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Tale of love

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I know that when you love someone, your very essence is consumed by the thoughts of that one special person; With your invariable nature completely depleted thereby losing your quintessence in the process. “i refuse such baloney “I say, as i steal one last look at his perfect face. But still my heart flutters like the wings of a million butterflies and when i see you, i completely loose sweet reason and totally throwing caution to the wind, i slide into the parallel universe where your love for me shines so bright, it hinders the sun.. Julia has fallen hopelessly in love with David but he doesn’t know this . He hasn’t noticed her . Will he?

Romance / Poetry
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Chapter 1

I stare at the pathway to your office, like it’s some kind of magic portal, to my personal fairy-tale. As I walk towards it, I hear melodies like the cry of angels; beseeching me to come therein. But my nerves fail me.

My pulse goes over the roof and my heart, my heart is suddenly overcome with sadness; because what I want so badly, I cannot have. My tears descend like a waterfall in spring and with a heavy heart and my hands on my face, just in time to hide my tears from my co-workers, I go back to my cubicle because he was coming out; my boss was coming out of his office.

Does he notice me? Did he notice I wore these cute glasses today? They give such compliment to my round face. Oh! Did he notice them? It’s not really a new jacket. I have been saving them for the right occasion but I wanted to look different - good different that's why I wore them today. Just for him. So he will see there is more to me than the haggard girl from the fifth floor.

Julia grew up in an orphanage. It was quite nice, a small cottage that looked like something out of a fairy-tale. They had less than Two hundred kids there. I guess the inhabitants of Barnawa, didn't abandon their kids as much.

Julia, 9 years old. Independent and a little bit head strong enjoyed the thoughts of adventure. So, behind the cottage, against the Mrs. Nun’s orders (As they called their orphanage Head Mistress) she would climb through a small opening in the wall, which lead to a main road but across the main road was an apple tree. It bore such succulent apples and seems to belong to no one. And bless her, she loved them. Every weekend, she would go there and pluck an apple, sit under it and eat, and carve something into the tree’s bark. Or slide a note into the bark's spaces. She didn't just enjoy plucking apples from the tree, but also enjoyed climbing it, That was her routine.

This tree was so big; it grew into the house of the Adamson’s. Mr. Adamson has always wanted to cut the tree down because it grew into his property; but Mrs. Adamson stopped him every time. She felt it had a calming feel to it. The Adamson’s had a big house, Gorgeous cars and lived a very comfortable lifestyle. I even heard that Mr. Adamson may be the richest man in the country.

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