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Maybe My Happy Ending

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I've always imagined that my story will end happily with the men seated in front of me. I imagined us chasing after our giggling children till the sun set. Despite our broad smiles, my ideal was shattered today. He vanished as the laughter ceased and the sky grew pitch-black.

Romance / Drama
✨Little Witch✨
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Chapter 1 When The Sky Grew Pitch-Black

It’s always darkest before it turns absolutely pitch-black

-Paul Newman

Two Years Ago,

I’ve always imagined that my story will end happily with the men seated in front of me. I imagined us chasing after our giggling children till the sunset.

Despite our broad smiles, my ideal was shattered today. He vanished as the laughter ceased and the sky grew pitch-black.

Oh, you might begin to wonder who I am, my friend; my name is Rania Fallon, and I am 17 years old. The man in front of me is Grayson Kingston, my best friend's older brother; he is 25 years old, but that's not all; he is also engaged to my older sister Rachel; their engagement is today, which is right after my 17th birthday.

I am going to give you a background check on me so let's get started. I have already introduced myself and my age so I will now start with that I will be graduating high school in 7 months. I go to Trinity Private School with my friends Maya Kingston, Sebastian Hudson, Christian Carter and Ava McKenna.

So all five of us go to the same school I am my daddy's girl and Rachel is my mommy's girl, I learn from growing up that my mom didn't love me as she loved

Rachel, I was not a planned baby my mom wanted to abort me but my father beg her not to so she keep me but that didn't mean she cared about me dad took care

of me most of the time and when he was working my grandma and grandpa from my father's side took care of me.

When I was 6 I had a dance performance to do at school I ask my mom if she will be there she said 'yes I will be there that day came but she didn't,

when I was 9 I ask her more like begged her to take me to a winter festival because my dad couldn't take me and my grandma was taking care of my sick grandpa so

they couldn't take me, and do you know what she said if you said yes then you are right she told me to 'get up bright and early and get ready and Wait for her I did what she asks me to do but the maid told me that she had woken up and took Rachel to go Shopping at the Mall, another time was when I was 11 she called and told me that she will pick me up from my friend's house and she didn't show up so she called my friend's mom and ask her to drive me home because Rachel was crying in her room because she broke up with her boyfriend.

I still remember when she used to get drunk come to my room and sit on my bed next to me while I sleep crying and telling me that she wish she could go back in time and she got an abortion and not listen to my dad saying that I ruined her chance to be happy to feel the love that because of me her life was ruined that because of me she's broken and that it was all my fault, and saying she tried to be a mother to me to love me but every time she tries to love me she says how can she love something or someone who has ruined their lives and their chance at happiness.

One thing that she used to repeat was that I was a mistake. She has paid for it with their whole life and happiness. To this day I never understood what she meant I sometimes wonder if there is more than that she only wanted one kid and that I was more than an unplanned baby, that her hatred for me goes beyond that

There is so much more but you will get the rest of my relationship with my mother later

on, but from that day on I never asked for anything from her and never waited for her to notice me.

My relationship with Rachel is not what a sister's relationship should be. She hates it because I have taken dad and our grandparents from her which is not true.

She and dad don't get along because she doesn't listen to him and my grandparents say that she does not know what respect is and that she is always causing

trouble and lying to everyone around her. She also says the same thing Mother says that I have ruined their lives and their chance at happiness. When I asked what she means or how I can help or fix it so she and her mother can be happy, she will push me and tell me to shut up or I will never understand or if I want to fix it to make us happy to kill my self that's when everyone will be happy.

Hi Guys, this is my first time writing please let me know if you will like to read this story and please let me know if there are any grammar mistakes, if you have any

thoughts or ideas to help improve this story please let me know in the comments thank you.....✨❤️☺️🙏✨

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