Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 14

Juliette Pov

“So which one do you like?” Mrs. Julia asked as she looked at me waiting for my answer.

“All are very lovely. It’s difficult to choose” I said as I looked at the dresses that were hung on the hook for us to choose.

In the morning, she came to our room and told me that she is taking me for shopping for today’s reception. I agreed immediately because it was supposed to be going to be the only time where I could remain away from him. I so badly wanted to go away from him and this was a golden opportunity.

But him being him, he allotted bodyguards with us to accompany us. As much as I felt weird and uncomfortable with three bulky bodyguards following us, Mrs. Julia looked as if she isn’t new to all this.

“So?” she asked looking at the beautiful dresses that she wanted me to select for the reception party.

“Umm,” I looked through them and shrugged.

It was difficult for me because usually Kiara or mom always selected my dresses for any special occasion because they knew what to wear and what would exactly make me look much better than I already look. According to them, I don’t have any sense in choosing a perfect dress.

“Aww it’s alright sweetie,” Mrs. Julia said and I looked back at her questionably.

“Do you mind if I select a dress for you?” she asked all of a sudden which made me sighing in relief.

“Thank God” I murmured and nodded my head Yes. She smiled at me before going through the dresses searching a perfect one for me.

“Tell me what length of the dress it should be?” she asked not even glancing my way.

“Umm, full length,” I told her and she nodded and kept on going through the expensive fabrics trying to search for a perfect one. I was sure that by now she must have formed an imagination in her mind how the dress should look like because the way she was searching for the dress tossing away which she didn’t like gave the impression.

“Found it,” she said and took out a classy peach colored maxi dress with v neck in the front and backless dress. The dress flowed down from the waist and it was simple but elegant.

“It’s lovely,” I said and she handed me the dress.

“C’mon now, try it. I want to see” she said and looked around probably searching for the change room.

“There it is. Go” she said pointing her finger towards the north side of the shop and I obliged doing what she asked for me to do.

I went inside the changing room and took my clothes off before changing into the dress. I looked at myself in the mirror only to be awed by what I looked.

“Wow,” I muttered.

The dress fitted perfectly on me and the color of the dress complimented my skin complexion. I turned around and found that some string were designed perfectly to make the dress look even more sophisticated. Even if the dress was backless I didn’t really mind if it wasn’t for those strings that crisscrossed each other on my back.

I walked out of the room and Mrs. Julia gasped at my sight.

“So lovely,” she said and I saw as her eyes twinkled with happiness.

“This dress is made for you,” the saleswoman said which made me smile.

“Absolutely,” Mrs. Julia said clasping her hand together.

“We are taking it. Right dear?” she asked me for confirmation and I nodded.

After we took the dress we went towards the shoe section where I chose lovely sandals and then after spending some more time in the mall we came back home.

“Home” I whispered to myself. I don’t really like calling it home. It makes me feel like I’m bound to call it home.

“Honey are you alright?” Mrs. Julia asked when we were walking back inside the house.

“Yeah,” I said giving her a small smile.

“What is it? You look pale? Are you not alright?” she asked with concern.

I nodded and assured her that I was alright although I was feeling a mild headache, I told her that I was alright.

“Okay. You sure?” she asked again and I nodded “Yes ma’am”.

“Oh no! I already told you. You can call me mom” she said.

I smiled at her and said, “Sorry.. mom”.

“That’s better,” she told me and we walked inside the house and took our bags towards our own room.

On reaching my room, the first thing I did was to run towards the bathroom. I threw up inside the comord and sat near it feeling terrible.

“What the hell?” I muttered and threw up once more emptying my stomach. I felt my rapid pulse and closed my eyes feeling dizzy.

“Oh God”

I flushed it and after brushing my teeth and washing my face properly, I walked back inside the bedroom not really feeling good. I fell on the bed and restless tossed around, feeling light-headed. My pulse was still rapid. So I closed my eyes only for a minute but soon I drifted off to sleep. It was as if my body was shutting down on its own. I had no strength left in me.

“Get up” I heard a voice and groggily opened my eyes to find Zachary staring down at me.

“What are you doing sleeping this long? Get up and get ready. It’s already six in the evening” he said and walked towards the walk in closet, probably to get ready.

As much I didn’t want to get up, I had to for his family. I couldn’t embarrass his family before their guests. I sat up with utmost difficulty and felt the world rotating before my eyes. I had to hold my forehead because of a headache I felt. After a moment when I was feeling good, I got down from the bed. The floor was cold as compared to my skin. I took the bag and went inside the bathroom.

I had to clean myself up first.

“I am going out. You come after you are ready” I heard him from the outside of the bathroom and then heard as the door of the bedroom shut close.

I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror. My skin looked pale and there was sleep mark on my face probably because of me sleeping in an odd position. Filling the tub with cold water, I got out of my clothes and got inside the tub. It was soothing me. I sighed in contentment.

After I was done, I got out of the tub and dried myself using the towel. I wore my bra and panties and got into the dress that mom bought me earlier. I did my hair into a side bun because I had no strength left inside me to do a professional hairstyle. After I was done I did my makeup. I was doing everything opposite to what I usually do. It was as if my brain was not working. I just wanted to get it done. That’s it. It didn’t really matter how I did it.

I used mascara, liner, and light pink lipstick. Putting my earrings and other accessories, I was done. The time, I was wearing my sandals I felt my head spinning again and I had to get hold of the doorknob tightly from preventing myself from falling down.


After I was stable I walked down the stairs and towards the front, where I could hear people chatting, music. The party must have started. As soon I reached the door, the door flung open.

“Oh, there you are. I was just going towards your room for you” mom said and eyed me up and down smiling.

“Oh you look so beautiful,” she said and smiled which made me smile too.

