Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 2

“Em-Emmett” I spoke registering what just happened. I was in a state of shock now. I was beginning to feel my head spinning very badly yet I managed to compose myself for the sake of Emmett.

“Emmett” I cried as I ran to him dodging Zachary successfully.

“Emmett!” I cried holding his face and began to pat his face. His eyes were closed and I looked down to see blood oozing out of his middle region.

“Emmett open your eyes. Please!” I begged and cried when he didn’t even respond.

“Juliette!” I heard someone calling me and I looked towards the people to see Jace screaming for me as he was held by a man stopping him from coming near me.

“J-Jace look what happened to Emmett. He is just not opening his eyes” I cried.

“Juliette!” Kiara cried looking at me.

“Kiara look what just happened” I cried holding Emmett’s Face.

“Emme-” I was cut off by Zachary himself as he shouted “Enough!” at me and got hold of my arm pulling me up. I began to struggle against him to let myself free.

“Let me go!” I cried wanting to free myself.

“You are coming with me” he spoke in a dead voice and began to drag me with him.

“Juliette!” I heard everyone shouting for me.

“Leave her” Kiara screamed trying to get me from the crowd.

“Leave me!” I cried, even more, when he ignored my pleadings and began to walk towards the exit.

“Where are you taking me? Let me go!” I cried as I began to struggle again and tried to get myself free.

“Juliette!” I heard my father screaming for me.

I looked back at them to see them crying for me. My eyes fell on the figure who was lying on the floor.

“Emmett” I whispered feeling helpless.

I was dragged out of the church and immediately a Limo Pulled before us.

Zachary nodded at his men who were surrounding us holding their guns probably for security. Security for Zachary.

Zachary pulled me towards the limo and I began to struggle more.

“Leave me! Leave me” I screamed and finally, I was able to yank my hand away from his hold. As soon as I was able to free myself I turned around to run back to Emmett but again I was stopped when Zachary took hold of my hand and made me turn back to him again.

Using all my force I used my other hand to slap him hard on his face.

His face turned to the left and his widened probably due to shock.

“You Bastard who do you think you are?” I began to scream at him.

Suddenly his face contorted with anger and he glared at me looking way too angry.

“You will know soon who I am” he hissed and pulled me to him making me gasp “and for that slap” he traced my face using his gun “I will just let it slip as it was too much for you for a day but” he stopped on my lips “next time I will kill you” he warned and his eyes showed sincerity.

I gulped a lump in my throat but nevertheless stood my position. I glared back ta him which made him smirk.

“Feisty hu?” He whispered seductively now.

“Now! Be a good girl if you want your family to get out of that church alive” he pulled me closer as he folded my hand on my back.

“W-What do you mean?” I whispered not finding my voice. My heart thumping loudly.

“My man are still inside that church. One wrong move from you and they are dead” he spoke emotionlessly as killing people was nothing to him.

“You wouldn’t” I stammered feeling anxiety growing inside me. I was feeling suffocated now.

“Try me” he whispered.

“Why are you doing this?” I cried as I couldn’t stop my tears any longer. I began to feel helpless.

He stared down at me but never answered my question. He took hold of my hand and turned around dragging me with him. I kept my mouth close only because of his threat and cried silently following him.

He pushed me inside the limo and got in after me closing the door. But I heard my name being called when he closed the door.

I looked out of the window to see Dad running out of the church with Jace and soon mom came following them.

“Juliette!” I couldn’t hear their voice but guessed my name probably being called by them as they began to fight against the man trying to come to us.

The Limo started to move and soon it began to run to god knows where. I kept staring at the figure who were fighting against the man to get to me.

“Dad mom” I whispered as we lost their sight and I slumped back on my seat sobbing feeling helpless. I looked towards the left towards Zachary who stared down at me with a neutral expression.

The only thing I felt for him right now was hatred. I hated him so much. He killed my love. The thought that I would be not seeing Emmett again in my life pained me and I hated Zachary more for it. He was the reason what just happened.

“I hate you” I whispered but I knew he heard me as he turned his head away from my direction and stared out of the window.

“I just hate you” I whispered again but this time to myself as I silently leaned my head against the window and cried my eyes out.

