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Kade is the future CEO of a multi-billion dollar security company, so he thought. He spent many unforgettable times protecting humans from what happens in their world. His world has its complications everyone is in on and he stands on the outside clueless. Fortunately it's not just built on the peace but order, order in a world beyond imagination. He spent his life a prisoner, learning the family business but when his finally ready to break the chains he learn something new, his arranged to end up with a 'beast'. Brandon is a collector of sort he wants all that was stolen from them during their hibernation. Human took dragon artifacts displayed them like its their own history, disrespectful. Although he has his pick of subservient options, the one that appose him at each turn holds his attention. He is the dragons sole heir and leader of their kingdom, a very wealthy kingdom if he may add. But in the mess he found something special, something he can not travel to lose. His need to protect, provide and take care of what puts up a challenge to be his. Just one bound makes it all so final. He needs to own him, not as a pet but his feisty lover. Kade: "This castle comes with its own lies, secrets and I entered knowing there's no way out but to gain the dragons trust." Brandon: "I love him. That's why he can't leave." He has what's mine, he belongs to me too but will

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 Elementalist

‘’ Brooklyn. I have a new assignment for you.’’

Commander 1243 tapped on his tablet sending the specifics of the mission and as expected his high tech wristband sounded its usual alert informing him of his new message.

‘’The vampires are violating the treaty.’’

Tapping to accept the mission he understood his stepfathers unspoken command.

As the future commander of the Chicago Security Headquarters or CEO the most trialing missions are his problem. It’s the one thing he looked forward to growing up. He wanted to make a change in the whole system, to benefit everyone.

The commander squared his shoulders his head held higher than his pride he walks away. His mother who has been waiting for the commander to finish talking followed but before she disappears behind the corner, she stops looking at him dead in the eye.

‘’Take your sisters with you.’’

At the age of twenty. His twin sisters two years older are married to who elementilist that are they have been fated too and he was truly happy for them.

Happy he got assigned to this mission, Kade takes the longest root to the weapons room. Quite frankly its been days since he was let out the house, yes his always been a prisoner.

All he knew was that there was an arranged marrage, he just hoped he did not have to go though the same loneliness he had to cover with silence.

They ‘justified’ is imprisonment by discrining it as protection, all he could called it is suffocation. Even if they knew all this made him unhappy, they were convinced it was the right thing to do for the business and the family.

His sisters Phoebe and Cassidy. To his knowledge, they are the two most competent water elementalist in the base. The twins are two of the greatest fighters in seven states he believes in their capability to stand their ground.

Kade Scots the weaponry, not a fan of displaying power of elements. Kade grabs a few daggers, guns laced with silver and a wooden stakes as he walked out.

His sisters walking on either side of the roofs and his eyes on the ground, they arrive at the territory.


‘’Elementals, what caused your wonderful presence?’’

Sarcasm lingered in the air as his eyes pierced the rouge, mutated, disgusting bustards. The things eye bloodshot, skin a horrible shade of grey that bordered black and unlike classic vamp fangs it containing slimy tactical. Holding back a new rush of nausea and other obscenities he cleared his thoughts and continued to presume a neutral expression.

‘’Humans are disappearing at an alarming rate and know the rejected have something to do with this.’’

The thing laughs clearly amused the ratchet stench burning what is left of any trace of patients Kade possess.

‘’Rejected? Is that what you calling vampires now?’’

Scoffing his eyes fell on three agitated blood thirsty beast that attacked fasted than the wind. Grabbing his stake with practiced ease, the tip punctured its dead heart. The other one no match for a pistol that spits silver, decomposing to ash using his earth elemental he traps one at its spot. Immediately driving his stake into the dreadful piece of shit as ash glittered his jacket.

Groaning in distain and sheer annoyance, he dusted it off like dirt. Disadvantage of taking out the rejected, they sure leave a mess someone else has to clean up.

‘’Awe...common I just got this.’’

