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Prevailing Life

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Author Pov

August 8,2021

Files shattered all over the office desk. A tired and exhausted eyes scanning through computer screen.

Typing fingers on the keyboard; the only sound heard back and forth in a huge chic and modish style office .

Dark, and dreary walls , with white and grey complementary cabinet's and sofa in front of a massive glass desk.

Behind stood magnificent glass full level window showcasing a breadth-taking night view of New York City , even with a glowly and amazing view behind He , was too concentrated on his screen.

Emptiness. Loneliness. Everyone fears , every soul needs another soul to hold , to have , to be . Humans tend to depend , to live or to die.

But He didn't fear, or is that He never showed, His famous opinion 'Showing your weakness, is your another weakness' was his ultimate mantra for his life. He hid this emotion well infront of world but in himself He was vulnerable, lost and defeated.

Soon exhaustion took over him and steadily his eyes started being tired , slowly closing off. Collecting himself again and shaking his head vigorously , He tried to open his eyes again and look at screen .

After few minutes of self - compose and breathing session , He finally regained himself and started working once more.

His right hand rambled around the desk reaching the second last drawer for files to work on, next to his right leg . While opening it , his hand accidentally stumbles upon a wooden photo frame on the cabinet which led it to crash down and broke into pieces.

A beautiful smile , sparkling eyes and angelic features, now in between ruined glass pieces. His eyes now slowly fill with emotions , pain and tears . Carefully picking it up and caressing it with a shaky hand , He eventually surrendered himself to the pain which ruah out of him , after staying in for years.

His small sobs and cries now the only sound his office can hear. Flipping the frame his eyes crossed through the note.
Remembering the first, middle and last - past, from where all his present suffering started.

29 July,2015

It's been a whole week since the university started and a whole week He bumped into a person , who has now captured his mind 24/7. Unknown yet feeling of Known , a person had an effect on him. It wasn't common yet not rare .That voice , which was unforgettable ringed in his ears still fresh as it sounds!

Walking elegantly like any model , in hallways with blue silk shirt , sleeves rolled till his elbow and black tight trousers , sufficient for his long legs to peak in a perfect shape , making anybody go crazy on him . His features and graceful body language was a divine site to be devoured!

"We know you like attention.....but now your attention should be on something else". A cold voice ringed in his ears making him turn towards the voice .

"And what's that... something?". His words left arrogantly raising his left eyebrow *Ultimately Gorgeous* glaring at the person standing in front with expression less face, crossing arms around his chest .

"Something that you did a week ago, and now it's showing results" . The person again responded with now slightly in high tone , confirming his rising anger .

" I don't care about , whatever the results are! Unless, my work is ....done!". Now this time He raised his voice with irritated face , totally pissed off with statment the other made .

"You can't be more responsible, right?. I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WILL DO....BUT this shouldn't reach the ears of dad ! If it did you'll see the worst side of me !!.....GOT IT!". Getting near him , the angry man whispered in his ears . Widen eyes throwing daggers and speaking with gritted teeth indeed was scary sight.

Without any chance for him to reply, his brother who just now enacted as his worst enemy left colliding with everyone came in his way .

'Fuck' He mumbled which absolutely sacred the people near him . His looks were dashing yet spine-chilling , the words and the warning his brother throwed at him made him furious in passing time.

This isn't the first time , the brothers arguing or even worst brawling at each other. Their fight was considered at the most unpleasant scene in the whole University.


"What will you do now?"One of his friends asked him while He himself was relaxing laying back to bench placed there at the corner of the huge room. Students chirped, some silently minding their business, but there were some girls taking glance at him and whispering about Him!

He so cute!!
Oh ! God He so handsome!!
I wish I was his girlfriend!!!

"What will I do?.....hmm.....nice question" He raised himself from the bench, with a smug smile hearing those whispered compliment which doubled his man ego.
Witha sarcastic smile He asked his worried friend who was how glaring back at him , for his damn attitude.

"It's not time to joke....you have to be serious now , last time it was your luck - you escaped....but now the situation and time both are not on our side !". His friend stated with strict and stern voice , nevertheless it went on vain when the friends saw how He was flirting and winking at the girls beside them.

"ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?" His friend continued with a bit more loud than early , which made him turn his head towards his friend with hooded eyes and clenching jaw .

"DON'T Raise voice at me , and about 'that' do not tell what to do . You got that , Kem ?" His voice was no less that fire splitting from the dragon. His look and words were enough for someone to eventually bow their head . Kem slightly being sacred nodded his head .

"Good....Cause I know what I did and what i'll do , because that in-" . He stopped in mid of sentences when he noticed a very , very , I mean very similar figure.

His eyes which were ragging and bloodshot now soft and squinting looking at the known sight .

Sometimes water in the sea rushes out to reach the shore, but suddenly a gust calm the waves down bringing them back .

