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Park Y/N and Kim taehyung

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Hey there! I’m y/n and I’m a K-pop singer and I have a brother who’s name is-well why should I tell now I’ll tell you that later. I’m Japan’s princess and yes I’m a K-pop and a queen and I even have my own company. I became a idol when I was 11 years old in 2010 and now I’m 22 because today is my birthday it’s 2021 right now. Fun fact no one knows my face because ever since I became a idol I hid my face with a mask because the company told me too. And today I revealed my face and everyone that saw my face were shocked by my beauty and now I’m the most beautiful person in the world. I have beautiful emerald green eyes and really beautiful pale skin with hourglass body with dark brown hair. I have very sharp facial features that are very fierce. Even tho people haven’t seen my face they still like me and now I’m the most attractive famous person and young too and I have billions of fans. My fandom is one of the most loyal and supportive and chill fandom in the world. I’m known for my kindness but also known for dating and in my whole life I’ve dated 15 guys and they only last for about 8 to 9 months and only one of my relationship lasted for about 5 years and I loved him but he broke up with me after we broke up I went to Japan to start my company and now I came back to Korea

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Aurora's pov

Right now I'm in my car driving to the hybe company. I'm wearing a black top with black baggy pants and a hat with light makeup. Even tho I'm wearing light makup my face still looks fierce. I parked my car in company parking lot. I got off from my car and walked in the company after doing the security check. As soon as I opened the door I saw everyone gethered around and surprised me with a party. I got shocked.

little side note: you have three managers and two of them are boys and one of them is girl. Your female menager's name is Olivia and the other two male's name is Alex and Andrew all of them are from America. Alex is 20 Andrew is 25 and Olivia is 28 and you have four bodyguards. The oldest name is jake and he is 58 next is joey he is 33 and third is Lucas he is 28 and last is harry he is 26. And you're 22 here.



Aurora:O-o-oh thanks I guess?

Olivia:what you mean?

Aurora:Nothing it's nothing I was just surprised that's all but thank you everyone!

I said and hugged everyone. I tried to talk to everyone.

four hours before

BTS's pov

We just came in the company and saw all of the staff are decorating the area. We got confused and so RM went to one of the staff member, and said.

RM:um hey what's going on here?

Staff: oh you don't know? Well today is park Aurora's birthday so we're decorating the place you know.

Jin:but isn't she in Japan?

Jhope:And besides she doesn't show her face.

Staff:well yesterday she just revealed her face and she came back to Korea so we decided to surprise her.

Jin:oh really? That's amazing. We finally get to see her face after years and she is a amazing idol we have a lot of her albums in our home.

Rm: we would love to help you.

Staff:really thanks.

Bts started to help the staff time went by and they finally manage to decorate the place in time.

Four hours later.

Aurora's pov

I was talking when olivia came to me and said

Olivia:uhh hey Aurora are free for a second?

I turned around and said.

Aurora:yea sure what happened?

Olivia:I want you to meet someone !

Aurora:sure of course.

Olivia took to a group of boys I recognized them and said.

Aurora: omg you're guys bts!!

Rm: you recognized us?

Aurora:yea of course! Who wouldn't recognize you guys !! You guys are so famous.

Jin:oh please don't you are more famous then us.

Aurora:aww thanks but you're just as famous as me!

I said bowed to them as respect. They bowed back and then my eyes went to someone i knew. I went to jimin and hugged him and said.

Aurora:omg i'd missed you!!

Jhope: you two know each other?

Jimin:how to explain this well Aurora is my sister.

Rm:what and you never told us !

Aurora:sorry but I told him to not tell you since um i'm not allowed you know.

Rm:oh then it's ok.

Jimin:what!! You were about to yell at me for not telling but when she says that you say it's ok are you my friend or her's huh!

Rm:ok sorry.

Then all of sudden someone jumped on Aurora and hugged her back.

Jk:i missed you man!

Aurora:me too.

Jin: you guys know each other too?

Aurora:well we have been bestfriends since we were 8 so yea.

Jk:yea i was 9 and she was 8 we have been bestfriends since childhood.

Jimin: and how come i didn't know about this?

Aurora:mum and dad know but it's just you sorry.

Jimin:wait let me get this straight! My friend is bestfriends with my sister. And i didn't knew this!!!


Aurora:just leave it and i'm sorry ok.

Jimin: fine i forgive you.

Aurora was talking when her eyes went to taehyung. Taehyung also was looking at her. Aurora quickly looked away. While taehyung just smiled at her sadly.

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