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Her Lost Time

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A dark and twisted romance filled with both love and tragedy, with a stunning but dying girl and a psychotic killer addicted to the blood of others. One night as she runs away from the lab that held her captive, leaving her with a deadly illness. She falls into the hands of a mysterious killer, even falling in love. But what happens when the love he has for her slowly starts turning into obsession? How will she die? By the hands of the one she "Loves" or by the illness that's eating her alive? Will she ever tell him or keep it a secret until it's too late.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

I ran as the leaves cracked beneath my feet, echoing deep through the woods. The moon gleaming down from the cloudless sky, showing me the path ahead. I needed to find somewhere to hide. Somewhere he would not find me. The thought of going back to that wretched place made my veins turn ice cold. Somehow even in my drugged state, I was able to get away from his grasp, and away from his twisted mind games.

My feeble legs took me to an abandoned building, far from my small town I used to call home and deep within the woods I was told never to enter. Because somehow, for a reason no one knows. A person has never made it out of there alive, but whether I lived or died was something I had to risk.

As I ran, I did not take in a single glance behind me. Knowing that If I did, I would live a lifetime of regret, but instead I looked forward to embracing everything my life did have to offer. No matter how little. For this was the reason I wanted to continue, so I could find out why everything was the way it was.

So, when I had this deep gut feeling to go straight and not take a turn into the clear path ahead like any normal person might have, I did what my subconscious told me. Trusting myself in death’s cold hands completely as I ran through the thick trees.

“Ahhhhhhh” I screamed, as all the blood in my body rushed towards my head as I cried out in pain. It felt as though I was being choked, but no one was there...I thought I could hear voices calling out to me, but no one was around. It was just me alone with the bloodcurdling howls of the night as the moon looked at me, its light filled with pity, but not once did the stars glance my way as it became darker out.

My mind was screaming at me, ripping me apart from the inside out with the words ‘They’ said, making me question my insanity, as memories of him killing me slowly with knives and needles filled my tear-filled eyes. Would a normal person, mind echo with such screams? As voices other than their own started to take over their mind as they begged for death. Begged for anything other than the agonizing sharp pain leaking throughout their entire body.

I bet not…they always said I was different, but never gave a reason as to why, all they did was just fill my mind to the brim with false accusations.

But one thing was certain I would never make it to see another year, another fall, spring, or summer, and I never questioned it. I never gave It a second thought when it came out of their sour lips.

Was the blood in my veins filled with poison? Or was I just insane? Was I filled with lies or just the bitter truth, now that’s something I’ll never truly know.

It was haunting, never understanding what was going on in the world around you, feeling suffocated in a world you had to pretend like you were a part of. As the people you thought loved you most in this world killed every part they were supposed to protect.

I always had thoughts and theories, but none of them ever matched up to the words they said, the words they deemed to be true about me.

“What was it, what am I?”

But now was not the time to think such things, but to run away from the hands of those who did nothing but rip away the future I once held so dear.

My skull pounded in pure agony as I gripped onto my knees in utter desperation. Stopping in my tracks. I stood there as I tried grasping onto the air that left me, but my lungs hated me far too much for it.

I had absolutely no idea where I was, all I could see was a cabin surrounded by thick trees before my vision became hazy as I tipped forward, all the weight from my body was swaying left and right, making me stumble in thin air as I fell into the hard chest of a stranger. Whose scent of Cinnamon and smoke filled my small button nose. Then for just a moment my mind felt peaceful.

It was as though his touch unleashed me from the screams that held me captive with such force. As the warmth from his body gave my mind a comforting safe place to reside in as the demons tried to fight back for the crown.

His long lanky fingers wrapped around my waist, as his curly black hair lightly brushed the tips of my rosy cheeks. I could feel the warmth of his breath and the coldness of his touch, but I could not say a thing.

I needed to, but the words I forced out were only heard as light mumbles as I had no strength to form proper words.

I thought I could hear him speak, feeling the vibration of his raspy voice in my ear, but I could not understand any of it. I could not understand the meaning of the words he spoke, if only I did then I would know how much It would mean later when I heard my name being spoken from the lips of a stranger.


The sound of harsh lightning woke me up as I softly rubbed the temple of my forehead, hoping for the pain to subside.

My mind was ringing, it felt like everlasting alarms echoing louder and louder, but I had no control over them, no off button to click in this time of need.

It took a second to remember what had happened, but when I did my skin felt hot as my cheeks turned red.

“Have the drugs finally worn off?” I asked myself, my voice quiet and soft as I gripped my nose tightly, trying to fight off the horrid smell.

It felt as though I could not breathe, the room was suffocating. Burning my nose with that foul scent of rust and iron that made its way throughout the decaying bedroom.

