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Stepbrother (Complete)

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Hatred can only last so long when you stick two good looking people inside a house together. The secrets, the hiding, the lies, it all starts to pile up when you start sleeping with your soon-to-be step brother. What could possibly go wrong? All she wanted to do was to try and get along with him, not for her sake, but for her mother. But getting along went a little too far when she ended up in bed with him.

Victoria Anderson
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Chapter 1

“Aren’t you worried about them finding out?” I asked him. The small smile on his face only grew into a big smirk.

“Isn’t that the most exciting part? Keeping it a secret is so exhilarating, is it not?” he replied.

I looked into his deep emerald green eyes. I had admired them for so long. I almost envied them. I had boring brown eyes.

I slipped out of the train of thought regarding his dreamy eyes and remembered what type of situation I was in.

This little secret love affair had been going on for 3 months now. I wondered every single day when my mother and David would find out. They had yet to find out, but the clock was ticking.

The time was unknown when they would find out. I was always worried about them finding out, and how they would respond. It was not going to be a good or even positive response in any way.

He could sense the worry in my eyes, and I knew he wanted to remove it.

“Calm down babe, they won’t find out. So, with saying that… let’s have a little fun, shall we?”

1 Year Ago

“Mom, you cannot be serious,”

My mother, Evelyn, stood there staring at me with a sour and disappointed face. Which I easily returned back to her.

“Sammie, stop. It has been almost 7 years! I need to move on, I want to move on! You should too,” she replied unhappily.

She was upset with my reaction to her telling me she had met a man. She had hidden it from me for 5 months, and now they were talking about moving in together. Something I was completely against.

I rolled my eyes, “So what? He was still my dad, and was still your husband! How can you just move on?”

“And, it’s Samantha, not Sammie’s mother, you know that,” I added before she could reply.

“This isn’t easy for Samantha, but he is gone. You and I both know that. But as I said, I need to be happy. And David makes me very happy, so please, try and be on board with all of this. I love you so much, and I still love your father, but he died, and we both need to move on. That does not take my love away from him, or make me forget him. Never. But I’ve fallen in love…”

I feel horrible now. My mother was in love. Something she hasn’t felt in a long time, not since my father passed. I miss him dearly, but my mother is right. Her being with another man and loving him does not take away from my dad.

I looked at her once more, and I still saw disappointment and sadness in her eyes. I didn’t want her to be upset, I loved my mother dearly. She stood by me through so many rough times, as I stood by her. Upsetting her with something that I did not want. Ever…

“I’m sorry, I feel like I should be supporting you. But, I also don’t want to sit here and lie to you. I’m upset about the whole situation, I’ll absolutely be honest about that. But you know, I love you. I’ll always love you, and I will always stand by you. If somebody makes you happy, then I’m happy. I just want to see you happy. Even if it’s not with Dad.” I stated.

Eventually, my mother looked at me. It wasn’t that exact reply she wanted. I know she wanted my complete and total support. But at the moment, it was not something that I could get to her. I was hoping that I could give it to her soon enough, but I didn’t even know the guy.

“I know you’re just trying to be cautious, and I understand that. I don’t expect you to get on board automatically, I wish you would. But I know that’s not you. That’s why I love you, you watch out for yourself. Along with everybody else that you care about. Friday, I’m planning to go to dinner with him. You’re coming along, to meet him.” My mother stated.


I’m definitely not looking forward to this. I have to do it, for my mother. She’ll appreciate it, and it makes it look like I’m trying. I am, but I don’t really want to.

Again, I love her very much. But I can’t take the idea out of my mind that she’s choosing somebody else over my father. I know she’s not, and I know I’m reading it the wrong way, but it’s all I think about.

I want her to be happy, I absolutely do. But I wish my father was still alive, I wish I could hug him and tell him how much I love him. But life is not that fair.

“I’ll be there. Whatever makes you happy mom. I love you.” I told her, whatever makes her happy. And this is making her happy. So I decided to keep my mouth quiet, and my opinion to myself.

Friday Evening


“Please wipe that frown off of your face. I need you to look presentable. I love you, and I really care about him. I want him to see the best of you. As I see you every single day. Please. For me.” my mother asked me, as she pulled into the parking lot.

She parked the car, and we both sat there for a few seconds. I pulled down the mirror in front of me, and looked at it. I still had the frown on my face, something I greatly had to get rid of. It showed all of my emotions.

