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Ice Cold Hearts

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Alpha, leader of the old Cuevas gang, is trying to quietly rebuild her status in the gang world. But when one day her eldest member get's caught in the rivals territory, she has no other choice than to start a fight to get him out of there. As the leader of the enemies gang, Beltran, hears about the uprising of Cuevas, he wants to lure Alpha out and kill her, not knowing that Cuevas new clan leader is a woman.

Romance / Other
Jay Foxtrot
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Two dark creatures, hiding amongst the bushes, slowly inching closer towards an opening in the overgrown scrubs. Flashes in the distance surrounding from what looks like a warehouse with a white truck parked right outside of it’s entrance. The logo on it reads ‘Fresh Foodz Delivery’ and a graffiti conveniently sprayed over what was seemingly the company’s phone number.

“I think we covered enough ground for today, let’s go back,” One whispered. “C’mon we’re almost done Mavrick! We’ve been checking every inch of their property for the past four days. This last bit won’t take that much longer. We have six minutes left til the next patrol passes us.” A younger voice answered. The older person, Mavrick, looked at him and clenched his fist tightly. “Have I taught you nothing, Aiden? We’re fucked if we get caught by these people and what do we tell our boss we were doing here if, and that’s a big if, we get out alive? Hm? We’re going back. Now.” He turned around to make his way back to camp, when he heard Aiden walk further towards the opposite direction of where their encampent would be located.

“Fuck”, Mavrick hissed, turning around and slow-jogging after Aiden. Arriving behind him a few minutes later, he pulled his arm. “I said now”, he growled at him, “Let’s hurry, we’ve seen everything we needed to. Get moving!” Aiden rolled his eyes and sighed, walking past his stakeout partner and towards their way back from where they came.

Then, sirens. Seven or eight men surrounding both of them. Some with flashlights and pistols, others with rifles. All of them with vests.

A raspy voice started talking: “Identify yourselves!” Nothing. None of them knew what to say. “Now!” The man started coming closer. “I won’t ask again. Spill or you’re dead!” Still no words from the two guys. Then he smacked the back of his rifle into the older man’s chest, causing him to stumble backwards in pain. “No, no stop! Gosh you’re so cliché, man. You’re also a pretty scary fucker,” Aiden started, when the man pointed his gun close to the kid’s head, “Woah, ok. I got it. I’m Jace and this is my father, John. We can’t find our tents. You see we’re big campers and after a small stroll through the woods we seem to have gotten lost. Could you help us back or, like, are you not interested?” They waited in silence for a couple of seconds, when the guy answered: “You don’t seem like the camping, family and fun type. Bring them inside!” “No we really ar-” his words were cut off by a guard, who put a cloth over both their heads and abruptly started pulling them towards the camp.

Now they were definitely in the enemies territory. Now they were officially dead bait.

Four hours, twelve minutes and a lot of torture later it was Aidens turn. Mavrick hadn’t said a word yet. In fact, he could have taken a whole lot more beatings and cuts, as long as the boy stayed unharmed. He would take anything. Seeing Aiden chained next to him, cringing at every muffled scream Mavrick let off, was hard enough to watch

“He’s not talking, start with the kid. If he doesn’t spill, we’ll go with other methods. I want some infos and I want them soon,” it was the same voice from before.

“Don’t you dare touch him! I’ll fucking kill you!” “I’m pretty sure you’re not in a position to be saying that. Now stop talking like before and let us do our jobs.” He got in to position in front of Aiden. First, a light jab to the face for testing purposes. Second, a hard uppercut to the jaw. Third, getting out the knife.

“Stop! You shithead I said stop! I’ll tell you my name, leave him alone!” Mavrick started yelling and the guy walked towards him. “Easy. Spill.”

“Mavrick. My name is Mavrick. That’s my student Aiden. I’m a mentor of sorts from Cuevas. We were checking out some area around here, but that’s all!”

“Your excuses sound really believable, though I should tell you that I know the Cuevas family is dead. Your leader died and the clan with it. You can’t fool me.” The man got angrier.

“Believe what you want, that’s the truth,” he growled back, “Go tell your little boss what I told you: Cuevas is alive and well.”

Cuevas training grounds

Shots fired, echoing all around the camp. “Aim you morons!” A female voice yelled from behind a line of armored men and women shooting at hay targets. “Well someone’s on their period again,” a woman in her mid thirties whispered to her mates in line. “I can hear you, Charlie. Focus!”

“Yes Ma’am!” She quickly responded, not making any eyecontact with her superior. “Weapons ready,” the lined up people aimed their weapons at the targets, “Fire!” and fired them.

A loudly barking scruffy dog came running from the woods, six Men following behind it. “Boss something happened.” “Weapons down. Take five.” The men with the dog came to a stand in front of her. “What happened Bane?” Bane took a step forward. “Ma’am it’s Mavrick and Aiden. They’ve been taken by Beltran’s men. They were checking out the property and got caught last night. The leader wasn’t supposed to know we were back again. What should we do?” She clenched her fists. “Those fucking dimwits!” How dare they talk so easily?

“Get ready, we’re paying Beltran a visit. You’re coming with me. Choose one more to come along, the rest will guard the camp.” The two men joined in and geared up with the woman in charge. After she had fastened her worn-out looking bulletproof vest, she dressed up the dog with a little armor of his own. “I know you hate wearing these Chace, but I need you to be safe.” She said, clipping the last hook of his harness. “Ready boy?” They both got up, Chace running in front of her while the two escorts are on both her sides. “Let’s go then.”

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