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From the moment he had a sweet taste of Angel, the pure light to his unending darkness, he knew that he had to have her for himself. Rules be damned. *** Hell bowed to him and even devils cowered at his name. He was born in blood and crime, raised to lead Las Vegas' most ruthless mafia and with an iron-fist, he ruled. Yet, all it took to draw a consuming obsession from Christian De Novo was a delicious one night stand with a mysterious woman. Delicate and sweet, Angel Winchester was clueless to the world of crime and danger. However, all that is burned to ashes when a one night affair leads to a forced marriage between herself and a devilishly handsome monster. *** This book is rated 18+, which means that there are graphic representations of sex, gore and violence.

Stardust Wendy
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All my life, I've only ever been a good girl. You know, the type that never parties, never swears, never gets naughty and too damn nice for her own good.

Yes, my very existence puts the ugly B in boring. And maybe that was exactly why I'd burned up my usual Friday schedule and had spontaneously agreed to the crazy idea of going clubbing with Nadia and Sage.

In my defense, those two girls would rather suck on poisoned cactus than take no for an answer. The craziest part of it all was that of all the exclusive five-star clubs in Las Vegas, my friends had picked this one.

The Pavilion.

The freaking Pavilion!

With the neon lights flashing through the enormous club, strippers swinging seductively on poles and vibrating music, The Pavilion was a private world of vodka, seduction and sin.

In here, anybody could be a different version of themselves – wild, unhinged and maybe even a little naughty.

Regardless of the dangerous rumors that these grounds stirred through the city of Vegas, it was still one of the hottest and unrivaled spots in town, especially if you're looking to drop the good girl act for once in your clearly miserable life.

Like me.

In a small booth by the less rowdy area of the club, my friends and I giggled nonstop at our own little gimmicks. At the moment, Sage, my best friend in entire universe, was currently doing a dance tease on our table.

To be fair, she wasn't the type to ever shy away from a dare. Not even as the hungry gaze of several men doubled, descending on her curvy hips that were swaying wildly.

Sage Dalton reveled in the attention. She basked in the spotlight of having these men desire her body. She knew that she exuded the fierce kind of beauty and confidence that brought most people to their knees, and my childhood friend loved it.

Well, who wouldn't?

After a while of excellently eating up her dare, Sage finally came down from the table, smiling cheekily with an excited gleam still dancing in her wild hazel eyes.

Once again, I envied how easily she could throw all caution to the wind and do whatever the hell she wanted.

Nadia and I cheered loudly, clapping overdramatically as Sage gave us an exaggerated bow for the jaw-dropping performance. She took her seat beside me, immediately downing her shot of vodka.

"I think I saw that one guy rocking a hard-on. Sage, you dirty woman!" Nadia exclaimed, wide emerald eyes twinkling in amusement. Her red-clad lips were stretched into a wide smile, emphasizing her radiant model-like attraction.

"Well, I aim to please, and I accept cash as reward." Sage flipped her fiery red hair off her shoulder.

I rolled my eyes playfully at just how smug she could be.

"You know, that wasn't even a dare. For Sage, being a crazy bitch is like breathing. Too easy," I said, a tinge of a smile forming on my lips when Sage gasped dramatically, turning to me.

"Fucking best friend of the year." She glowered, regardless of her lighthearted tone. "You know what? Truth or dare, Angel. And you've used up your truths by the way. Nowhere to run this time." Sage smirked deviously.

On cue, Nadia dropped down her wine glass of some exotic drink she ordered. From the way she twirled her raven black strands and had her eyes spark in identical deviousness, I knew this was the moment she had been waiting for as well.

The moment they both get to cook up an evil dare for me.

"I hate to say it, but Sage has a point. You've dodged every round of dares by picking truth. What happened to pushing your limits tonight, sweetheart?" Nadia arched a perfectly groomed brow at me.

I groaned overdramatically, dropping my face into my palms. Well, I did say that. This was after all going to be my last night in Las Vegas before I move to New York for the rest of my college education.

This night was supposed to be about losing my inhibitions, drowning in alcohol and laughing every bit of soberness away.

Yet, I couldn't help but dread the idea of having Sage and Nadia, of all evils, dare me. They could ask me to strip for all I knew!

"Tick, tock, Little Angel. What's it gonna be? Dare or dare." Sage teased, and I could just imagine her wiggling her brows hilariously.

At the thought of that, I laughed lightly and lifted my face, facing them once more. Their eager gazes were fixed on me. I was royally screwed, but what could the worst thing be?

Here goes nothing.

"Fine! Dare. But if you two throw me to hell, I'll never forgive." I glared lightly, slowly picking my own shot of vodka and downing it.

Trust me, I'd need it.

"About time!" Nadia gleamed.

"Now, let's have some real fun." Sage winked, her evil smirk only deepening.

