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LBTGQ story about a boy named Levi who has a Crush on a boy(Jax) who wants nothing to do with him. Levi is the "Bad boy" and jax is a normal around here. Jax doesnt want to be involved with his shenanigans and wants to do good not bad. Levi likes Jax and tries to win him over. Jax likes a girl but later on notices he doesnt like girls and he likes..Levi. Levi is on a team where they cant talk to people on Jax's team or they get killed....are they like Romeo and Juliet but different forbidden love

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1: Jax

Another day another annoying Levi. He has been annoying me since 2nd grade. Ugh. I mean who could blame him?I soon cool haha just joking. But seriously we arent allowed to be with eachother anyways. Why is he still trying if he knows hes going to fail? Just give up already ugh that way I dont have to hear his love cards or valentine's. I dont even like boys I am straight. That idiot. I wouldnt care if he were emy friend but cmon me?we dont even know eachother that well!.

Just stop already. Well since your here I might aswell tell you how this started. I have grandparents who dont like Levi's grandparents so we arent allowed to talk to the Cotezs and they arent allowed to talk to us or be seen together.

I like his sister,Mckayla, but she has a boyfriend..aka ME I'm her boyfriend. I dont really like her anymore I dont know why. But the real issue is Levi Cotez. He likes me even when he knows that I am dating his sister. Ugh. I'm her boyfriend so why cant he give up?doesnt he care for his sister?if he cares about why cant he care enough for me to let me go?! Ugh....

I went to school to see his stupid face. "Jax why is levi staring at you again?" Lola said. Oh yeah my bestfriends name is lola. "Ugh you know him lola I'm sick of him already I dont want anything that involves him in it"

"Why dont you give him a chance?"

"I already told you Lola we have forbidden rules we cant talk to the cortezes and they cant talk to us!" I said. "Oh right sorry but he is adorable isnt he?"She said.


"Good"i said. "We better get to class."

We walked into class. Oh how good my seat is next to Levi but on my other side I sit next to lola. Good. Life doesnt hate me. For once.

"What's 3÷1×6+7?" The teacher said.

I raised my hand. "Yes Jax?"

"25" I said. "Correct thank you Jax"


Levi just stared at me like he was obsessed and didnt know the answer to it. Seriously I just said the answer I'm not that smart!

Why does he like me I dont like him so just give up!

After that we had to be partners with the person next to us. Lola's partner was absent and so was Levi's. Uh oh my partner is Levi and lola?

I asked the teacher and he said for us to be a group Uh OH!!!i dont want Levi in my group just Lola would be fine. If Lola's partner was here i would have to work with Levi wouldnt i?

This is better than working alone with him. Because we arent allowed to talk.this would be one exception to my family.

School assignments

Just above war hah I'm not kidding. Why levi? I guess life does hate me. Wish me luck..

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