“C’mon let’s go. Everyone is waiting to get a glimpse of the bride” she said and though the only thing I wanted was to hop inside a car and drive away far where nobody could ever find me. I resisted the urge and nevertheless followed her towards where the party was held.

“Honey” she waved at her husband who walked towards us.

“You look amazing dear,” dad said which made me smile and I said a quiet ‘Thank You’ looking down at my feet. It’s not as if I was blushing or something but because I was feeling dizzy once again.

“Where is Zachary?” Mom asked dad and he shrugged in response.

“You are asking me? As if he tell me everything about what he does and what he doesn’-” he was cut off by mom herself.

“Honey! Will you please stop? It’s not the right place or time” she whispered yelled at him and he nodded adjusting his red tie.

“There he is,” mom said and we looked towards where she was looking.

We watched as Zachary talked to a group of man who didn’t really look like decent people. Because of the aura that they had, and the way their body was built it looked as if they were some wrestlers or something.

“Who are they?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Probably his business associates,” Mom said and I looked at her as if she had two head.

“Was she serious? Even a three-year-old kids could tell that were not some ordinary business people but mobsters or criminals. Was she really that naive or maybe she was doing it on purpose. Then that means she really does have an idea about her son business. Mafia business” I thought.

A chill ran down my body when all of them turned towards me. Zachary pointed a finger towards me as if he was talking about me and the boys nodded in unison.

“What is going on?” I wondered.

“Is he commanding them to find me when no one is around me and kill me?” I thought and instantly felt as the blood flowed down from my face.

The boys looked at me one more time before walking towards the exit. Probably their work was done and they were leaving.

“Let’s make the announcement,” dad said once Zachary walked towards us.

He took a glass and clinked it using a spoon. Mom held a mike before him and everyone turned towards us and the music stopped playing for everyone’s eye were now fixed on us.

“Ladies and gentlemen, so the time has come for which you have been waiting for so long. The newly married couple. My son Zachary Udolf Sullivan and my daughter-in-law Mrs. Juliette Udolf Sullivan” he said and cheered his glass towards our direction.

Zachary wrapped an arm around me and I put on a fake smile when people began to clap and congratulate us.

Photos were clicked and I had to smile at each and every photo to the point where my cheeks started to hurt.

“Mr. Sullivan can we ask what was the reason for the sudden marriage?” a reporter from the crowd asked.

Zachary tensed up from my side and I saw as he looked towards dad and glared at him.

“What are the reporters doing here?” he asked through gritted teeth. Dad just shrugged his shoulder while mom shook her head at them.

“That’s because we had a long distance relationship and at some point, Juliette thought that our relationship wouldn’t last so I had to take the decision. While I went to New York for this meeting, I made up my mind to bring her back to my home forever and hence the wedding” Zachary answered his question which made me clench my fists in anger.

“Liar!” I yelled at him in my mind.

“But it still doesn’t make sense Mr. Sullivan. Why would you marry in such a hurry and in just a simple wedding when we all know that you are the most or should I say you ‘were’ the most eligible bachelor in Romania who became a Billionaire Businessman on his own? You could have married in a grand wedding celebration and how come we never heard of your girlfriend? As far as we know you were always single and you were rarely seen with the opposite gender. So how come?” Another one asked.

“Zachary never had a girlfriend?” I thought surprised after knowing this.

“And he is a Businessman who became a Billionaire by his own? Are you kidding me? What nonsense?” I thought.

“Well, that’s because I like to keep my business and personal affairs to myself. And for the wedding, it was Juliette’s idea. She wanted a simple wedding which we did” he answered and I looked here and there not knowing what to do.

“What about you ma’am? What do-” the reporter was cut off by Zachary.

“That’s enough. As you all know we are having our wedding reception in here not some press conference so please allow us to enjoy the day. I would appreciate if you all join us for dinner. That would be great” Zachary said which made some of the reporters groaning but some looked pleased because they could have dinner.

“Okay. Sir please One last photo together” one of them asked and Zachary nodded reluctantly.

“Please hold her more close to you,” he said and I felt his arm wrapping around my waist more tightly before he pulled me closer towards him. From my peripheral vision, I could see Mom smiling at us and looking at us dreamingly.

“Lovely photo,” the reporter’s cameraman said as he was done.

Zachary let me go and we walked towards other guests to meet them. The more time passed the more nauseous I was growing to feel.

“What are you doing?” I heard Zachary when I was holding my forehead.

“I am not feeling fell. My head is spinning” I said closing my eyes.

“What?” He asked and the next moment I felt his cold hand touching my forehead.

“Your body is warm. You have a fever. What were you doing not telling me or at least mom about it?” He whispered yelled at me.

“Will you please quit yelling? I am not feeling well and I don’t have enough energy left to fight back with you” I said and heard him sighing.

“You are done. We are going back inside the house” he said and reached out towards me when a man interfered with a British accent.

“Mr. Sullivan,” he said which made Zachary put on a professional smile and both of them shook their hands.

“It’s great to know that you are married now,” he said and reached his hand out for me to shake. I gave him my hand and instead of shaking he took it to his mouth and placed a kiss on it.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Sullivan,” he said and I gave him an odd smile before removing my hand.

“Uh, just a minute” Zachary interrupted him. He bent down towards mine ear and whispered “Just go back to the room. Take the medicine that is in the drawer next to the bed and sleep. I am coming in five minutes after I talk to him. And take the bed. Can you do it?” He asked and I nodded.

“Go now,” he said and nodding at the Man I walked towards the house.

It was the only thing that I wanted to do right now. And that was to sleep.

The most surprising thing was out of all the people present in the party only Zachary was the one who noticed my pain. But the question is why was he so worried and how did he notice my uneasiness when I was trying so hard to act being perfectly fine?


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