My heart sank further. I really was screwed.

Sage and Nadia exchanged glances then, and right before my eyes, they both began to debate on possible dares for me. It was a horror fest, I tell you.

Frozen in shock, I watched as Sage insisted that I give the bar man a blow job. Unprovoked!

"What? What the hell! I'm not having sex with a stranger as a dare!" I scowled at the two girls after a while of sitting horror-struck and flabbergasted.

"Boo! Boo! Get off the stage, mum!" Sage hollered, giving me the thumbs down.

I actually flipped her the bird, scoffing lightly.

Nadia laughed, highlighting her dimpled cheeks. "Shut up, Sage. Okay, no sex – too extreme for little miss goody-two-shoes. But how about a kiss?"

"Nope. Absolutely no. What if the stranger has herpes? Or worse! What if he's a deranged psychopath that murders girls who kiss him? And hello? Do I need to remind you about Carter? Um, my boyfriend? The love of my life?" I sassed, eyes glaring.

Sage groaned too loud. "Of course, your beloved boyfriend. Carter is miles away in New York, babe. He's not gonna know about our little dare tonight – except you kiss and tell."

"Yes, I agree with Sage. Again, I hate that I do. But she's right." With her calm and sharp-edged expression, Nadia said, crossing her elegant legs. "Honey, it's just a dare. Whatever happens here tonight stays here, scout's honor. Let's just have a little fun and you know, forget about the outside world for a second. It wouldn't be a good dare if it had no risks."

Trust Nadia to always be the smart talking one. I never wanted to strangle her so much like I did right now, mostly because she was kind of right. Carter and I were long distance couples, and the only reason I'd be moving to New York was to join him.

Together, Carter and I, we had a plan – a clear visualization of what we both wanted in our future. We were a match made in Heaven and for most of my life, he'd always been there for me.

Especially when no one else was.

But this night was supposed to be all about adventures and breaking my own rules. And a part of me actually wanted that – to be a different person, that is.

One that isn't the shy little-miss-goody-shoes. One that doesn't have her whole life mapped out. One that doesn't have a control freak as her boyfriend.

For the night, I wanted to make unforgettable mistakes that I'd nurse as distant memories while I'm on the plane to New York by tomorrow.

Maybe a dare as crazy as this wasn't such a bad idea after all.

I mean, Carter would never find out.

The air was pregnant with anticipation as the girls held their breaths, impatiently waiting for the words they so desperately wanted to hear.

However, I took my time.

I poured out another cup of vodka and downed the shot, loving the burn it offered and the slight lightness it brought to my head.

"Bring it on, Satan." I laughed lightly, and watched as my best friends exploded into cheers, high-fiving each other.

With the extent that they were excited, I was genuinely scared for myself.

"Okay, okay. I've got this, Sage." Nadia settled her gaze on me, once again regaining her signature composure. "Because I love you, Angel, this is gonna be easy."

"Oh, please." I rolled my eyes.

"I dare you, Angel Roselyn Winchester, to kiss that stranger over there in a suit, sitting at the VIP lounge. For 30 seconds; we'd be counting."

"With tongue!" Sage added, grinning.

My heart plunged further. Maybe because this was wrong. I'd be cheating on Carter if I do this. I'd be tainting our 7 months relationship. Every word of love and loyalty to him would be a cruel joke.

However, as I followed their fixed gaze to the direction they were hooked on, I made out the faint silhouette of a man whose face I could barely make out given to the darkness he was shroud in.

Over at the VIP lounge at the higher floor of the club, reserved for the most exquisite men and women of power and privilege, he sat like a god on his mighty throne, donned in an impeccably polished suit, reeking of luxury and authority from miles.

"Who the fudge even wears a suit to a club?" I blurted, frowning in amusement.

What if he was an old man with a wife and 5 kids? I'd be ruining his home by kissing him!

"Well, it's your job to find out by kissing him, honey." Nadia resigned into her seat, eyes holding a cool resolve.

"Guys, I don't know-" I started, shrinking back.

"No, no, no. Whatever it is you're gonna say, shove it high up your ass, cause we won't be taking no for an answer. It's dare or dare. Right, Sage?"

"I agree."

With their shoulders squared and a hard resolve in their eyes, I knew that there was not a chance in heaven or hell that I'd be getting out of this. Alive, at least. Sage looked like she could murder me if I refused to heed.

It was pretty scary.

Reluctantly, I sighed, glancing up one more time to this odd stranger in fancy suits. I'd call him Mr. Odd Suit Guy for the mean time.

"Fine, dare accepted. If I get murdered tonight, it's your fault and my ghost would haunt you for an eternity, nonstop. You two!" I fired pettily before shooting up from my seat, downing one last glass of vodka and exiting the table, leaving behind evil grins and cheers.

Great. I was royally screwed.

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