Glancing down at his brand-new kicks anger fueling rage and a clear need to avenge his precious shoes. His eyes fell on the world’s abomination, assessing ready to use his abilities if need be. Hissing the foul leader tainted his oxygen and he took a step back.

‘’Okay fine. Stop killing humans or at least learn to not make it noticeable because they make it my problem to ensure you mistakes meet a horrible death.’’

It is not that of an unreasonable plea, being dragged out a matter at hand to face a real definition of a nightmare is an insult. A sharp shard of ice dived inches away from his neck, striking one in the eye slicing it out I stabbed its heart watching it disintegrate into dust.

‘’That was too close for comfort, Pea.’’

Chuckling her hand holding another she paused wrapping her arm to cover her nose.

‘’What the hell smells like death.’’

Her hand wailing to ward of the stench.

‘’You guys honestly deserve: holy water, silver and a delicious steak.’’

Cassidy drags a vampire quickly snapping its neck and ripping it head and tossing it to the leader.


The harsh treatment is less than what these mutated leeches that prey of mutilated flesh deserve. Anger boiling irrational tampers to a blissful end of ash in the graveyard, the irony lost to wondering souls.


After taking a much needed and extremely deserved shower Kade headed to the family meeting down stairs. Greeted by a grim and tensed environment all eyes met the eldest son, and he clenched his fist sniffing trouble.

‘’Titus is back.’’

His right-hand fisted and he starved for something to punch.

‘’I will find him and I will end him.’’

“Join the line. His laying low but sooner or later he will slip and when he does…”

“Enough. My orders are to be followed and I want none of you to have anything to do with your father. Yet.”

All he seeks as a child growing up was retribution for his father’s transgressions. The wish to enact vengeance burned scorching flames in hell.

After years of blatantly following the busted, ignorantly believing every lie he spoke. He never wanted to save mankind instead he coerced him to defy the world’s natural order.

At the age of thirteen he was abandoned by his father in the spirit world, he risked his own son’s life by leaving him in the unknown to stalk and was told to hunt down a beast.

That beast was no ordinary beast, Hydra is a many headed serpent and its blood more verminous one could have died by facing its presence alone could have ended his life at a young age.

Being dragged to reality by Kiowa’s wing drew the force and he woke up from his meditated state. All he has done with great accuracy was manipulate his own son, not for order but greed.

He has never cared who he fucked over, as long as he gets what he wants he will go to great lengths to ensure the world keep rotating on his axis.

He reminisced the days he idolized the twisted reincarnation of Judith. His belief human should be enslaved and manipulated by those of superior blood.

His views and values were drilled inside him and for a while he became a pawn in his game. No one blamed him, in fact once it was in the open they tried to defend him.

They made excuses proclaiming that it was his parent’s wrong doings that altered his view on reality and the natural law of hierarchy.

Eavesdropping one particular afternoon as he went through his reports reevaluating new strategies to ease the growing rumble of the down dweller’s uncertainties.

His father sat on his chair on a phone call planning something big, a human bomb, and a weapon to mass destruction. He planned on murdering the innocent and would destroy any against his rise.

Realizing his father was grooming him to take the fall he allowed his madness, slyly extricating himself and his family from dangers line of fire. The infamous Titus Brown got played in his own game, allowing karma the luxury to a move to checkmate.

Kade crossed him because it was the right thing to do and he took his pledge to protect and remain in the side of law enforcement very seriously.

‘’If we don’t. He will come for Kade, for all of us.’’

Phoebes voice drops emphasizing the dire situation. Mothers’ expression darkened as familiar pain and betrayal fueled her anger. But she remained calm, rational and she urged her children to understand although she knew they were going to go against her orders.

They needed to see it for themselves, they wouldn’t understand that this time Titus and his motives have change. Every single drop of water, steam of sweaty condensation froze anticipation. Stealing her voice her fury gaze landed upon her children, before saying what she would, no will regret it her silence a warning.

‘’I have spoken.’’

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