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❝HE KISSED YOU LIKE YOU WERE HIS FIRST, didn't he? He touched you with delicate hands, and gave you butterflies in your tummy, didn't he? BUT DID HE GIVE YOU THIS? These hands squeezing your throat, my teeth tearing at your skin, fire heating your flesh, and my eyes so dark, they drown you in a pool of madness. Tell me, does he love you with vengeance like I do? Does he tear your soul apart and put you back to pieces like I do? Tell me, my Wildflower. Does, the very man you crave so much, hurt you like I do? Look at the way you're staring at me. Hatred, laced with fire is glinting in your pretty eyes. So, much want and all from a woman who wanted nothing to do with me and yet wants to taste the very darkness within me. I AM NOT YOUR HERO, and I will never be the man you want, but I can always be the monster under your bed. Now, tell me, princess. Do you think you can handle me?❞ — 𝐒𝐄𝐋𝐖𝐘𝐍 𝐒𝐈𝐑𝐄𝐒

Romance / Mystery
Beau Kalōs
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A roaring command, fickle in meaning, yet so cold at the tip. The sword, mighty to the warrior who pressed the tip to my throat, demanded I comply to his demands.

“I SAID, DO YOU YIELD?” It came again, louder and fiercer this time. Titus pushed his sword, tearing the skin at my throat, it was done in an attempt to make me surrender, of course. The sounding trumpet behind me, melodramatic in sound, once belonged to all the victories I led across Rome, lay now in the hands of my enemy. A heavy cloak of disbelief blanketed the general at my disobedience, settling his scarred features to a bloody blaze with mad fury, I suppose it was to be expected.

YOU DARE DEFY MY COMMAND, MORTAL? Do you wish to die a coward’s death in front of mighty men who youmight I add, trained for this very war? I spite you, Sires! Even with death at your feet, you defy the laws of Domitian. This boast of arrogance will not go unpunished by me. Gather his men, line them up each on their knees.” We were animals, not men, animals who knew not a thing of mortality. Vengeance, I say, as I knelt before my enemy. Rage cursed through my blood like poison, but I remained still and watched my men kneel one by one. The Masks covering their faces, were torn and ripped,

revealing scars, marks of our victories in previous wars. These men, my men. They… They didn’t deserve this, if I didn’t mold them into who they were now, they wouldn’t even be here. I’ve killed them.

“Do not appear so sullen, this is the price you pay for the sins of your master. So, prepare yourself, soldiers!” Valk, right hand man of general Titus, roared and others joined him in sheer mocking. The brutality of this war was endless, because the things we did for greed, power and wealth. Bound and shackled, my wrists, skin torn, blood slipped pasts the cuffs of my black, linen shirt. The cold snow beneath my knees, bites my skin, yet it was nothing compared to the rage I felt inside. I questioned myself, beaten half to a bloody pulp, how had we lost our war against the barbarians? Was it my lack of armory? Was it my lack of faith? Nay, I believed not. Perhaps, Rome was always destined to fall, if not by our past oppressors, but maybe by my hands... The thought alone, feeds me nothing but utter darkness.

“Last chance, son. Do you yield?” Again, a barking fit of laughter broke out from the lips of the general. With a harsh force, the sword pushed until the tip dug into the jugular of my throat.

I suppose it was fair, but it needn’t not be used in a form of disrespect. Words, mighty were they, if you used them in the right way, my thoughts came to a halt though, leaving my tongue dry and paralyzed. Was I scared? Never, at least not for myself. Valk lifted his sword with a dangerously evil glint in his eyes, the rest followed suit, it was in conclusion to my silence. Thick waves of fog rose, blanketing the grassy field, smoke had filled the air with toxicity and death leaving a terrible stench. My men, far loyal then any servant is to his master, they knew no bound to trust, even in this moment they all nodded in a silent agreement. A tightness in my chest pulled the strings of my broken heart. Together, in death, we were to be slayed, together in disobedience, we were to be killed!

“I see. Soldiers! Prepare to strike on a count of three. One! Two! Th

A shattered breath left my lips at the sharp inhale I took, heart galloping, my muscles screeched, and pain burst behind my eyes, to which I immediately screwed my eyes shut, and listened to the exact moment when a strange roar sounded in the far distance. The sword I expected my neck to meet, never came, for the words that left my mouth, halted time itself.


So, this was my end after all...

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