I took a deep breath in, and let it out slowly. I had to calm myself down. I had to behave myself tonight. Something that was going to be hard to do. But I was going to talk myself into being good.

After a few seconds, the frown went away, and a small smile appeared. Not a fake one, But I reminded myself of how much I loved my mother. Something that easily made me smile.

“Thank you.” my mother stated, as she, too, saw the small smile on my face. We both looked at each other, and we were both smiling now.

Eventually, we both got out of the car. We were supposed to meet this man around 6:15 PM at the restaurant. Still, I was not looking forward to this. I wanted nothing to do with meeting him, nothing against him, I assumed he was a very good guy. As he made my mother very happy.

But, I didn’t like this idea. Even though I kept my mouth shut about it.

We stood in front of the restaurant for a good 30 seconds before two men approached us.

“ Don’t you look absolutely astonishing? Absolutely! God, I admire your beauty.” One of the men said.

I got a greater look at both of them. One, had to be closer to 50. While the other one looks to be around my age. I instantly assumed that the elder was my mother‘s new boyfriend. But the other younger one, I had no clue.

“You are just too sweet to me… Anyways, this is my daughter. Samantha. Samantha, this is David.”

We both looked at each other, and I could feel the small smile on my face slowly start to fall. But before I could fall into a frown, I picked it back up and gained a bigger smile.

This time, a very fake one. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but at the same time, I was.

“ Nice to meet you! As my mother said, I’m Samantha.” I said, greeting the man.

“Pleasure to meet you, Samantha, your mother has told me so much about you. I have been so excited to meet you, and this is my son. He’s about your age, so I’m hoping you guys get along pretty well. His name is Christopher.” David spoke.

I looked at the boy, Christopher…

I was confused, I have never seen him before. I thought about all the times I was in school, and all of the children that I had passed. But again, I did not recognize him.

After a few seconds, his face started to become more familiar. I realized who he was. And I knew why I didn’t instantly recognize him.

My school was like a food chain, and I was below the middle. But not in the lower section either. But I remember him, Christopher… Someone who is very high up in the food chain.

I’ve seen him only a few times, in the lunchroom. The place where I see all of the students. But he sits in the corner. With all of the other jocks, and popular people. The same people that I do not talk to, or associate with. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, they just don’t choose to talk to people like me. The lower people.

“ Hello.” I say to him, but he only ignores me. He doesn’t reply back, and barely even looks at me. He doesn’t seem to care for me automatically. Which doesn’t bother me, or at least I try not to let it.

There is an awkward silence, for about 15 seconds. Both of our parents quickly realize it, and quickly steer the conversation into a different direction.

“Anyways! Let’s go inside and get some dinner. I’m starving. I bet you guys are too.” David says, as he begins to walk to the restaurant door.

As we walk inside the restaurant, I can already almost foreshadow what’s going to happen. I feel like this dinner is not going to go as well as we hope it will go.

After only waiting for about a minute, we were quickly seated. As we had reservations for tonight. My mother and I took a seat on one side of the table, well, David and Christopher took a seat on the other side.

But, I sat across from Christopher. Something I greatly did not want. He had to look at me, something he didn’t wanna do either. I know he didn’t like me, maybe it was because of the situation. Because there was no way in hell he knew who I was. Maybe that’s another reason why he hated me, I wasn’t a part of his click.

“So, there is more than one reason why we brought you together. Something we wanted to discuss. As you both know, we are together. But, we have been together for much longer than we have both led you to believe. With that, David and I have been together for quite a while. I can easily say that I am in love with him. I have been for quite a while. Along with saying that, David and I have come to the conclusion that he and I want to move in together. Which is another reason why we wanted all of us to get together. To get to know one another. Before we gather into one house.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” Christopher said.

“ Christopher! Watch your language. I know you’re not happy about this. I assume you’re not either Samantha, but this is how it’s going to be. This is how we are going to move forward. I know you’re upset, but it’s going to be what’s going to happen. You are children, and we are adults. Whether you like it or not, this is going to happen. We are planning on moving together in two weeks. They are going to move in with us. As we have more space than they do. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your space.” David snapped.

“How can you do this? I don’t even know them! I don’t know her! I am giving up my space! They are not moving in, end of story. I’m leaving. I’m not going to listen to this anymore.” Christopher said. He quickly got up from the table, and walked away. Leaving the restaurant.

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