Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 17

Zachary Pov

The vibrating of my phone in my pocket woke me up from my light sleep. I sat straight from my leaning position and took the phone out of my jacket.

The clock read half past three in the morning. I looked towards Juliette to find her sleeping still in her position. I picked the phone seeing the caller ID that it was Max.

“What is it?” I said and rubbed my eyes trying to get rid of drowsiness.

“Boss! I have a bad news” he said and immediately he gained my whole attention only in that one sentence.

“And it is?” I asked

“The person whom we held captive has been killed,” he said which made me stand in disbelieve.

“What?” I snapped.

Juliette groaned and stirred in her sleep. Silently, I walked towards the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

“What did you say?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“You mean to say under all those securities someone managed to sneak in and kill hi- what was his name? Yeah! Freddy if I’m correct! Someone sneaked in and killed the only person who could have given us information?” I raked a hair through my hair and slammed my hand on the wall.

“But I also have good news,” he said and leaned my head close to the wall feeling frustrated.

“It better be good or prepare yourself yo die” I spat.

“Boss Freddy got killed but we couldn’t let the person who killed him escape out of our territory. He is in our captivity” he said and somehow I felt relief.

“And you won’t believe who has been caught,” he said with excitement evident in his tone.

“Willi Simmel,” he said and an evil smile slowing made up on my face hearing that.

“Say that again!” I said wanting to confirm it that what I heard was true.

“Willi Simmel is under our captivity boss!” He said and I laughed a victorious laugh.

“Bring that bastard to me. We have a lot to catch up with” I said and heard him chuckling.

“Already in our way boss. We will be reaching there by one” he said and we hung up.

I looked at myself in the mirror. The images of what happened three years ago came back flooding into my mind. I closed my eyes and clenched my jaws in anger.

“You better prepare yourself, Willi,” I said and nodded mentally preparing the ways to greet him.

I went back into the room and gathered all my things up including my revolver. I took my jacket and glanced towards Juliette’s sleeping form.

It’s been nine hours since I have been waiting patiently for them to reach here. Nine torturing hours, to be precise. I have been craving to kill and all I could do is only to torture all those previous punks who were captivated by us.

“They are here,” Jeffery told me which got me immediately on my feet. I took desperate long strides to get to the basement where they were. It was the urgency to see that bastard kneeling before me begging for forgiveness. It was the urgency to see fear in his black orbs for me that got me walking faster towards the basement.

“Boss” Max bowed his head when he saw me.

“Well well look who do we have here,” I said chuckling seeing his bloodied body tied up on a chair.

He glanced up at me and spat on me.

“It looks like Max didn’t greet you well,” I said as I got rid of the jacket on which he spat.

“Disgusting punk!” Max yelled and kicked Willi right on his chest which made him lose his balance and he tumbled backward with the chair causing him to whimper in pain.

“Oh! that sound. It’s like music to my ears” I said and signaled Marc.

Marc nodded and came forward and kicked Willi right on his face which made him even more whining and groaning in pain.

Jeffery made Willi back from his sitting position and intentionally stood on his foot which seemed as if was shot.

Willi screamed in agony thrashing with the chair wanting to be set free. I laughed at his expressions. It was what I was waiting very patiently to see from three years.

Three bloody years after I have finally got him where I wanted him after what he did

“Oops! Forgive me. It looks like I’ve trodden on his foot which was shot by Max. I’m sorry. I swear it was-” Jeffery paused before he stomped again on that already bloodied feet which made Willi scream as if his life was being pulled out of his body “an accident” he finished with a smirk.

“I forgot to ask. How are you, Willi?” I asked as if we were best friends meeting after a long time.

“You seem extremely fine to my eyes though” I chuckled seeing him trying to stop himself from screaming anymore.

“Huh!” he coughed and shook his head smirking at me.

“You think yourself a man?” he snapped which made me raise an eyebrow.

“Untie me and I will show you your position” he rolled his shoulder back and shook his head.

“Shut u-” Max intervened but was cut off by me.

“Untie this punk” I commanded.

“But Boss-”

“Untie him,” I said and reluctantly Max nodded and untied him from the chair.

“Now what were you saying?” I said as I rolled my sleeves up and watched as he ripped his blood stained shirt away from his muscular body displaying the wolf tattoo on his half of his ribcage.

He rolled his shoulder and shook his head.

Without replying he lunged forward towards me. He attacked with a big right overhand punch which was directed towards my chin but I managed to dodge it on time and flew a punch right on his rib cage.

He stumbled backward but gain his balance and lunged again towards me and drove his shoulder into my side pushing me backward which made me stumble this time only to be saved by the chair.

Jeffery came forward and took the chair out of the range.

“Everyone back!” I snapped.

Everyone took few steps back giving me and Willi enough space to fight. Willi had managed to wake my rage for him that has been building inside me since I saw him killing my own sister before my eyes.

“I’m going to kill you” I snarled and kicked him on his chest and swiftly drove my shoulder into his chest pushing him backward and slammed him against the wall where I landed one by one swift and solid punches on his guts.

His face had an expression as if he was being burnt alive. But it didn’t stop me because the screaming of my sister and how the soul was ripped out of her body before my own eyes came like a Tsunami into my consciousness that it made me wild, raging like a wild animal, thirsty for blood, craving to hunt.

I clawed his throat and strangled compressing his neck trying to block the air.

He clawed my hand and tried to remove it from his neck.

“L-Let g-go” he coughed.

“Isn’t it what Avery once asked you, precisely begged you?” I clenched harder which made him thrashing against my hold.