Like a gust stormed, his eyes shooted with calmness, before dashed toward the wind which made him feel alot of unknown things in his mind. His mind was not stable so as his heart.

Before He could reach the girl who has been in his mind , a chick in sexy red sequence off shoulder top with a skirt farmost covering her lower body came in front of him keeping her hands on his manly chest .

"Hey ! Babe, where you going?" She whispered near her thinking would look sexy and might get his attention, but she didn't know , she almost looked a spider attached to the wall.

"What do you think you are doing, aneka?" He glared at the woman- sticking to him like adhesive. Her eyelashes which were fake, pouty lips with red lipstick which utterly looked disgusting and maybe hundred layers of makeup making him puke at sight.

"Getting my boyfriend's attention, because he barely as time for his stunning lady" . Pointing at herself ,aneka step backed when He yanked her hand from himself , still glaring her for behaviour . Aneka controlled herself not to burst all her anger and days of ignorance right away.

Being a known and influential person in the university is awesome, untill it brings unwanted attention like girls who last can't keep their legs or hand one place . So , to avoid himself from getting into any scandal which will harm his reputation. He himself when having a one night stand asked Aneka - the popular girl, to be his 'fake' girlfriend, which she took as a optimum opportunity.

"You know right? who you are to me....and besides rather than in public Do Not invade in my fucking business" .His words definitely made her glup the lump in her throat.He roamed his eyes , catching the glimpse for She but to his disappointment He saw her walking into elevator disappearing in the crowd.

He abruptly turned to get away from the female version of the joker looking girl who had stuck her body to him. Which made Aneka mad at his action , even though she was his fake girlfriend but she did had a little hope that He would fall for her charm. (Joke of the day! )

"Baby wait , I bought matching clothes for us , to tomorrow's freshers party! Wait....It's for Chanel, .....baby wait!" She hesitantly walked behind him because of her five inch heels to look elegant for him . But poor her ,He never notices her or compliments her.

This wasn't the typical party , where few students contribute and party few hours , few snacks and some dance and back to home . Nah! . It was party a most reputed and well known University of the town or even in the state . Luxury , Splendid and Lavishing will be the words describing the celebration organized . This happens every year what's new? Maybe because , the bad boy had set his eyes on someone!

(Flashback Ends)

His train of thoughts came to an end , when a knock was heard on his office glass door. He quickly hid the photo frame before a tired 'come in' slipped through his mouth enough for the person outside to hear.

His secretary. David entered his office feeling concerned about his boss working at midnight. He can really see the tiredness and need to rest on his boss's face which made him more worry about is his health.

"Sir , it's past midnight and you should go to your house and rest." David's voice surely sounded a lot more concerned. Of course , as a secretary it is also important to keep a track on the person assigned's health , beside the job.

"Yep , just a bit of checking and then I'll leave . Everybody gone ?" . He referred 'everybody' to the employees departure. Being a good boss ,He is . Checking on the workers under his management is a good boss characteristics. David confirmed the workers exit by a firm nod.

"Okay Sir , till then I'll get your car ready". David turned around when his boss stopped him , he does it. Secretary's job isn't easy- you have to follow your boss everywhere he steps and obviously excluding while bathing and sleeping. Its hectic.

"Can you get the files which are needed for tomorrow's Board Meeting " His sentence sounded a bit imperative, but He is a boss. He should sound like one.

"Ya sure sir , give me a moment " . David finally turned around after getting a mini nod from his boss.

After a few minutes, again a knock interrupted the working boss who again said ' come in ' in tired voice.

David was now standing in front of the black wooden desk where his boss has been working from months. Years. Maybe. He handed the files to his boss , now David was unsure whether to ask his question which almost eat up mind from the day he started working . Three weeks ago.

"Sir , if you don't mind can I ask you a question?". He heard a hum coming from his boss whose totally into the files , which gave him a indication to ask further of his queries.

"According to what I have seen, isn't it the heir of the company that is you should be the ceo but....then why Mr. Rahul ?" The question can be quiet private for the person sitting across in the Managing Director post.

"Sometimes we think , we deserve it all, because we think we have worked hard on it with your blood, sweat and tears . But at end your heart gets borken when don't get it . That is how erratically things work , we just.... think but in reality you are not even worth of deserving it ." However his calm and compose answer to the question which can actually trigger him ,made David a fan of the man he called boss .

Detecting the patience level He had while answering and the frown which clearly said He was heart broken and shattering piece by piece .

"Sorry to ask this sir , I'll ne-" David was cut off in his middle of his sentence by his boss.

"No , it's fine David . You should vent out at times about what you feel rather than keeping in and then maybe regret it!" David nods to every word his boss said which he understood very well . Seeing his boss standing possibly to leave for his house , he traced his every movement with the boss.

David followed his boss till the car , after the car left from his sight he turned to get into his car and leave for his home .

He has a lot to learn about life from his boss!


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