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Sky's Fall

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Sky wanders the streets on his nights off. He was passing this church and he felt this odd pull, so he went inside. Then her scent hit him. She was sitting at the end of the second row. Her hair was black, long, and straight. He waited and finally, she shifted, and he got to see her face. Grey eyes. Warm honey color skin. Mixed Asian ancestry... short but soft and curvy. The way a woman should look.

He knew her scent, He knew her. At first, he was so shocked he got out of there as soon as he could. All he heard was her very human heartbeat. He came back the next week, more prepared he thought.

Only her scent nailed him again and he left as soon as he could again. The third time he thought would be the charm. Only then he opened his senses to her and felt her essence, the very being she is, and that sealed the deal. He was toast. She was his. His Mate. His forever and he needs her desperately.

Tonight, he was able to finally drag his raging out of control body under control. He settled right behind her, well he tried to, these fucking chairs are made for midgets. He thought as he watched her squirm and carefully shift her weight, she is so careful that he know she fears the horrible ugly plastic chair will give way under her. He knows she fears falling. Only she does not know it yet, but she will never need to fear that ever again. He will always catch her.

He gently shifts his legs to the outside of her chair as he pulls her into a conversation about the apparent horrible coffee. His legs will now keep that fucking chair up no matter what. As she shifts her body yet again explaining how she has bought her coffee around the corner and bring it in with her. He smiles as he sees her relax for just a second. Then she feels the chair holds steady and he sees her quickly try to balance her weight again. Then she starts to relax slightly again and as she feels the chair hold steady she settles more. He feels the chair’s legs pushing against his legs, but it is such a little bit it barely even registers. He is fascinated by her. He is so busy studying her that he almost misses the question.

“What do you do for a living?” Mei xing asks him and he wants to purr like a cat when her curiosity is shimmering in her eyes.

“I am a PI,” He tells her, the lie comes easily, he has been using it for a long time. It gives him the freedom to explain away most things.

“Oh, that must be very interesting.” She tells him and he smiles and nods.

“Not as much as you’d think, lots of long night hours. So, what do you do for a living Mei xing?” He asks her, making no effort to hide the intense curiosity he feels. She has a look on her face as if she is wondering why is he looking and talking to her. He definitely doesn’t like that she seems to not feel and know that she is worth any Male’s time.

“Oh, nothing that exciting, I am an accountant. I work from home.” She tells him with an air of she’s not all that interesting at all. He smiles because to him she is the most fascinating, incredible Female in the entire world. She just needs to learn that, and she will, he will tell her every day and show her every day.

“I think accountants are sexy. I like smart Females.” He tells her with a grin and a wink. Her pretty face flushes red and he watches her try to scrounge her luscious body into a smaller bundle. That’s when he realizes she does not know how beautiful she is... that is something that will change tonight.

“So Mei xing, will you show me this wondrous coffee shop you frequent so that I could buy you a cup?” He poses the question casually.

“Oh, it’s just around the corner, I’m sure you will find it easy.” She brushes his invitation away. He has the feeling she thinks he's just being polite. He is definitely not, polite is not in his DNA, brass, crude, violent and stupid is.

“Mei xing, let me level with you. I came in here lost and alone on the first night. Then I saw you. That is why I came the second night, but I was not sure if you would give me the time of the day. So, I was scared, and I fled the moment the meeting was over. Embarrassed as all hell, to be honest. Then I came the third night and I promised myself I would talk to you... but I was shy. So tonight, I have gathered all my courage and I have come away from the back to sit behind you and talk to you... and I find that I like it and I would like to keep talking to you. I have been brave, I know you don’t know me. I’m asking for a chance. Just coffee. I will behave I promise.” He tells her firmly all the time holding eye contact, watching her face and he can see the refusal that is coming.

“Please?” He whispers.

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