when you will scold me for parting and drik-"

"HOLD ON GIRL....! First tell me why did you call ?"

"Hmm...I called you ?....wait..hey !don't , friends usually call each other?"

"No , I don't think so... rather than any important news"

"Tsk ....tsk .. how mean of you are!!.. I sometimes wonder how on earth fallen on Mars did you become my friend!!! Like bitch I saved you ass many times in the college , helped you with assignment and ...and -"


"When the bitchie bag Rolly trolled you for your outfit , next day I tore her brand new Gucci clothes into pieces and shoved her Versace heels inthe college dumpster ... And more when you forgot your assignment, I gave you mine s-"




"HEY...CALM DOWN...come on dude it's been years , and....also I think that bitc-.. I mean Rolly herself would have forgotten that .... right, so what's the point arguing on baseless point right ?"

" But , you sh-"

" Listen....my knowledge-ful life-less lady ......it's past ,so no talk about past as YOU said and also the reason I called was ; How's your day going ? Everything settled?"

" *Sigh* Yeah .... everything fine and settle."

" Good because I am coming with Urn today in the evening...so-"

"Why ? Wh-"

"I have to get ready .... So Prepare snack , bye"

"Wait ! Wha-"

The other line went beep so was her Mind. Like what in the flamingo morning did just happen . Again heaving a frustrated sigh , she looked back to see cartons and bags shattered around the room.

And of course, she needs to clean before her friend Kiara and her boyfriend Uday come to a fbi inspection!!


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