A tear rolled down my cheek recalling how her eyes begged me to save her but I couldn’t because I was tied down few feet away from her but I was thrashing around in urgency to set myself free so that I could reach her. I strangled his neck to a position where his veins popped out from his cheek and forehead and his skin turned red with his eyes popping out and tear started squirting out of his eyes.

A hard punch to my stomach made me release him and he fell on his knees before me coughing and gasping for air.

“Funny right? Have you ever imagined that there will come a day where you will in the same position where my sister was?” I asked and kicked in his guts.

He slammed against the wall groaning but stood up in swiftly blocking my kick with a hand.

Using an elbow strike he struck me hard on my face which made me stumble backward. I could feel a cut on my face with blood oozing out.

“Look at you crying like a baby” he teased me and smirked at me.

“I am amused to see you like this when you yourself know that you are on the brink of dying. I must say you are utterly brave to put on an expression like that before me” I said which made him chuckle.

“Believe me pal, my profession taught me that,” he said and blew a punch towards me.

I didn’t even get time to register what he was going to do and the very next second I felt solid punches on my face.

It took me a second to regain my position and I punched back before bringing my hands up to defend myself. He lunged, swinging but missing. But I didn’t miss when I punched directly on his guts which made him cough out blood. He knelt down on his knees and coughed blood.

He looked in no position to stand up. I gestured my men to do their work and they did. They got hold of him and made him sit back on the chair.

“How could you not feel mercy killing a pregnant woman before her own family, before her own brother?” I cried remembering the day how brutally he killed my pregnant sister.

“I was just doing my work” he coughed.

“But she was pregnant!” I yelled and kicked him right in his face.

“You are not supposed to hit a woman especially a pregnant woman” I yelled and fisted my hair in frustration.

“I too have a family. Whatever I did wasn’t personal” he said and groaned in pain.

“But it is bloody personal to me” I snapped.

“You bastard deserve to die. You deserve to rot in hell because of you I couldn’t sleep at night because of the nightmares of my sister screaming for help, which made me feel how worthless I was. Because of you not only did I lose my sister but also my only true friend that I ever had. And I have been dreading and waiting for the day when I could lay my hand on you. And now when I have got you. Trust me! You are going to die” I snarled as I slammed my hand next to him on the armrest making direct contact with his eyes.

“But don’t worry I won’t end your life that easily. I will make sure that each and every I torture you to the extent when you are going to beg me just to kill you” I promised.

“Killing your sister was the most-” he coughed “the worst thing I ever did” he took a long and deep breath before speaking “Trust! I too have nightmares about killing that innocent lady who was to bring a new life to this world. I despise myself for killing her. But I was forced to do that” he said and which made me laugh sarcastically.

“My wife was held captive and he threatened me that if I didn’t kill your sister, then he would finish my wife. I had no choice. Believe me!” tears trickled down his cheeks as he lowered his head.

“I already know that. Feel happy that you are still alive only because of that but it doesn’t mean that you are less sinful than Avery’s husband” on this, his head shot upwards towards my direction.

“Yes! I know. It was that Nicholas who hired you to kill my sister isn’t it?” I snarled and he nodded.

“Pitiful for a man. Not only did he kill his own wife but his own child. That disgusting piece of shit” I raked a hand through my hair and rubbed my face.

“Three years. It took me three years to trace his bloody ass down. I thought finally I got my revenge and killed him with my own hands stripping his true love right before his own eyes but I was wrong” I looked at my hands.

“That bastard didn’t die and-”

“You are wrong” Willi intervened panting harder.


“You are wrong. That man never loved anyone in his life. The only thing he loved is only money and power. He was going to repeat the same thing which he did with your sister” he said which made me clench my fist in anger. My blood boiled hearing that.

“And before he could use me for the same thing again. I got myself caught where I wanted” he said with a sly smile which made me raise an eyebrow.

“What?” I asked.

“You heard it right. I’m going to help you get your revenge. I’m with you” he said which made me laugh. A good hysterical laugh.

“Who do you think I am? Do you find me stupid to believe this shit?” I asked crossing my hand over my chest.

“And do you think that anybody could capture me that easily?” He looked towards Max and Max looked at me confused.

“The truth is he didn’t capture me and no one ever could. I let myself captured by him. It was mine plan from the beginning to reach you. And the only way to reach you was to let myself captured by that sorry ass of that punk” he said smirking at Max.

“Why yo-” Max took a step enraged only to be held back by Marc.

“Look I am the only one who can help you to reach Nicholas. Trust me!” He said and I gave out a laugh.

“Trust you? and why is that?” I asked.

“Because I too want revenge,” he said which made me raise an eyebrow.

“Because he killed my wife” he finished.

I knew I was in no condition to return home. My shirt was completely stained with blood and my face had cuts and bruises. Walking like that into my house was risky because then mom would see me in that condition and she would soon find out the reason.

So I sneaked in. But never had I ever imagined to face Juliette in that condition. As soon as she saw me her face held that frightened expression. I was mentally hoping her to be in a deep sleep for she was still unwell.

She went to sleep on the couch. For her not in a condition to lie down on such an uncomfortable couch would have been torturous. So I made her sleep on the bed while I took the other side of the bed. It was my bed after all.

I wasn’t in a position either to sleep on that uncomfortable couch. Ignoring her, I switched the lights off and slept.

But it was being hard for me to sleep when the only thoughts were buzzing in my mind on how to get my hands on him. On that bastard Nicholas Greer.

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