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My darling

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This is the story of a Muslim girl who named her love as marriage. Hope you will like this story.

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Chapter 1

"You are my life, wherever you are, you are my everything" he was sitting in front of me telling his love, madness. Now that he had finished talking, but I still did not get out of the charm of his beautiful voice. was getting

He gently held my hand and said, "What happened, where are you lost?"I suddenly came out of his thoughts and held his hand and said "You are my life, I can't imagine living without you".He smiled a little and came close to me and kissed my cheek and said "I can't imagine leaving you".

He got up from his chair and came closer to my chair and put his palm in front of me.

“At that moment I felt like a princess who was being called by her prince. A beautiful palace is a princess whose prince is very handsome and perfect whose prince has everything. I am a princess whose command the prince is ready to give his life and whose signal the prince is ready to leave his kingdom.”

Now both Salar and I were sitting in his car outside my house, talking about promises of love to each other.

"Salar, when are you bringing relationship to my house, my parents were asking about you" I was asking him while carefully looking at his palms.

"My dear, very soon, my father has gone out of the country for work. When he returns, my parents will come to ask your parents for your relationship," he said, looking into my eyes. There was a gleam in Salar's eyes. It was the truth.

I answered his words by shaking my head in "Yes". After that I opened the car door saying "Hadakhafaz" and went out. By this time Salar had started his car. Salar kissed me and drove the car. started and went on my journey and I was wishing him well as I left with a smile on my lips and a sigh. After meeting Salar, I always felt this way. It was the same for me that day as usual.

"Now you guys must be thinking that who gets married nowadays, let me tell you that I am a Muslim girl from Pakistan and in our customs and traditions marriage is very important and our religion also requires us to get married. Forbids to have intercourse with each other without.

When his car disappeared from my sight, I turned towards the house. As soon as I entered the house, my mother's question was "When is Salar bringing your relationship" and as usual my only answer was "Very soon Don't worry ."

I was 22 years old and I was the eldest among my siblings, that's why my parents were very worried about me. They did not know that Salar was very different from these boys, his eyes had love as well as respect. I never saw his love mixed up.

After meeting that day, I did not receive any message or call from Salar, I was very worried, strange thoughts were forming in my mind.

And then finally after 4 days I got a message from Salar "Me and my parents are coming to your house today".

Reading his message, I was finding it difficult to understand whether it was a dream or reality. Finally I brought myself to reality and mentioned salar's message to my mother my mother got very excited to hear that salar is coming and then there was a scene of chaos in my house my mother towards the kitchen. Fascinated, my younger brother went outside to get things and my sister was cleaning the house and I, until now, was wandering around a message from her. I was getting ready in my room when I heard a voice "Ami salar bhai has come" this voice was undoubtedly my sister's. I quickly came near the window of the room and stood staring at the gate. The gate of the house opened and a car came "This car is Salar's" I agreed in my heart and smiled.

Salar got down from his car and opened the back door of the car and asked his mother to come out. His behavior always got me, his attitude, his love always made me wax.

Now he was going inside holding the hands of his parents. My parents welcomed him very well and then they all went inside. My heart beat fast, my happiness had no abode.

"Ma'am is calling you downstairs" 5 minutes later our maid came to my room and left after giving me a message.

"Come on ok I'm coming" I indicated yes and she went out.

I quickly went to the door and then took a look back and looked at myself.

I slowly got down and walked towards the hall, the first thing I looked at was Salar, "He looked like a prince in a black pant shirt."

1 year later

The day had come for which I had waited impatiently, I became his bride and was sitting in his room waiting for him, suddenly I heard the sound of the door opening, my heart beat faster, Salar came near the bed and He sat next to me, he was constantly looking at me and then suddenly Salar said

"My dear, today is our dream, our dream has come true, today you and I have found our love."

Note: Hope You Guys Like It🕊❤️

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