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His First Love(A Mafia's love)

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A mafia leader who was twice saved by a doctor and later fell in love with her is the subject of this tale. Felizya fantasized about having a fulfilling love life, getting married, and starting a family. She never expected that her aspirations would differ and not turn out the way she had imagined things to be.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Dr. Dixon was sitting in her office when a nurse rushed in to tell her she was required immediately.

She stood up and followed the nurse into a room where an emergency patient was.

He was heavily bleeding as the nurses prepared their instruments for surgery.

The patient appears to have a serious laceration after being evaluated by Dr. Dixon.

She urged that they take him right away to the surgery room.

She got ready for surgery to see if there was any bone, blood vessel, muscle, tendon, or nerve damage, and she did it successfully.

"Did you see who brought him in?"

Dr. Dixon asked one of the nurses about the patient after the procedure.

The nurse replied, "He entered by himself and passed out at the entrance."

Dr.Dixon replied, "I'm curious as to what transpired."

The nurse smiled and said, "I don't know, he's cute, and based on his tattoos, I assume he belongs to some sort of gang or organization."

Inquiring how he ended up at the hospital alone and still alive with such a deep wound and that much blood lost, the nurse turned to gaze at Dr. Dixon.

The patient was awake when she walked into the room.

She asked him, "How are you feeling?"

The patient replied, "Although it hurts right now to move, I'm fine.

"Thanks, Doc."

She smiled and sat beside the patient's bed as she asked, "Okay, since your situation was urgent and I haven't received any information on you, what's your name?"

The patient replied, "I'm sorry, I can't give you my name, but what I can assure you is that the payment will be handled.

"I just need to speak with my boss."

Dr. Dixon then understood that the nurse was accurate in her assessment of him.

It was persuading her that he belonged to a gang.

She replied, "Okay, but do you have a name I can call you by?"

He replied, "Call me JJ"

She replied, "Well, JJ, It's good to see you're still with us because it's never easy when a patient comes to me towards the end of their life.

"I assume you had been stabbed repeatedly based on the wound injuries."

JJ replied, "Things occasionally went shady, but it was merely a business-related misunderstanding."

She replied, "I see.

"I sincerely hope you exercise extreme caution the following time since you might not be as fortunate."

JJ replied, "You know, you're cool.

"I like you."

She replied, "Although I'm happy, I must leave because others are waiting on me.

"To aid in a speedier recovery, and take those tablets."

JJ smiled as his phone rang.

She then left the room.

After an hour, She returned to JJ's room to see how he was doing.

He asked for the bill.

She handed it to him.

He said to her, "It's all set, I spoke with my boss earlier, so you'll get your money this evening.

"Is that ok Doc?"

She smiled at him and asked, "How do you feel right now?

"Any discomfort or so?"

JJ replied, "No, I'm completely OK. I'll leave this evening since duty requires me."

Dr. Dixon replied, "I'd recommend that you rest well but that's up to you."

He smiled and asked her, "What's your name Doc?"

She replied, "I'm Felizya.

"I go by Dr. Dixon and so on."

JJ replied, "Well, it's good to meet you.

"I suppose I now have a personal doctor in case something occurs again."

She smiled and said, "You can keep my card, though, just in case something similar happens again.

"I'm available at all times."

She gave him a card, which he took and put on the desk next to the bed as she left the room.

Around 4 pm that evening, Felizya went to check on JJ but he was gone.

He had left a note and an envelope on the desk.

She picked up the note and read it.

It said, "I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye to Doc, but duty called. I hope you're happy with your payment for saving my life, and I hope to see you again sometime."

She took up the envelope after glancing at it and opened it to see what was inside.

She pulled out the cash, and she gasped.

"What the heck, $500 000! Only $30,000 was required to pay, due to his operation! What the fuck?"

She collected the money and headed into her office.

"Why would someone pay that amount of money for nothing serious?" she wondered as she shut the door.

"Okay! His boss would agree to spend so much to save him even though he belongs to a gang.

"I'm so confused! Is he that important?"

She took out the $30,000 and hid the remaining cash in her bag as she exhaled.

The male doctor, her brother, had arrived for his shift later that evening, and she left the hospital to return home.

To get to her house, she took a drive through the city.

As soon as she arrived, she went to the bathroom to shower.

After showering, she changed into a pair of blue jeans and a black tank top.

She then left with her car.

She started her car and drove to the beach, where she often goes to unwind and clear her head.

To enjoy the moonlight above the sea, she parked her car and got out.

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