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Blake and Jake

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The story of a high school love. From the very beginning to possibly the end. How will the parents divorce effect their relationship. Will it ruin it? Will it make it stronger? Read to find out.

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Chapter 1 / The Begging

Blake's POV-

It was snowing as I walked to the bus stop. I had my gloves on, a beanie hat with snowflakes, puffy jacket, black leggings, fuzzy boots and fuzzy socks that grandma had got me for Christmas. There was a gust of wind that made my long, flowy, black hair go in my eyes. At that moment I slipped on the ice and fell straight on my back, accidentally throwing my backpack in a random persons yard and letting out a quick scream. Of course I was on a hill so I started going downward upside down. Since this has happened since I started taking the bus in sixth grade, I was used to it and just kept sliding without trying to stop.

Jake's POV-

I was walking out my front door heading for the bus stop with my beanie hat on, a pair of black and white high top converse, jeans, and a thick hoodie. The sidewalk was very slippery so I decided I would walk in the grass between the sidewalk and road. Then I saw someone sliding downhill coming my way.

"Stick your arm out!" I shouted

They stuck their arm out and when they got closer I realized it was a girl about my age with beautiful green eyes and long black hair. We grabbed each other's arms but instead of me pulling her into the grass and "saving" her like all of the other stories you probably read, she ended up pulling me with her. We were heading straight towards a tree so out of instinct I pulled her in front of me and I ended up smashing into the tree making what seemed like an avalanche of snow fall all over us.

Blake's POV-

"We meet once again, tree snow," I said wiping snow from my eyes and standing up. "Are you new here? I don't think I've seen you. Ohh your the new neighbor aren't you?"

"Yep. Wasn't expecting this to happen on my first day here,"

"Eh. You'll get used to it eventually. I'm Blake, whats your name?"

"I'm Jake. This has happened to you before?"

"Mhm. Ever since sixth grade. We have matching names. Maybe you can be my friend. Also we have matching hair. That's cool,"

"Yeah, that's cool. Are you going to the bus stop?"

"Yep, wanna walk with me? I'm assuming that you're going to the bus stop, too,"

"Sure. What grade are you in? This snow is not coming off my hat,"

"8th. What about you? I have extra hats if you need one in my bag way up there," I said pointing at the top of the hill.

"I'm in 8th too. I'll just go in my house and change,"

"Okay. I can wait outside for you,"

"Don't you want to change?"

"No, I'll be fine,"

We walked up to his house and I waited outside as he changed. When he came out he had a new hat on, gloves, which he didn't have before, the same jeans and the same hoodie. I had just wiped off as much snow as I could. Then we walked up the hill and I grabbed my bag. After changing my hat, we finished walking to the bus stop just in time to get on the bus.

Jake's POV-

"Can I sit here?" I asked Blake

"Sure, I usually sit by myself anyway. Did you know that you're the only person that ever tried to help me while I slid down that hill?"

"Really?" I said chuckling

"Yep. Also you should join my friend group. I think they'll like you,"

"I mean I guess. You're the only person I've talked to, and you my neighbor, so why not? But first you have to tell me who's all in your friend group and what their like,"

"Okay. Theres Cora. She's the youngest but acts the oldest. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Then there's Michael. Brunette with brown eyes. He's sweet but really just there because he's dating Cora. And you can't forget Briar. She's a redhead. Blue eyes. But she has vitiligo so don't say anything about that. Briar is the spiciest and will say what she wants whenever she wants. Then there's me. I'm the stupid one with common sense but I also have a 4.0 GPA. Now tell me about you,"

"There's nothing special about me really. I have an older sister. She's a sophomore. That's really all there is to know about me,"

"Oh come on. There's gotta be something. What do you do for fun. Do you play an instrument or are you in a sport? Maybe you like to sew stuff?"

"I mean sometimes I make candles. But its nothing cool like sports or instruments,"

"Ooo, does that mean I can get free candles? Or are we not that close yet?" She said with a giggle.

"That depends. We'll see the next time I make some. Tell me some of your your hobbies," I said nudging her with my shoulder.

"When I'm not doing homework or studying for a test, I crochet stuffed animals and what not,"

Blake's POV-

As I said that, the bus pulled up to the school and we got off.

"Come meet the others. Their in the gym waiting for first period to start,"

"Okay, I'm following," Jake answered as I grabbed his sleeve to drag him along, not wanting lose him in the crowd of obnoxious high schoolers.

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