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Since when did you care?

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Clara has adopted siblings.she is the second to oldest. She feels everything is in her hands and if there is trouble. It's her fault.she has no parents since they died on accident? No. Clara has always wanted to make movies. She goes to highschool and has help with her brother, Axel. Her siblings,Charlottle,Stella,Oliver, and Lincoln have always tried to be good to them..could they actually be helpful to them?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1:Why do I matter to you?

I have always wanted to make movies. I guess. I haven't wanted to be doctor or lawyer. My parents keep nagging me to become those things because those are useful well to be making movies are useful. Or that would they used to say.

11 years ago my parents were driving to my uncle's house and got in a car crash. A IDiOT shot another car but missed and hit my dad's cat instead..

Ugh... I blame them.why would they want to shoot a car in the first place? Were they supposed to die? Why not me? I was only 7 at the time but I felt that I couldve helped even if I wasnt there...

I have friends too anyways. Scarlette,Dylan,Tyler,Sophie. They have been my friends since kindergarten. :) I feel they would be there for me anytime.

Heh well atleast to Dylan. He has a crush on me. I just know it. He told me everyday since 3rd grade. Tyler likes a boy named Xavier. I ship. Not tryna make you cringe or anything.

I have a dog named Belle she is adorable. Hah. Well I have to go to school. Ryan is my brothers bestfriend. He was shot when he was walking home with me after school and my brother left home early so someone shot Ryan...he was like MY Bestfriend not his.

I miss him. Axel misses him too. Ryan will always be my first bestfriend.

Anyways. I have to go to my next class. I'm at lunch right now and next I have p.e class. We are running the mile.

During the run

I ran next to Scarlette and sophie my bestfriends. They also have p.e with me. We were talking about our next important events next week.

After school went to the cafe next to our school. Cafe Soprano that's scarlets moms cafe. It's cool. I always order the donuts. It's like a bakery.

"Clara watch out!"

I trip and land on someone

"I'm so sorry"

I turn to see that its Caleb..the school bad boy. He always gets detention and girls.

"Actually I'm not sorry"i say and get up and he pulls me down.

"Actually I'm sorry this time Clara" he says.


My friends go inside the cafe and wait for me.

"I'm sorry Clara"he says. He helps me up and we walk in the cafe together.

How'd this happen?me the school cheerleader captain of the debate team talking to the school bad boy?

This feels like a romance teen story..only that we dont fall in love but I'm the old ex.. we never talked to eachother before.. and it doesnt seem like the last time we will. ...


Caleb Thompson talking to..Clara Akuli

Hmm a nice ring to it.

I hope he doesnt give me one


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