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Alpha and the Outcast

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The romance between an Alpha and a nobody. Hmm, will things get heated?

Romance / Drama
Nuby Gene
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Chapter One

Riley: - Ugh! I can’t believe I’m late again. It’s the third time this week. What the hell Is wrong with me! This would of never happen if I didn’t take those stupid five-minute extra naps, this sucks.

You grumble, stumble and tumble, hustling to get ready, the best part is that you don’t live alone. Ever since your friend Jamie parents died, you take the chance and took her in. She lives with you and now you’re both inseparable.

Jamie: - So, you’re late…. again.

You throw your glares her way.

Riley: - You think!

Jamie: - Why don’t you set the timer earlier, that way you will get those extra five minutes.

Riley: - Do you mind? I’m trying to move as fast as I can, and you’re there blabbing.

Ok ok, she protested. As she backs out of the room with her hands raised in mocked surrender.

Jamie: - Set your clock.

She says in a sing song voice as she strolls out the door. You ready yourself quickly with the little time you got left, and race down the stairs.

Jamie: - Took you long enough.

Riley: - Yeah, whatever. Let’s just go.

You responded as you rush out the door annoyed by her teasing. It’s your senior year, and it’s been quite crazy with some changes around the school lately.

Jamie: - Have you heard about the new kid?

Riley: - No why?

Jamie: - Well, I hear he is totally hot and SINGLE!

Riley: - Do you want to burst my ear drums? Hot and single, got it. But don’t scream it, Jamie.

Jamie: - Oh sorry, I’m just so excited. I wonder who’s class he’s in.

Riley: - Don’t know, don’t care.

Jamie: - Oh come on. Aren’t you a bit curious, to know who this hottie is?

Riley: - Nope.

Jamie: - Come on Riley. Not even in the slightest.

Riley: - Nuh-uh.

Jamie: - Anyway, we’ve got English. So, we better hurry before we’re late.

You get the feeling of being watched, so you turn and scan around you, seeing that things looked normal the hallways clear. You shrug your shoulders and walk to class. When you arrive, everyone is busy getting to their seats. Shortly after your teacher Mr. Kent walks in.

Mr. Kent: - Morning everyone, we have a new student with us today and I’ll like for you to make him feel welcome.

He then with his hand motioned for the person to come in.

Mr. Kent: - Everyone, I’ll like for you to meet Justin Rivers.

Everyone welcomed him with “HI’s” and “hello’s” but when his ice blue eyes land on yours, your body goes numb, and you felt like your brain short circuited. You have no idea how long you’ve been like that staring stupid, but you were brought back to reality when a hand touches your shoulder. You look up and noticed that blue eyes is standing right there in front of you. Blinking a few times, you asked.

Riley: - Can I help you?

Justin: - Is this seat taken?

Riley: - No, you can sit wherever the hell you like. It’s a free damn country.

Mr. Kent: - Riley!

Riley: - Sorry Mr. Kent.

Justin: - Thanks.

You were successful in going through your school hours without the presence of blue eyes on your first day of senior year. Not every class you have together. And that’s good because being around him just seems to draw you in. His eyes are gentle when he looks at you, which is super weird since you NEVER caught the attention of any guy.

Where did this space alien come from? You’d be lying if you say he wasn’t attractive, because he very much is. And in good shape too.

When he touched you in class, you felt a small serge of electricity flowing through your arm. And to make things a bit weirder whenever you turn, he’s there watching. Note to self, one for the creepo meter.

You were doing fine being invisible before he came, but now with him here it looks like there’s going to be trouble.

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