I don’t know for how much long I kept on crying but soon I began to feel my head spin and I began to close my eyes feeling tired all of a sudden. As soon as I closed my eyes I was out. I found myself slipping into darkness.

I woke up feeling suffocated. My eyes fluttered open and I found myself in a closed room. I was lying on a bed and I looked around to see it was a small room with dim lights. Everything was classy and seemed expensive. By what caught my attention was the sound of the engine.

“Oh no! I am in a plane?” I whispered realizing it when my eyes fell on a small circular window which showed me the clouds.

I got up from the bed and made my way towards the door which I guessed as the attached bathroom. Luckily it was the bathroom. I could hear the wind more clearly in the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror to find myself a mess. My makeup was smudged and my lipstick was smudged towards the left.

Then I remembered the kiss that I shared with the man who killed my love. I shuddered and felt disgusted.

I had to splash water many times on my face to get rid of my makeup. I and to use soap as there was no face wash. Using a brush I brushed my hair and got rid of the clips. But what made me nauseous was the blood which was on my dress.

It was Emmett’s blood.

My eyes teared up thinking about him. What would be my parents doing now?

“Emmett” I cried, even more, realising that I lost him. He was no more. I lost him before my eyes and I couldn’t do anything to save him.

This is all because of Zachary.

Why did he kill him?

Why did he marry me?

I have never met Zachary before. It is clear that I do not know him in any way. So why did he kill Emmett and what did he marry me?

I remember what Zachary spoke earlier in that Church “Now you will feel how I felt when you took the most precious thing away from me you dog”.

Precious thing?

Emmett took his precious thing?

No, he is lying. I know Emmett. He can never do this to anyone.

“But whatever it is it doesn’t mean that you could just kill someone and marry someone forcefully against its will” I spoke to myself.

“You asked for it Zachary and I will make sure to live your life a living hell from now” I swore to myself as I felt myself filling with hatred.

“I don't care what precious thing you lost but you took the most precious thing away from me and I will make sure to take revenge for it making your life hell” I swore my words filled with venom.

I heard the door opening and closing. I assumed it as Zachary. He must be into the room checking for me.

I quickly composed myself wiping away my tears and made mine out of the bathroom. As soon as I came out I saw him standing near the bed with a hardened expression.

“Oh you are back,” I said sweetly which made him furrow his eyebrows.

“Wha-” I cut him off “I was waiting for you” I spoke and went towards the door which was slightly ajar. I closed it and clicked the door knob close.

“What are you doing?” He asked as I turned around and I made my way towards him. As I walked, I began to unzip the zip at my back of my dress.

“Honey did you forgot? It’s out wedding night after all” I said and smirked inwardly when I saw his eyes widening with shock hearing me.

“Have you lost it?” He spoke deadly.

“What? Me? Oh no” I went to him and pushed him on the bed.

“What the hell” he screamed as he tried to get up.

I climbed on him and slammed my hands on the either side of his head stopping him from getting up.

He held my waist and tried to push me but I refused to move away.

“Did you forgot what I told you about your parents?” He hissed

“Oh I didn’t forget and what am I doing? I am just trying to coax my husband. After all, you are my husband now and c’mon it’s out wedding night” I spoke seductively as I trailed my finger on his face like he did the last time on me using his gun. He is handsome actually. He has this beautiful deep and intense eyes and chiseled jawline and sharp nose. But the hatred which I felt for him made me blind to all his features. I would have swooned for him if I would’ve met him in any other way around.

It’s a shame that God made such a heartless man such a piece.

“Listen just get off me” he spoke with a calm voice trying to get me off him.

I smirked at him and began to unbutton his top buttons.

“No” I whispered seductively.

I began to lean towards his face making him freeze and as soon as I was near him he broke out of his thoughts and holding my torso he succeeded in pushing me away from him. I fell to his side while he got up and strode out of the room hurriedly not even bothering to look behind towards me.

I heard him muttering “Idiot!” to me.

I laughed at him as I folded my arms behind my head and smiled victoriously.

“Score one for Juliette” I spoke to myself.

“Its just the start. Just wait and watch” I smirked to myself.

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