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The Vampire's War

By Heather Dawn Malsi All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery


Raising a child by yourself is hard, but raising a future king is even harder because you need to teach him everything he knows about two different people. My son is only six years old and his mother is a werewolf and I am an evil vampire.


Sixteen years later; Stephon talks about his son:

Raising a child by yourself is hard, but raising a future king is even harder because you need to teach him everything he knows about two different people. My son is only six years old and his mother is a werewolf and I am an evil vampire.

I will tell you more about him as we get closer to that part in the books for now we will just leave it and go on to why I am writing this story. I am helping my brother (Maxwell) write this book, to tell my son how I found out about him and ended the war. I will tell you many things that happened before the war ended and before he was born.

First let me start off by saying I am Stephon Black and I am an evil vampire. You find out that there are two kinds of vampires and they are in the middle of war right now.

Second, the war started off with us vampires fighting over the werewolves and humans; so I can’t tell you how I hate werewolves. I will start off with a human named; Macklin McGunn whose girlfriend is leaving him for another guy and he is not taking it too well.

“I can’t believe this, you want to leave us for him,” Macklin McGunn said as he watched her pack her stuff. Rhonda McCoy was leaving him because she couldn’t handle being a mother.

“Well I told you that I don’t love you two and he is waiting for me,” Rhonda McCoy said as she threw her books into a box next to her. Rhonda’s new boyfriend was waiting out in the car.

“Well how am I supposed to raise the baby by myself? I don’t know how to do that,” Macklin said as he held Jaslynn McGunn in his arms. Rhonda shrugged her shoulders and kept packing her bags.

“Don’t ask me because she is not my responsibility anymore, why don’t you ask someone else,” Rhonda said. Macklin thought about calling his parents and asking them if he and Jasmine could move back in with them.

“But Rhonda, she is our child and you agreed to raise her when you gave birth to her,” Macklin said as he shifted Jaslynn as she slept in his arms. Jaslynn is only a few days old and Rhonda had decided that she was done being mommy.

Macklin went back home to raise Jaslynn with his mom’s help, but that only last until she dies after she gave birth to Flynn. Jason Blackstone who is related to Decon Blackstone moves into Reiden’s house after his parents die and he brings his sisters (Jaden and Jennilynn) and his brother (Jacob) with him.

James Mackenzie is an evil vampire and he went prison after he killed a familiar that wasn’t his. Rhonda and Macklin end up having a second child, but he doesn’t show up until later on in the book.

James will be in later on during chapter one. William Bouge goes by Liam Bouge and Macklin goes by Mackey. Now for the other characters; Michael Foley goes by Mikey or Mike, and James goes by Jimmy or Jim. Maxwell Black goes by Max and Jeremiah Black goes by Jerry and Napoleon Ramsey goes by Leon. Joseph Ogle goes by Joe, and Jennilynn Blackstone goes by Jenni and Jaichand Mackenzie goes by Jai. Johnathan Black goes by John or Johnny. Ashlee Colins goes by Ash and Andrian Sparks goes by Andy.

The morning after David Black had arrived at the Job Corp campus that Heather O’Malley was at; the night staff at the Job Corps campus had found Michael Foley lying on the floor of the bathroom in dorm four. There was blood all over the floor and walls and Michael wasn’t breathing or moving. David Black had told him not to move or breathe when the FBI agents came in the bathroom.

The FBI agents had moved Michael’s body back to his room which had his coffin in the room and they placed him in the coffin and left the room. Julianne Colins slowly walked into Michael’s bedroom. Once inside of the room she touched Michael’s coffin and noticed that someone had placed Michael’s cowboy hat on his face to protect him from the slayers that would really kill him, but truth be told Michael is not really dead.

Michael Foley slowly opened his light blue eyes and removed the cowboy hat, so that it was no longer coving his eyes, then he smiled when he saw Julian standing there looking at him. “I thought that Maxwell was telling the truth that David had killed you,” Julianne Colins said as she touched the cowboy hat as she removed it from Michael’s head.

“Why would you believe him, I mean do I look dead to you?” Michael Foley asked him as he sat up in the coffin and looked around the room. Michael and David were best friends and is that why David didn’t really kill him.

“No, but Maxwell told me that you were dead and I needed to find someone else,” Julianne said as she placed the cowboy hat on the night stand and then wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck and pulled him closer towards herself.

“Well Max doesn’t know that David would never kill me. I love you, you know that right,” Michael said as he touched Julianne’s arms with his hands. Julianne looked over her shoulders to make sure no one followed her.

“I know that, but Maxwell said that he could hurt you and I don’t want that to happen,” Julianne said. Michael slowly lifted her into the coffin with him. Heather O’Malley watched them from the hallway to make sure that Maxwell wouldn’t catch them being together in the same room. Finn and Jaichand, Liam and Ashlee will be the story later. Julianne didn’t know that Heather had followed her to Michael’s room.

Michael held Julianne while they sat in his coffin. “I am never going to leave you,” Michael said as he started to rock back and forth with Julianne in his arms.

“I don’t want you to leave me ever because I love you and I need you,” Julianne said as she held on to Michael’s neck as he rocked. Michael was happy about being with Julian and he wasn’t planning on leaving her ever.

Michael does leave Julian for awhile, but he comes back to her after Shaine Nicolas dies because he was told to leave because Joe and Cody don’t want him there and they don’t want Daniel to find out his mother’s past. You find this out later on in the book. You also find out that Israel Johnson and his sister is the reason why the war started.

You also find out that Macklin and Jason went two different Job Corps campuses and they also had two different experiences at the Job Corps campuses. The Job Corps campus that Macklin had went to (when he was seventeen years old) is the only one that doesn’t let vampires and werewolves on to the campus.

You find out that Job Corps campus (that Macklin went to) was built to train slayers so that they could become better at killing vampires and werewolves. And they were taught that the vampires and the werewolves were the bad guys no matter what the vampires were.

Macklin went to Job Corps to become a slayer because his father was one before he died, but you find out that he really didn’t die and he comes back, but that is later on in a different book. Let’s get started with our story which is four years after Job Corps for some and the beginning of the war for others. I am going to start with James Mackenzie after he got done with being in prison for seven years for murder.

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