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I'll be your hero

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Rain is a young girl who moved out from her native city with her mom, to try and live a peaceful life, after being both affected greatly by her abusif father... in the middle of it all, she would write as a way to express her feelings and pain, but she finally decides to take this hobby seriously and write an actual novel... there's only one problem that's bugging her though...

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

It's my first day at a new school today, as a matter of fact, me and my mother even changed the city where we lived, because she decided to start a new fresh life... somewhere far, after divorcing my father, she decided to let go of all the past, and i chose to stay next to her, because she did the same thing to me my whole life, unlike my father...he was never around, he never showed me love or care, he just tainted me with trauma, he and my mom's marriage was never healthy, not even once, they just got caught up in it, and it caused both of them great inconvenience, I'm actually glad my mother was able to free herself from that so called household, we were struggling so much because of my father, i can still hear his shallow threats echoing in my mind...but, it's all okay now, we moved to a new city, a new house, and I'm attending a new school, where i can start anew, and even though the last days were tiring, we were at least happy, and it was enough for us, especially when we knew that we can start making good memories, instead of traumatizing ones...i can also finally focus on my cherished hobby, the one that helped me through my hardest days and sleepless nights, which is writing, i never knew back then that i had a talent for it, i just started doing it by serendipity, i would occasionally write my feelings, in a "she" pronoun... One day, a classmate came over to my house for an assignment, and she accidentally read my notes, i claimed that it's a fictional character, and that I'm writing a story about her, and her harsh life, and when i was trying to find more excuses, she chocked me when she shared her opinion, i remember her saying that she loves it, her eyes were glowing like diamonds, she added that even if it's tragic given the character's feelings, it was written beautifully, and that she was was captivated by the story, both soul and heart, she told me that i should write more, and kept asking me about the whereabouts of the story, at that time, i kept on making things up to drive her away, since i was lying from the start, that night...i remember not being able to sleep, i thought about writing seriously for the first time, just to realize that i have grown fond of it, that it became so precious to me, given how it helped me during my tough moments, and that's when i decided to actually write a novel, where the heroin is based off me, i still haven't achieved much progress yet, well it's somewhat because of all the things that were happening around me...but there's another reason for that, it's the lead of the story, the boy who'll help the heroin overcome her sorrows and problems, he needs to be loving, caring, responsible, and reliable, to a point that she can entrust her whole life to him, but i just can't describe him, no matter how much i try, i don't know how he'll act, or what's he gonna say, i have never been around someone who acts that way, the males that were in my life were controlling, irresponsible, and extremely toxic, and I'm not implying that all men are like that, not that i can tell in the first place, but what's for sure, is that i don't know how to write this character...but I'd never give up, now that we have finally settled in, I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out, I'm gonna finish my novel...


I jumped from my place hearing my mother's voice, i was so concentrated on my thoughts that i couldn't hear her

"Yes, mom"

"I've been calling you for the past three minutes, what're you doing?"

"I'm sorry, i was just thinking about something"

She came towards me, a big smile showed on her face, she held my face with both hands, and as she looked me in the eyes, she said

"Honey, you don't have to worry about anything now, i promise you that everything's gonna be fine"

I smiled at her booming face unconsciously, it's been so hard for her...but she always supported me only showing me her strength and love, i put my hand on the back of hers and replied

"I know mom, I'm not worried about anything"

She then hugged me tight as her eyes were teary

"I'm so happy that i have you in my life Rain, i love you so much"

"I love you too mom"

"Now hurry up and get ready, we don't want you late for your first day"

"Yes mom, I'll be down right away"

Yes, i shouldn't worry about anything anymore, i have my mother beside me, and the stress caused my father shall soon disappear, only good things will happen from now on...

"Rain! C'mon we're gonna be late"

"... I'm coming"

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