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My Sweet Elle

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Isaiah- Our fathers are in the mob together, we've always known each other but never have I ever paid attention to her. Slowly, her sweetness is breaking my tough act. Elle- Isaiah....He started showing some interest towards me but nothing more than friendly, how could he ever look at me like he looks at other girls? Nobody ever wants me.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Isaiah Torres

I have a great life, my dad owns companies and over the years has made millions, as the only child it means i'm the sole heir to his empire. We’re involved in the mob, everyone knows what we’re capable of. I’m 6’5, I have chocolate color hair and green emerald-like eyes. Who could resist me?

I can do whatever I want without getting in trouble, all I have to do is flash the emerald green ring on my finger and no one sees or says anything. But I’m not the only one that has money, Elle Acero is known as the richest girl in this town because her father mostly owns everything around here, and he may or may not be also involved in the mob. Her father and my father have lots of company together and have been best friends since they were kids. Though most people know we’re involved in the mob they don’t say anything because they know it’s not their place.

We’re alliances, she could do anything by just having to flash her black diamond ring but she doesn’t, not sure why. In school, I’m known as her bully, why? Mostly because I do bully her. Also because she never fights back and is an easy target. But I know she has the power to end me but no one knows I bother her, except for the people in school but they know not to say anything.

“Hey Isaiah, what’s up, you gon bother Acero?” my best friend and second in command, Isaac asks.

“Just heading there, you know we have the same classes,” I answer him gruffly.

“Yeah, I’ll see you later then, they need us at the office.” He says looking me directly in the eye and clenching his jaw.

Already knowing what’s it about, I let out a frustrated breath.

“Alright, if I’m not there, then you know what to do”. We may have a little problem or should I say a big problem. In our world, loyalty is everything, so finding out that someone you trusted was stealing from you, does something inside of you. Anyways, I’ll deal with that later. With that, Issac leaves the school and I’m ready to go and see my precious Elle. I smirk at myself.

When I enter the class, I see that Elle is already there and facing down, I frown because she is usually quiet but she is usually with the teacher or studies, or something besides just staring blankly at the desk. I noticed her seat was empty next to her, as always. I go to sit down and I look at Elle and notice her notebook’s wet and she tensed when she felt me next to her, now that has me frowning, I mean I havent even done anything yet.

“Acero,” I say on a teasing note.

“Yes?” Elle’s soft voice says

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