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Theirs (book 2) (completed)

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you may know these characters from my first book " theirs " lorenzo xavier ace amelia - - - - " bend over amelia" lorenzo's voice rings out she gulps as she leans over his desk slowly xavier pushes her fully down on the desk and lifts her dress up over her ass lorenzo slowly pulls her thong down to her ankles ace sips his whiskey as he watches them " are you ready princess?" lorenzo asks her. she bites her lip and nods lorenzo grabs her ass " words" he tells her sternly she breaths out " yes daddy" - - - - (chapter 28 ^)

Romance / Erotica
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Recap.. from book 1

- - - -

they hear a little scream fill the air ” it looks like you have a baby boy”

the boys cheer and amelia smiles tiredly as the baby boy gets put on her chest

they smile at each other and they kiss her head ” you did it baby” lorenzo mumbles to her and she smiles

amelia - we did it

ace - gosh i love you

Amelia giggles lightly ” i love you too” he presses a kiss to her head

Xavier grabs her chin and pushes his lips against hers ” i love you my love”

Amelia - i love you too

Lorenzo - my princess

he kisses her lips ” i love you ”

Amelia - and i love you too

they mumble ” forever?”

Amelia smiles brightly at them ” forever”

they get home from the hospital. iris is waiting happily by the door for them

Lorenzo holds onto Amelia's waist helping her in the house as she holds her baby

iris - what’s his name?

Amelia slowly squats in front of her ” Matteo baby”

iris smiles ” i like it mommy”

Amelia - i do too baby


they let the kids meet baby ” Matteo”

Lorenzo - alright little ones why dont we let mommy rest now

iris nods and so does Izaiah

Xavier picks them up ” why dont we figure out something for dinner ”

they nod ” chicken nuggets ” they squeal

Amelia smiles at them and ace takes Matteo from Amelia and Lorenzo helps her up into their room. she lays on the bed and Lorenzo covers her up and kisses her head ” sleep princess”

she hugs the blankets to herself and ace lays the sleeping baby in the bassinet next to Amelia.

she falls asleep

Amelia slowly wakes up and slowly sits up and looks in matteo ’s bassinet and she smiles and picks his very small body up and into her arms

she slowly moves his head with his mouth open looking for food

she lifts her shirt off and he latches onto her..

she feeds him till he unlatches from her and she fixes her baggy shirt. she walks with him down the stairs

ace spots her and he hurries to her ” baby girl..” she smiles at him ” how did you sleep baby?”

Amelia - it was good.. im hungry

ace smiles at her as he takes her open hand ” almost done”

Lorenzo opens his arms for her and she hands him Matteo. she stretches fully and groans and Lorenzo chuckles ” feel better princess?”

she nods and smiles ” mmhmm now i just need food”

she walks into the kitchen and Xavier looks up at her with a big smile ” supper is done my love”

she smiles ” i love you”

he chuckles ” i love you too.. go sit down at the table and i will bring you your food”

she smiles bigger and heads to the table

ace gets the kids in their chairs and Lorenzo puts a sleeping Matteo in a bouncer. he sits down and Xavier brings out the plate giving the kids theirs first..

he sets the plate in front of Amelia and lifts her head up pecking her lips. she blushes and smiles

he smiles at her and she picks her fork up picking the noodles up and eats them.

everyone else starts eating as well.

Amelia helps carry the plates and forks into the kitchen

Lorenzo - i got these princess go relax

he says as he pulls her into a kiss

she nods and makes her way to the living room.

she sits down and the kids crawl to her snuggles into her sides. she presses a kiss to all of their heads and smiles at them ” my babies” she mumbles to them

they smile and laugh as Amelia tickles their sides ” mommy!!” they scream as Amelia laughs at them.

she stops tickling them and they jump on Amelia and she pretends to scream and they start laughing harder

she wraps them in her arms and gives them kisses all over their faces ” i love you guys so much”

they giggle ” i love you too mommy” their little voices spoke

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lorenzo puts on a movie for them and they all lay on the couch watching the movie falling asleep one by one

Xavier carries the kids to bed as Amelia sits up and picks the now crying Matteo up ” he’s poopy” she mumbles tiredly

Lorenzo - i got this baby

he takes him from her and puts a blanket down and lays Matteo down on the blanket and changes him

he puts a new diaper on Matteo and Amelia mumbles ” he’s hungry ”

Lorenzo slowly picks his small body up and hands him to her and she lifts her shirt up and Matteo starts eating fast.

Lorenzo waits down there with her. ace went to take a shower. Matteo finishes eating and she fixes her shirt and Lorenzo helps her up off the couch and they walk up the stairs into their room.

Amelia puts Matteo down in his bassinet and ace comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist and she closes her eyes ” damn” she thinks

she grabs her own clothes ” im gonna shower ” she says and heads into the bathroom

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