Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 10

Unknown Pov

There is only one thing which I hated the most in this world and it was getting defeated.

As I looked towards the magnificent painting of a demon which hung in front of my bed on the wall, I couldn’t just help but to feel worthless for getting defeated.

The demon in the picture looked so real, it was as if it was watching me through the painting. It’s eye matched the one whose I feared the most. My Grandfather’s eye. The demon with its intense green eye, black body and black with shades of red and green aura was the true personality of my Grandfather. My Grandfather was the one who taught me how to be ruthless, greedy and a powerful mean. He was my mentor. He turned me into this self-obsessed man and truthfully I am glad that he turned me like this or else I would’ve buried under the ground a long time ago.

The painting was made by a fellow friend of my Grandfather. According to him, he brought my Grandfather’s personality into his painting. And I was sure those who had witnessed my Grandfather’s wrath wouldn’t deny the fact that this painting truly mirrored his personality.

I sighed as I tried to move on the bed and sat on a sit up position leaning against the headboard and wincing when I felt a sharp pang on my the side of my stomach.

“Darn” I hissed in pain and touched the place when I felt it getting wet. Just as I thought, I raised the shirt from my stomach and the touched the area where I felt the pain, my finger touched the blood that was certainly oozing out from the wound that I got just a few days back.

The blood on my finger reminded me of my Defeat. A word that I loathed the most in this world.

“Defeat” I found myself muttering the word wiping the blood out of my finger using the tissue from my bedside.

I would’ve been dead if my Grandfather were alive right now. He would’ve killed me with his own hand seeing me in this condition. A part of me actually relieved that today he wasn’t there in this world to witness my condition or else god only knew what he would have done first to me then to the person who was responsible for this wound.

I ran a hand through my hair and then bent a little, hissing on the effort and pressed the bell calling of my servant.

A few seconds later a man hurried in almost huffing and panting clearly showing that he ran all the way to reach me as quickly he can. He bowed his head and composed himself, his black hair falling on his forehead as he sweated badly which showed his nervousness.

“Where is Denvar?” I asked the young man who wasn’t responsible for the call that I just did.

“Uh Father is away for some work given by Madam herself” he managed to speak and the word Father caught my attention.

“Denvar is your father?” I asked as I gulped down the water from the glass wanting to ease my thirst.

“Yes, Sir. He is my father” he replied in a low voice.

“I see. How old are you?” I asked shocked by myself that I was even interested to know. Maybe the fact that I was alone and bedridden from the past few days made me ask all those stupid questions to the boy much to his discomfort. He looked like he wanted to get out of my room as soon as he could.

“Se-Seventeen. I am Seventeen Sir” he spoke stuttering and I nodded.

“Too young,” I thought.

“Bring me my food. I am hungry and make sure to bring me a glass of red wine. Also, ask Mother to pay me a visit” I ordered him and he nodded but stood there not moving an inch.

“What is it?” I questioned.

“Madam has strictly ordered us not to serve you wine till you get better S-Sir” he spoke with fear evident in his voice.

“Just go and bring what I told you” I barked and within a second he was out of my sight.

I huffed and leaned back on the headboard. Using the remote control I lowered the temperature of the air conditioner suddenly feeling hot.

God! The medications and its side effects are killing me.

Suddenly my phone rang and I furrowed my eyebrows before picking up the call from a certain unexpected person.

“I see you are now in a condition to speak” the man chuckled when I picked up the call.

“Shut up and just speak up What is it?” I asked rubbing my forehead.

“Well Hello to you too. Should I take as the gratitude from the person whom I saved from dying a few days ago?” He replied sarcastically and I rolled my eyes at his comment.

“Willi I am certainly not in a mood to chit chat with you right now. I see you don’t have anything important to tell so I’m hanging up” I was ready to click on that End call button but stopped when I heard him speak.

“I certainly do have something very important to tell you” he spoke in his serious tone and almost immediately I gave him my whole attention.

Willi Simmel was my right hand who is a German but at very young age he was trained by my Grandfather’s companion in order to accompany me as my trusted Man. In personality, he was the most cunning and intelligent man. He would sense problems before it came in our way and would smartly have some ideas to destroy those problems or to avoid it by some ways. But as far as I have known him he was the most secretive man one would ever meet. Nobody would ever find his trace whenever a crime is suspected. God only knows how he makes his way out of them.

Unfortunately very few people like Willi Simmel, but the fact he’s greedy and insensitive is just the tip of the iceberg. Nobody’s perfect of course and Willi has a share of darker sides to deal with too. His irrational nature and amoral nature don’t make for the greatest company, though more on a personal level than for others.
Fortunately, his practical thinking assures this isn’t the case very often. To make matters worse he’s also possessive, disrespectful and narrow-minded, but in an odd way, they’re balanced by habits of being balanced as well.

