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Moon Temptation: the Bite is an Omegaverse book... This book involves romance, mxm, mxmxm and as promised the bite. This is a werewolf romance that carries and starts over again. Moons, stories and mate tattoos. This book involves werewolf instincts, boys love, mating bonds and Fate powers Destiny. There are many stories so start from chapter 1... Life has terrible beginnings but we need to see how some stories end or if they ever existed. Unfortunately some stories bring us back to the introduction where we realize we never left. 🔞Contains🔞 Smut Violence Language 🦥 🦥Hang in there💜

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Confused desire Part 5


“Leo. I thought you and Jayden have a thing going. Why is he still chasing after Toby?”

“Jayden and I are just friends. Right now I do not know how to confess to my crush. Besides Xander I’m a beta, his well suited with a human than me. Tsk. It is fine man, give him the benefit of the doubt. Toby has a fragile innocence in him the alpha man see and want to possess, I don’t blame them.”

“Stop the self- pity Leo. Okay, pretend I am your crush. How would you speak to me?”

“Uh. I don’t think-”

“Trust me, do not think. Feel. It means nothing now but tomorrow your crush might fall head over heels for you.”

“Okay. Fine. Here goes nothing. I really do not want to think of us as just friends but at times I am forced too. I love it when you laugh while watching horror movies, don’t mind you hate thriller and cry when watching romance. You are weird like that and I do not know whether you notice your reactions but sometimes they the only thing I see. I do not know why I constantly need to be intoxicated when I am around you Ale-... Why I am constantly nervous around you and expecting you to see me. Is it a lot for me to ask for you to acknowledge, I am here. Look at me.”

Silence lingered for them longer than was appreciated but when Xander heard those words he imagined them coming from someone else. Noah? Noah, who looks to be his junior but his aura screamed dominance. He had to stay away from the cryptic imagination. He came to Moon University to be a doctor to build his own practice off the ground. Priorities and straightened his attention. In the beginning of his journey he met his friends and they changed his dark view in life. Xander applauded his friend as if he heard everything.

“Um. Sweet. That sounds good, I say make your approach more romantic and I promise you a booming success in your pursuit. Where is this fool that called an emergency meeting, I was yet to complete my routine set.”

Speak of the devil, Lucas stepped in but there’s something in his hand. Suspicious of his current antics both man slowly reached out to take the white envelops.

“I booked the room, those are your key cards for the room. Do not lose it. Brothers we depart tomorrow, I have to get going I want to officially ask my omega out. So my dear friends I need to make sure today goes according to plan. Thank you guys again, bye.”

“Does that mean we share a hotel room? Damn I hope Lucas knows what his doing.”

“You both share an incredibly high IQ, I’m sure he thought everything out. I am going to meet up with Jayden, um see you tomorrow.”






Leaving Xander’s dorm, Leo made his way around the dark city and at the end of the road he made it in front of Jayden’s dormitory. The man opened the door as if he sensed his arrival and perhaps he did. The moment he entered the dimmed room. Jayden had one rule, once he crossed the line there would be no thinking until they are done. All of the days stresses were piped down by a powerful, demanding alpha wolf with strong connections to his body.

At least for tonight there would be no thinking required. The moment the door shut thoughts of school, Alexander, Toby and Lucas were left outside as per agreement. Okay. Let us go back to the beginning, when Lucas introduced the duo an icon of a bad boy model. Actually he was the first to notice the subtle glances. The way he was protective over the ignorant man. Jayden only wanted the best which included taking him to and from school that one week he had car troubles.

One night they both went out for drinks and the observant man, made him confront his feelings. Those feelings confused him because before Xander he has never been attracted to man, he was taken aback by the alpha. He did not even know what to do with a man if he found him, hell that man is one of his best friend. After a lot of alcoholic drinks and begging from his side Jayden succumbed to the enticing mans plea. He wanted to know how it feels to be with a man and the only man that would never laugh at his inexperience was with this man before him. He was of course the ass was domineering and demanding in bed as his aura suggested. Although at times he was also attentive, rough and passionate in one go. Jayden is the first and only guy thus far, the only guy he has ever been with sexually.

Their relationship was never publicized nor was it anything serious. They were just friends with benefits to simplify things. No strings, in fact Leo was the one to suggest they this relationship as casual as his style. Having a friends with benefits relationship with Jayden was not bad at all, Jayden took care of him as if there were a thing. Unlike when he is with girls, he did have do all the work which includes thinking. Although his mind still resided on Xander which prevented anything more from happening between them. Until now. Now he cannot find it in himself to stop coming back. It is his dammed interest in that Toby made him somewhat jealous but not really. Hell that is the reason he came over sooner and more frequent than once or twice a month as per agreement. Toby belongs to Lucas, it is not that he is jealous. In fact he is just being a good friend by sacrificing his body. Okay fine Sue him for wanting suitors away from the alpha, omega couple.

[Yeah right...]

(Shut up!)

His wolf spat. Now he was here. Standing before the alpha man. No matter how he tried to see it, the alpha man's presence made his legs quiver and the hairs on his neck stand on end. Right there and then the effect was noticeable, he knew why Jay likes Toby. He found his timid, submissive nature enticing more than the challenge he must be at times. Satisfaction shivered through his spine when he realised he stood before the hot and cold man instead of Toby. This guy could say jump and he would be like how high, Jay. Take that Toby.

[His ours.]

(Yeah! No wait what? No. I am sorry wolf but he cannot. We are both in love with different people.)

This was completely friends with benefits no catching feelings. Common Leo it is just primal pleasure, that is about all he needed. Jayden is an alpha and I his beta, those railways could never cross not even the idea.

“Why are you here?”

“I- I just want.”

He stammered not looking at his face refusing to succumb to his penetrating dark gaze. Grabbing his chin he forced him to look at him and just like that his defiance vanished.

“Say it.”


That one word solidified his actions, Jayden pulled in to his dorm. For a moment Leo disappeared and when he returned he had no idea if he could continue his pursuit on Xander. He cannot help himself but compare. In this case Leo wonders... If Xander’s touch be as warm as his? Will his body make him cry out in pleasure like Jayden’s does? Would his gaze demand his obedience? Would he be able to let him feel as free as he was with Jay? A lot went through his mind and Jay managed to distract him. Would Xander be worth losing this bliss? Was he worth his bliss?

This man wanted him to surrender, be his and that all made sense to him. But at the end of the day his still an alpha, his a beta and the person he wants a perfect match for him. He should probably want this to stop but he would be lying, he never wanted to let go of this. He does not get what this is but it was perfect, purely physical. That was before Jayden started complicating their relationship by confessing his feeling towards him. Damn him for ruining something so perfect. He did not want them, to be them because Jayden’s fated mate would come along and take what he opened himself to. That cannot happen, if this was not strictly physical he does not know how he will survive losing him. Toby might be the guy his destined to be with, Toby has the potential to steal this what they have. I guess that is why he keeps coming back, more and more often because they might be running out of time. He guessed at this point he would be tired of Jayden and ready to move on but he is still here facing Jayden.

They both benefit from this contract ‘relationship’, he gets the bliss of not thinking and the alpha gets to use his body. Win- win. But why is he not happy? He is not supposed to end up with Toby so is continuing doing this him being a good guy. He is doing nothing wrong but sleeping with him, is that so wrong?

“Don’t think. Close your eyes and feel.”

He brushed his side and he instantly relaxed. His right, his breaking their agreement. No thinking allowed during their sessions, focus is placed strictly sensations.

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