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The Heir of Rosewood Cove #1

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1. A Devilish Nightmare

Chapter 1. A Devilish Nightmare

“No!” I sit up straight, my breathing ragged.

I look around expecting to see Clarence with a handgun in his hands standing before me, but instead, I am met with a dark, cold and empty room.

“I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay.” I whisper to myself, hoping to calm my racing heart.

It was racing so much it hurt to even try to take a breath of air, but I somehow take a deep breath in and another until my heart seemed to slow down a considerable amount.

That night.

Phew. That night was one hell of a nightmare.

Clarence Hudson was never an evil person, at least not when I first met him. He was sweet, caring and very attentive to the things I needed or wanted in life.

Little by little, I could feel him slip farther and farther away from me until one day, he had come home from a bad camping trip with his buddies, he was all bruised and battered and had a few specs of blood on his clothes.

He had muttered something about accidentally shooting a deer and then he dismissed it but became abusive emotionally, mentally, and physically afterward.

One year prior to all of this, I stumbled upon an article talking about werewolf sightings and vampire myths surrounding a small town on a cove.

I inquired to Clarence about this and he lost it for the first time dangerously throwing a chair at me and hitting me on the side of my face, knocking me unconscious for a few minutes.

The abuse had progressed so badly that one night, I had come home late for our nightly scheduled supper, and he lost it for the last time.

The whole ordeal lasted two hours and when Clarence had cocked the gun, I screamed just as the police had knocked down the door and swarmed the inside of the entire large house we owned within minutes.

We were married, we had been married for two years prior to all of this happening and we have been divorced since.

It’s been six months since then, and I have since moved into a small cozy town, that is settled right on a large cove. I needed a fresh start and this is almost directly across the whole world, I needed the space.

I knew I would never be free of him unless I did.

He was sent to prison but his release is scheduled in a couple of weeks and I am dreading it, I am terrified he is going to come back.

A week ago I started getting nightmares and as the date of his release creeps close.

It wasn’t just a hell of a nightmare.

It was one devilish nightmare.

I died the day I moved, saying goodbye to a life I had built since becoming an adult, the first home I had lived in and owned since moving out of my parent’s house.

I heave a heavy sigh, calming once realizing I really was okay, safe and secure in my new home.

I had a friend I worked with that I had stash some of my money away, each pay check I got. With the amount I had surpisingly received from my parents the day after the incident had happened, I was able to buy my way out of the town and the debt the horror of an ex husband I now have had left me with.

I had enough leftover money to buy a small one bedroom cabin house, which was very homey looking, decorative and bright with light blue on the inside and a light splash of brown mixed with red along the outside.

It was along a large cliff that had a walkway down to the rushing waters below, it was like a beach and had some sand, but most was always underwater, and the cliff stood at a large fifty feet high above the water, becoming an attraction in this town.

I had found this out by stumbling upon somebody apparently cliff jumping and screamed thinking they were going to die, but I realized that if you time it right, you can actually ride with the large waves that crash on the side of the cliff all the way back to the shore where the sand was. It wasn’t always dry, but it was a safe landing for the people who do dare to cliff jump.

This town was fairly small but also shockingly full of lots of spirit with many generations of life residing amongst the town, also known as the town folk.

I still have enough money to get me by with this house, bills and such, but I knew it wouldn’t last much longer, I needed to get a job and get a steady income. Speaking of jobs, there is this one place that was hiring that looked interesting.

But it is run and owned by the prince of the town, the heir of Rosewood if you will, and that job is a large restaurant. A restaurant that has so many five star reviews that could go on for eons.

I step away from the bed to throw my legs over the side of the bed and walk across the floor with another heavy sigh, this one laced with worry.

I check my phone to see the time and notice ts was in the beginning early hours of the night. Only half an hour had passed since falling asleep.

I needed a walk. A walk and a joint.

I smoke mariuana to clear my head and feel at ease a lot of the times, I need to. It’s the only thing that keeps me from losing my shit on everybody in todays society.

I take a rolled joint from off my nightstand and grab a lighter, feeling my three year old bull mix stir in her sleep.

“Shh Maggie, it’s okay. I’m going outside for a minute.” I whisper, creeping across the floor to slip on my thick and warm white pair of fluffy slippers.

I step out of the door to my small bedroom and into my just as small livingroom and take a deep breath of fresh air and inhale it into my lungs, I stare out into the darkness watching the stars twinkle brightly in the sky as I light my joint.

This was supposed to be a fresh start, but it doesn’t feel like one.

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