But focus on him as this is what he’s notorious. Even the best intentions have been soured because of this and his dishonesty, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

Unfortunately, his insensitivity is usually lurking and ready to spoil the fun. There are so many negative things about him yet there is something which makes him the most trusty man one would ever trust his life over.

“Speak up,” I told him.

“Well, actually I have two news for you. One is good and another is the opposite. So choose one” he sounded annoyed for some reason.

“The Bad one first” I spoke readily to face the bad news.

“Hmm. The bad news is... Freddy got caught” he told me and almost immediately I clenched my teeth with anger.

One more defeat.

“And the good news?” I asked impatiently.

“Well, the Good news is I found a way to reach him”.

My lips twitched up. That was Willi always had his fair share of solutions and always ready for the problems.

“So what are you waiting for? Finish everything and make sure nothing is tracked or spilled” I told him and he hummed in response.

“I am already working on it. I will do this by myself” he told me and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“You? Why will you do this? You know this is risky. Send some other ma-” he cut me off “Freddy was the best man we had. And unfortunately, he got caught. Do you think any other man in his place will ever return back doing it, with a victory?” He questioned and true to his words I found myself nodding in agreement.

“Fine. Make sure to clear the coast. And when you reach to Freddy don’t forget to tell him that I will miss him” I sighed as I said the words. It was a way of mine to tell him that Freddy was no longer needed. Sure, he was also the most trusty man here and I have been with him from god knows what year but still he managed to caught by our rivalry and now before he could spill anything which could be dangerous for us he needs to close his mouth. Forever.

“I will also miss him” I heard Willi sighing in the phone.

Willi was never from the kind of person who would ever show emotions for anyone.

“Give him a less painful death,” I told him and with that, I hung up.

I threw the phone on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. My gaze again fell on the painting which was before me.

“Yet again I have to be the type of person that you have made me. Following your footsteps, I have reached this far in my life. I hope you are happy with me” I spoke to the painting and closed my eyes for a few seconds when the door of my room opened and I heard the clicking of heels.

Without opening my eyes I knew who was the person.

“How many times do I need to tell you? Knock before you walk in Mother?” I asked as I opened my eyes and looked at the woman dressed in an elegant black gown with hair made into in a neat bun. Always in her high-class appearance.

Her black cold eyes similar to mine bore into mine as she made her way towards me and sat on the chair beside me crossing her leg over another.

“I don’t need my son’s permission to enter his room” she spoke as she crossed her hands over another on her lap waiting for me to speak.

“I am grown man now Mother and I would mind my privacy,” I told her to which she rolled her eyes and the next moment smacked me on my head.

“Ow! What was that for?” I asked as I rubbed the spot which she hit.

“For disobeying my orders” she yelled and I gave her a confused look.

“You asked for wine? Didn’t you?” She spoke calmly although I knew she was way more than just calm.

“Ahh I am bored Mother just by sitting here the whole day,” I told her irritated and stressed my hand a little feeling sleep flooding back into me.

Stupid Medicines.

“It is all your doing son. You get what you deserve according to your karma. Just look at yourself what your father and grandfather have made you today. I am still telling you to plea-”

“Mother please” I pleaded.

“We already had this discussion before. I am into this in my own will. It’s because I wanted this. I wanted to be a powerful man Mother” I told her and watched as she sighed closing her eyes muttering something under her breath.

“Fine! I was just doing my duty. I love you son you know that right?” She asked with watery eyes.

“Yes mother I do,” I told her and gave her a small smile.

“Then remember this seeing you like this always breaks my heart but still I will support you. As long as my children are safe I will always support them” she spoke and her motherly love reflected in her eyes before it turned into those cold and distant ones which always confused me.

“And for now rest as much as you can. I want to see my son completely fit and fine back on his feet” she kissed my forehead and arranged the pillows around me.

“I will send you your food. And” she got hold of my ear “No Wine” she ordered strictly and I nodded taking her hand which was holding my ear, kissing her hand.

She smiled and turned around walking out of my room but before she could walk out she stopped and turned around.

“And Nicholas” she called me and I looked up towards her waiting for her to continue.

“I would’ve really liked if that girl Juliette would’ve been your bride. The way you described me about her I truly liked her but Alas! Destiny had something different to what you planned. She never got to be your wife”.

“I don’t want to discuss it mother” I clenched my teeth and balled my palms into fists.

“Because it reminds you about your defeat” she mocked and chose to keep my mouth shut.

“Poor girl. I wonder what she might be doing right now with her husband” she looked towards me with her mischievous eyes.

“I don’t care about her Mother so please stop worrying about her” I spoke through gritted teeth and watched as she smirked at me.

“I wonder if she is still oblivious to the fact that her ex fiance’s name is not Emmett but” she looked towards me to which I raised an eyebrow.

“But Nicholas Greer”.

She grinned at me and turned around walking out of my room.

I rolled my eyes and switched on the tv flipping through channels.

“Don’t worry mother she will still find it out. Soon” I spoke to myself and smirked.

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