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•Like a blue butterfly or dead rose•

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Ella meets a friend Christian is that "Friend" But are they meant to be just friends? Or more? Ella moves to Las Vegas from California she gets bullied in 3rd grade. Christian moved to Las Vegas from San fransisco and was bullied in 3rd grade..they are the same but different..they meet in highschool when their lives are much tougher than getting married with ring pops and plastic rings.. it's a journey with new friends...Until..Christian moves away.. for.. May,June,July,August,September,October,November,December..did Ella meet someone new or does she remember Christian her bestfriend?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1:hello! I'm Ella Hi I'm Christian

6 years ago

"Mom do we really have to move?"

"Yes honey" " mommy got a new job in Nevada"

"But I have friend here why do we have to move dont you care about me?"

"Of course I do that's why we are moving.. because I want you to have a better future sweetie"

"Okay...." I say. We go in a dark blue car and I bring my stuffed toy with me. I sleep in the back seat. Thinking it'll be better there.. i was 8 years old when i moved here. I went into 3rd grade. "Hey why dont you talk?" People said to me. They pulled my hair and tripped me down the stairs at school. They showed up in the bathroom and ripped my dress and i had to go home early.

When we played soccer they kicked the ball and it hit my stomach.. I had trouble breathing for 3 days.. I had no school for 3 days.. my friends were worried about me..

Christian- "Mommy where is daddy?"

"Oh..he is mad at me so we are going to live away from eachother for a little okay?"


I sat next to my mom in her car and I looked at the empty seat my dad used to sit in..something was wrong I wondered.. I was in 3rd grade at the time and I said bye to my friends.. there were boys who made fun of me because I was Bisexual which meant i liked girls and boys.. they pushed me in a stall while having scissors in their hand so I got cut. My hair got stuck in the door handle and they helped me by opening the door and cutting my hair and sticking gum in it.. why me? I wondered..

Make it stop I said.

Make it stop..


The sound of my mom orginizing files.


I went to school and ate lunch with my friend.. Ella..she gets me..we both get bullied and help eachother through it..

Ella-Me and Christian got along.. in 7th grade we started liking eachother after he helped me when my bullies almost closed my locker door on my hair. He pulled dme aside and they got slammed instead.. I helped him when they almost threw a rock at his head while we were standing in place. I pushed him aside and caught the rock and told the teacher.

He moved... one year later.. he missed my birthdy.. when he moved he said he liked me and I liked him..

We started dating for that one day we had together before he left to Las Vegas..

We were 78,907 miles away from eachother.. he sometimes visited on holidays but then he stopped. It was freshman year..

Christian- I miss Ella.. she was my bestfriend and girlfriend..she stood up for me..my mom died.. that's why I stopped visiting her because I didnt want to torture ella with my feelings and all about me.. I couldnt pay the hospital bill so they couldnt help her.. why?

I went to school 3 months later it was freshman year. I ran past-"Holy COW sh** I'm LATE!"

I run past people making them trip but I stop immediately when a girl falls and drops everything..I'm late but.....just cause I am doesnt mean this girl has to be too I helped her "Sorry" I say then I walk to my next class


Jell-O go to school then a boy runs past me.. ah I drop all my things and he helps me pick them up whew not awkward at all "Sorry" he says to me. That voice sounds familiar Christian?

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