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The Heir of Rosewood Cove #1

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Vivienne Summers suffers through having her ex arrested and beaten down right in front of her. The reason? He came at her with a gun. That's when she knew, she would never escape him unless she moves far away. Vivienne flees the big city and moves into a small, quiet cove where she begins to make a home for herself, however, Vivienne is drunk one night when she stumbles upon a stranger. A man who she never met before, but felt like she knew all her life. She then gives him a piece of her mind after seeing him be ignorant and rude to her friend. Her only problem? She has no idea who he really is. Aaron Hall is the Heir of Rosewood, set to inherit the entire town, becoming the president of it along with being the mayor, Aaron is even appointed prince until eventually crowned king. Though there is a dark secret that surrounds Aaron, a secret that he cannot keep hidden anymore, especially since meeting Vivienne. What happens when an overly arrogant and icy cold-natured man meets an overly sassy and hot-tempered woman with no filter? What were to happen if Vivienne gets chucked into a hidden supernatural world when upon meeting the man who practically owns Rosewood Cove? Let's find out, shall we?

Romance / Drama
J. L. Warren
Age Rating:

Prologue; Say Goodbye, My Love


Say Goodbye, My Love

The table slams as he kneels down and throws it with all his strength to the side. It hits the wall with a loud slam and I jump up instantly standing. I back away slowly, my eyes as wide as saucers not looking away.

“Clarence, please...Just-”

“What?” He whirls around to face me, his eyes wild and his body visibly shaking, “Calm down? What if I don’t want to calm down Vivienne?” He spits out at me, his voice entirely filled with intense malice.

“Just, please...You never used to be like this, you used to be-”

“Sweet, caring? Loving? Fuck you, fuck you and all that bullshit, love doesn’t exist!” Clarence screams out at me, flinging the contents that was on the counter onto the floor with a loud crashing sound.

Drinks, food, and my phone go flinging down onto the floor, and I close my eyes slowly, taking a shaky deep breath in.

“No, you know what Vivienne. This is it. I’m telling you, I’m done. I’m done with all of your shit-” Clarence breaks off his sentence as he walks away down the hall.

I sigh a breath of relief for a split second before Clarence comes back, but not empty-handed.

As soon as I turn my head and see what he was holding, my mouth opens and a scream bellows out. A blood-curdling, horrifying scream as I launch myself onto the floor, pull out my phone and hit the home button signaling emergency officials calling them.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“Shooter! Help!” I yell out, staring down at the phone, my eyes fill with tears, making my vision blurry and I desperately try to see in front of me.

Clarence wraps a hand in my hair and yanks back, “Now you’ll listen, won’t you, you dumb bitch.” He mutters out, throwing his hand away, and jerking my head forward and away from him.

“Clarence, please...Why?” I stutter out quietly.

“I cannot deal with your useless nonsense about superstitions that should remain in books, you’re crazy and I need to escape you.” Clarence growls out.

“I’m the one who needs to escape you, you crazy bastard! I believe in the supernatural and this is why you’re holding a fucking gun to my face!” I yell out, ending my sentence in a cry.

My heart breaks in my chest as I struggle to breathe, oxygen failing to reach my lungs and a sob makes its way out of my tightly pressed lips, my entire body trembling and the tears streaming down my face seemed endless.

“Aw, sweetheart. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going to send you to a beautiful place where you can rest. So I can rest.” Clarence says, but his voice was different.

His dark eyes seemed gone, void of any life, his face, stance and movement were robotic almost, he moves around to clamp a hand around my hair once again, but he pulls up instead of pushing down, bringing me up to a standing position.

I almost fell back down, but Clarence’s grasp on my hair tightens and he pulls more upward, keeping me upright, just shy of ripping the hair out of my scalp entirely.

I open my mouth and scream, my scalp is doused in flames, and burning hot waves lash my entire head licking down my body and settling around the large bruise I knew was swelling underneath the left side of my breast.

“Say goodbye, my love.” Clarence whispers huskily out, his voice dipping in sadness as a gun is shoved into my forehead, my vision darkened with the shadow of the gun.

Before I had any time to react or cry out, I hear a click and know Clarence had pulled the trigger on the small handgun. I flinch and let out a small scream, Clarence says nothing at first and just clicks his tongue around his mouth.

Then he speaks after a tense moment.

“Dammit, the gun isn’t loaded. Let me see...” He says, I hear rustling around and realize he is searching his pockets, “Here it is!” Clarence exclaims giving a mock gasp.

The gun is pulled away from my vision and I hear a click and hear another click. Clarence had loaded the single bullet into the handgun.

My breathing intensifies as my shoulders tremble, I felt like I was having a heart attack, my heart hurt in my chest and my lungs burned in my body.

The gun is placed back up against my forehead and I wince feeling the icy coldness of the metal bite against my skin.


“No darling...Just let this happen.”

I hear the gun being cocked back and close my eyes, my entire body coiled tightly.

“No!” I scream.

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