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Bìrd to bírd

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“I wish I didn’t have to go like this. I was just trying to have fun…”

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I sit on my roof. A bottle of beer in my hand. 5 other empty bottles next to me.

Ever since I lost my sister. I’ve been devastated. I haven’t stopped drinking. I haven’t been able to sleep or anything.

I hear my wife’s voice behind me at a window.

“Sage, love. You need to stop drinking every night. It’s bad for you. I don’t want you to have another Seeger or even a heart attack.”

I looked back at my wife, Griffin. I crawl over to her and and stumbled. I couldn’t walk.

She picked me up and carried me and sat me on the bed and took thr bottle from me.

“Now go to sleep jellybean.”

She started walking out of the room and I tried to get to her and fell off the bed. She whipped her head around and picked me back up.

“Still thirsty?”

I nodded and tried to get my bottle and she put it away from me.

“No no, I’m giving you something else.”

We went to the kitchen and she put something in the microwave. My head was fuzzy. And she put the glass to me lips and put it down my throat.

It was warm. And tasted fromilior. And it made me even more tired too.

“What…did you give…me…?”

“Warm milk.”

Warm milk. My worst enemie when I can’t sleep. Griffin always gives it to me when I don’t sleep or can’t.

I started blinking slowly trying to stay awake.

“Sleep young one.”

I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I had a dream that night. I stood in the middle of a pond. In a white short dress.

It was stained with dirt and blood. I had cuts all over my arms and bruises on my legs. I sat at the pond and watched my cousin kill my sister.

My eyes, shaking side to side. I sat in the pond and on hands and knees. Crying. My girlfriend came over.

She didn’t care about getting her shoes or anything wet. She bend down and looked at me.

“Baby. I’m sorry.”

I looked at her, tears in my eyes. Her soft brown eyes looked at me. I started crying again and hugged her crying.

I woke up and shot up. It was the next day. I had such a bad hang over.

I layed back down and closed my eyes. Ugh.

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