This place looks like it was abandoned long ago, but you can tell someone still lives here. It looks nothing like a home but more of a place to hide away and stay for a while.

‘Who lives here?’

First my mind went to the old trolls I was told about in fairy tales or the wicked Vampires of the night. But I knew all too well no such thing exists.

The room was moonless and clandestine, sending shivers down my spine as I looked around. The blankets were thin and silky, giving me no warmth to huddle into. Goosebumps surrounded every crevice of my body begging me for warmth as I held it tightly onto my chest.

I sat there; my figure pressed against the end of the bed as I shivered, waiting for the man in all black to arrive.

Soon loud footsteps echoed through the cracks in the barrier.

My heart pounded, threatening to escape the walls of my broken soul.

“Finally, you’re awake” A deep booming voice called out, as my head snapped back quickly in fear, as my heart dropped ten stories high.

“W-Who are you?” I stuttered, eyes bulging out, as my skin was a ghostly pail. I had no time to think, no time to press the thoughts burning into the back of my mind.

So, I just looked at him, sweat dripping down my chin and tears falling from my ruby color eyes.

“Don’t mind such things, Eloise, for you will know more when the time comes. But you will address me as Alistair, do you understand?” he asked, taking a mighty step forward. “I will take no disrespect and if you try to run I will without a doubt kill you in seconds. I only did not tie you up seeing you have no strength anyway, but I will if seen necessary so show me you can be trusted like old times. Also, all the doors will be locked and only I will have the key. Now that all the rules are officially covered, my question to you is what you were doing out here in the middle of the night. No one is supposed to know this place exists no to less know where to find it. With this place being so deep into the woods I do not get many visitors.” He explains in an infuriated voice, as he glared down at my trembling body.

I had nothing to say at that point, all I could do was softly nod my head as I looked at him in trepidation. I was officially his puppet, just like I was for them...

His olive-colored skin glowed in the moonlight, you could see the beauty of his mahogany brown eyes and his lean but muscular structure. My heart was pounding in my chest as I looked up at him, he looked so familiar, but I must have been mistaken, the man I thought of died long ago…

“AHHHH” I gasped, the pain in my body growing within seconds as I fell onto the cold floor, as I bit my lip holding back the tears from showing.

I could not be weak or at least not right now, not without knowing who he was.

“Eloise?” he asked, his voice stern and quiet as he held onto my waist, forcing me up and onto the bed I was once on. “What was that? Is there something I need to know?” He asked, but I could not answer. I was paralyzed by his touch, my mouth quivered trying to collect any words that I could muster together. But nothing came out, I was confused and scared, but what was not making the situation any better was his presence of familiarity. Who was he? “Nothing you need to concern yourself with.” I snapped, my body still in pain as I took control of myself. Slapping his hands off my waist with the little amount of strength I had left. I could not shake the unsettling feeling in my bones when he glared at me, his eyes made of steel. But I also did not care. I was far too angry to control myself. We stayed like this moments longer, just staring into each other’s eyes fighting for dominance.

There was no way in hell I was going to tell this…stranger about the secrets I hold dear with the man of Death, or the days spent bonding with the suffering souls of this world. My time on this earth is limited so there’s no point in wasting time with such depressing stories. So enough with such pitying thoughts, I need to speak my innocence. It took everything I had in me not to scream in agony or curl up in a ball and hide in my pain forever until I slowly disappeared into nothing, something no one would understand. “Sit Down.” He warned me, his eyes glowing with everlasting madness as he clutched his fists in anger. I nodded my head in acknowledgement, fear bubbling up within me like nothing else before. “Y-Yes A-Alister” I stammered, trying my best to remain in control of my own emotions as I backed away slowly until I was just inches away from the end of the bed before I took a seat. As I did not want to upset him more than I already have.

“So, tell me, how did you get here and why?” he asked, as he stood above my trembling body holding onto my wrists with a powerful hold. Suddenly I realized the predicament I was in, feeling a shiver run down my spine as I slowly turned to face him again. But this time I said nothing, staying silent as I investigated the deadliness of his mahogany brown eyes.

“I was running and just so happened to find this place, as simple as that.” I answered, my eyes holding all emotion back as I looked at him with a stoic expression. My secrets are all I have left; I will never give them up to someone like him.

“So, I am just supposed to believe you were going on a run in the woods? I’m not stupid, this place isn’t even easy to find if that was the case anyway.” He argued, not believing the truth in my words as he stepped forward, his rough-edged skin as clear as day as the moon and stars shined their light on him from the broken windows.

“Believe what you want to believe Sir Allister. I don’t get why it matters so much anyway. Whether I ran here on my own free will or forced by another’s hand.” I put forth, as I stood up, my body just inches away from his. I could feel his breath just beneath my skin, as I stood close waiting for my time to come.

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