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Jupiter's MC: Ghost Book 1

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Ghost is the cold, brooding vice president of the Jupiter MC in Arizona. Clarissa is the club princess raised by her older half-brother after their parents passed away in a tragic accident. She was brought to the Jupiter MC when her brother joined when she was 15 years old. Two broken people, both raised in the same club. Never truly spoken to each other, both were secretly in love with the other. When someone goes after Clarissa forcing Ghost to protect her, what will happen when Ghost has no choice but to break his promise to himself to stay away from the one person that he has longed for, for the past 5 years... Clarissa? This is the 1st Book out of a Series of 10 Books. The order of books is as follows: 1- Ghost. 2-Wolf. 3-Dragon. 4-Silver. 5-Stinger. 6-Radio. 7-Tiger. 8-Axel. 9-Eagle. 10-Zeus. They cannot be read as a stand-alone as they will make no sense.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1 Ghost's POV:

Ghost was raised by a single mother in Jupiter's MC and became the Vice President at age 20 as he inherited the title from his father, Titan, who passed away as a child. He has been secretly in love with Clarissa, the sister of a club brother Axel, she should be like a sister to him since she was only 15 when they met, yet all he has thought about since she was 18 was how he wanted her to be around him all the time, with her on the back of his bike and his name on her property cut, yet he keeps away from her. How will he cope with finally being near her the way he has always wanted yet dreaded?

Clarissa was raised by her older half-brother Axel after their parent's deaths, who joined the Jupiter MC when she was 15 years old; she has been considered the princess of the club since she arrived; however, she doesn't wish to be regarded as a defenceless young girl that needs protecting, and she certainly does not need her brother or the club deciding who she should be with. Clarissa has always been slightly scared of Ghost as he was always in the background and never really spoke to her unless necessary, and even then, it was kept to a minimum. Yet, in recent years she can't help but find her eyes always wandering back to him. What happens when she notices he is staring right back at her with the same look she gives him?

What happens when two determined yet broken people are secretly in love with one another when they are forced to spend time together? Will long-buried feelings rise to the surface, and will they be able to handle the challenges thrown at them?

Hi everyone, this is the first book in my first series on Inkitt; I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will enjoy writing it. Ghost and Clarissa's story will be the first of 10 books.

Thank you. Let's get started.

From the author.

Ghost's POV:

Blinding light burns my eyes as I stare up into the blank blue canvas of the sky, yet the warmth of the body beside me makes the blinding light bearable. Dark silken hair brushes against my arm as I run my fingers through the wind-blown locks, Aqua blue eyes as clear and bright as the sun shining across the ocean. Wind rustling the leaves of the trees and grass surrounding us adds a calming and sensual feel around us; carefree laughter and warm smiles fill the already perfect moment. As I go to lean in for a kiss, the landscape around us begins to ripple as though it were made of water that was disturbed by a drop of water, soon the sweet laughter and warm smile that once surrounded me are now replaced by the blaring of yet another early morning alarm, interrupting yet another dream that I wished were real, yet it is not. I come crashing back down to earth with a bang as I must get out of bed for yet another early morning training session. With a few curses, I heave myself off my mattress and drag myself into my bathroom to get ready for the day, firstly brushing my teeth and throwing on my usual workout gear consisting of sweatpants, joggers and a tank top; I am prepared for the session ahead.

I stride down the stairs to the training room to suffer through yet another training session that will leave me exhausted and sore by the end. However, I have to do it because if I forget my responsibilities to gain a few more hours of sleep, I'd be setting a poor example for the rest of the club; I am the Vice President of Jupiter's MC; which comes with a lot of expectations and responsibilities and having inherited the title from my father who was considered to be one of the best VP's who graced the Jupiter's MC; I have big shoes to fill.

After training, I walk towards the kitchen to get some coffee and food; Mum finishes making breakfast around this time. Stepping through the large doors to the kitchen, I almost slam into a dark-haired petite figure that barely comes up to my chest; at the same time, she stumbles backwards at the sudden obstacle in her way; I barely manage to catch her in time before she hits her head on the corner of the bench. Clear, aqua-blue eyes stare back at me in shock; I detect a small amount of fear in those eyes; whether that fear is aimed at me or the fact that she almost fell face-first into the corner of a marble benchtop, I do not know. We stay there staring into each other's eyes in shock and perhaps awe; I don't think I have the strength or the want to look away from the pair of eyes that have haunted my dreams for the past five years.

The clearing of a throat nearby breaks the spell between us, causing me to help her get her balance back and step back from her, turning my gaze to the one that intruded on our moment, meeting the amused gaze of my mother. Looking over at the woman beside me, I can see a slight pink tint showing through her light makeup on her cheeks; I don't know whether to be amused or amazed at the fact that my holding made her blush.

"Good-Morning, Jackson. How was your morning training session?"

Shifting my gaze back over to my mother, she is the only one allowed to call me by my given name, I answer, "Good Morning, Mother; it went well as always; how was your morning?"

My mother stands there with the same amused expression on her face, eyes shifting between me and the figure beside me who is still standing there as still as a statue; after a few moments, she replies, "I had a lovely morning; Clarissa helped me cook this morning as she had nothing to do since I have been made aware that she was banned from training this week as it involves too much 'violence' for her to be involved in as she may get injured. What have you got to say about that?"

With a sigh, I walk over to the coffee pot; if I am subjected to this conversation, I will need caffeine. "As you know, I am not in charge of that; it was her brother who made that decision, as he is responsible for her; Prez agrees as he sees Clarissa as his sister, as do many of the other brothers."

My mother's gaze narrows at me, 'Oh god, I am in trouble now' "Jackson Jeffries, how can you stand there and allow a young girl to be excluded because she is a woman; this is unacceptable; this is not how I taught you to act!"

'Shit! What does she want from me? It's not like I talk to Clarissa if I can help it, and now she wants me to force the brothers, one of which is her brother and Wolf, that she should be able to fight with us?'

"Mother... I-"

"It's ok, Mrs Jeffries; I don't mind. I would rather spend the morning in here with you, cooking, don't bother Ghost about it. Truly, I am fine."

That voice... it always makes me feel as though the goddess Juno had just graced us with her presence; her delicate voice wraps anyone around her delicate little finger as I witnessed the first time she spoke to me when she first arrived at the club at age fifteen; no I did not have feelings for her at fifteen as that would be wrong of me, it didn't happen until she came home from boarding school in her senior year, her walking through the door made the whole room go silent with how much she had grown up in the expanse of a year, the look in her eyes when they met mine that day will forever be engrained in my mind. With that, my mother gave her a sad smile and continued with what she was doing before I entered the room. As for me, I grabbed my breakfast and went to the dining hall to escape from the potential conversation that could have arisen between Clarissa and me, which is a big no-no in my rule book when it comes to her; I will not allow myself to be sucked further into her as I already have been, at least that is what I tell myself...

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