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Runaways Together

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A guy with a secret but not the one everyone might think. He must leave town and get away but who will help him. Maybe Grandad Joe. 10 YEARS LATER.. He's stayed hidden this long and is now 27, but a young woman who stumbles by him could be the key to his secret or maybe reopening his heart.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

His mother is dead but he mustn't mourn,he must leave. Immediately. He's scared and young. His clothes soaked with blood as he runs through the woods to the only one he can trust.

Grandad Joe was the only one Christopher ever trusted, he had met him 5 years ago at the annual market in the town square. Chris had tried to steal an apple from Joe's stall but got caught. Joe kindly bought Chris the apple and some more food as he could see Chris was clearly malnourished. From that day on Chris stopped by Joe's every evening for dinner. Joe had a granddaughter, Abigail she came by every Sunday for lunch. Chris and Abigail grew a close bond and began hanging out on a daily basis.

As the years went on they grew closer. Abi caught feelings for Chris and felt as though he could never love her the way she loved him. A week later Abi was gone not a word to Chris, he was heart broken. Cried for days. And then weeks and then months.

This was when he was young know that he was seventeen he could leave home and get a good life like the one he had hoped to live with Abi but ahd been to cowardly to tell her. However, his plans to leave her interrupted by a set up. A very gruesome set up. He had been framed for murder.

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