Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 22

Juliette Pov

I cried and looked around frantically for help. It was chaos everywhere. People screaming and running away and Zachary’s man shot back to the people who were now shooting our way.

I peeped from the table to see that they were increasing in number and we were in trouble because the number of men in their group increased and it was literally affecting Willi and the others.

“We are going to die” I squeaked in surprise when one of our men got a bullet in his shoulder and he fell on the ground right next to my hiding place with a loud thump.

“Oh, my god! Oh my god!” was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

“Hurry! Get inside” Willi screamed pointing towards the cafe’s door which was open.

I avoided him and tried to hold that man who lied next to me and drag him with me.

“What are you doing? Just get inside” Willi yelled but I ignored him once again.

“Ma’am let go and please get inside,” the injured man said wincing in pain.

“Get inside!” Willi yelled.

“Shut up!” I said which made him shut his mouth in a second.

“He risked his life-saving mine and you want me to leave everything and run away? Who do you think I am and what am I?” I gritted out and without paying attention to him anymore, I pulled the man from his torso towards the door.

A table was saving us from the gunshots.

With utter difficulty, we made it inside and I made the man sit up and lean against the wall where I took a handkerchief out of my bag and applied it to his wound.

“Th-Thank You,” he said and I nodded.

“What are we going to do? Why are they after us? What did I do?” I shot questions at the wounded man and he took the handkerchief from me tying it around his wound.

“I don’t have any idea. We are soon going to be out of bullets and then we might be a problem” he said and I put my hand on my mouth saving myself from screaming.

“Don’t worry this has been informed to Boss. Our men will be on their way. We just need to hang up a little more” he said and I fell on my knees not really believing him.

“This is all happening because of me. People are getting injured just because of me. But I don’t even know what I did to get all this” I cried silently and the man looked at me pitifully.

“We are out of bullets” I heard Willi.

I moved towards the door and from my sitting position peeped at him.

“Then come inside!” I whisper yelled at him and the other man.

“What are you doing there? Close the door!” he ordered.

“You are not my boss. Just come inside” I demanded which made him look up at the others.

The others were too hiding behind the tables and were looking at him clearly confused.

“We can’t! We need to save you” one of the men said.

“Then I don’t want to be saved risking other people's lives. Just get inside!” I demanded and as soon as I said that the gunshots began.

I squealed and dived back in fear when a bullet hit the door.

“Careful!” yelled Willi.

“Damn!” I heard another guy and I peep through the space between the hinge and the door to the driver of ours from before, holding his left eye in his hand as blood flowed down.

“Oh my-” I kept my hand on my mouth horrified.

“Stay back!” Willi said.

Seconds later we heard the gunshot stopping and I had this idea that they knew about our condition. We were completely out of bullets.

“They are coming this way!” the man who shot his shoulder beforehand spoke looking through the small opening of the window.

“We gotta use our hands then!” Willi said and he positioned himself in a lunging one, preparing to lunge forward when they were near.

“He is aiming his gun this. Don’t do that” I cried looking at Willi. If he lunged at him then definitely he was going to die.

“We have no choice,” he said.

I sat back on my position and leaned against the wall feeling helpless. If this was how we were going to die, then I was definitely going to die a painful death.

Memories of a body falling before me, pooled with blood flooded back into my mind. It was happening again. First, it was Emmett and now it’s the one who is ready to die willingly just to save a pity soul like me.

This made me cry even more because I wasn’t worth their lives. If risking their own life saving a pitiful one like mine was the cost that they were going to pay then I would be more than happy to die if that could save theirs.

I breathed in and out. I was feeling dizziness now. My head began to rotate and I held my head with my hand wincing and whimpering.

“Why am I so helpless?” I found myself talking.

“Why am I so pitiful?” I cried out.

“Why? Why am I so weak?” I pulled my hair in frustration.

I closed my eyes in aggravation. A weakling like me doesn’t deserve to live. What am I? What did I do?

I can never forget that it was me for whom a person died earlier and I am the same person for whom again several lives are in danger.

Then we heard the gunshots. Again.

I closed my eyes and held my hands on my ears not wanting to hear the screams of the people who were dying. Just because of me.

“No! No! No!”

“Stop it!” I yelled.


“Ma’am!” I opened my eyes and looked at the man next to me who was wounded earlier on his shoulder.

“Look outside! It’s our man! They are here” he said and I couldn’t believe what he was saying.

I could hear people screaming and the gunshots. I thought that they reached here and they killing Zachary’s man.

Gathering up courage, I looked through the space between the door and the hinge to see several men firing from the other side of the road.

They were shooting at the man who were near us whose intention was to harm us.

“It’s our boss!” I heard Willi and hope lit up inside me when I got up on my feet and looked towards the way where Willi was looking.

Sure enough there he was. But he was wearing a mask on his face covering his face and he was wearing a black jacket covering his body.

I would never have recognized him if it wasn’t for Willi. I guess Willi was accustomed to Zachary’s way of fighting and showing up in public.

Then it clicked me. According to public, Zachary was a billionaire businessman but they had no idea about his dark side which was a mafia leader.

Obviously, he would never show up his true self before the public. He was shielding his face and his identity from the ordinary people.

“Take it losers!” I heard a man from our side screaming in victory.

Our enemies were circled from all the direction by Zachary’s man. And this time they were the one who was out of bullets. I looked as Zachary walked aiming his gun towards the hoody man from before. I had no idea what was Zachary thinking or doing.

“Surrender yourself if you want to live,” a man from Zachary’s side said to the enemies.

“You wish!” the hoody man said and pointed his gun directly at Zachary’s direction. Immediately, several guns were aimed at him by Zachary’s man.

But it was Zachary who stood there calmly and patiently with no hint of fear in his body. He crossed his hands over his chest and waited for the hoody man to take his next step.

I wanted to scream.

Its funny how I am the one who doesn’t the same person who killed my love die before me. I prayed internally and hoped that Zachary would step out of the way or he would get hurt. Worst, he would die.

The hooded man laughed. A good throaty laughing before he pointed the gun back at his direction and bam.

I closed my eyes not wanting to see what happened.

It happened so quickly that nobody got any chance to do anything. The man killed himself.

“But why?” I thought.

I breathed in and out and then in and out. It was too much for a day. It was my first time encountering so much death and blood before me.

I felt nauseous now, so I leaned back at the wall to save myself from tumbling down.

I could hear their footsteps. He was coming.

I kept my hand on my eyes shielding them from seeing any more blood. It was just enough for a day or should I say lifetime? I don’t wish to see blood even from a small cut on my hand or anything. It was enough.

I felt his cold hand on mine and I felt him removing my hand from my eyes. But I refused to open to open my eyes. I refused to see any more blood or pain.

I felt him wrapping something around me and my head was covered using a cloth. No words came out of my mouth when I felt myself being scooped up from the ground into his arms.

I couldn’t see anything and I was glad that I couldn’t. I clutched tightly on his shirt while he carried me back towards where I guessed was the car.

“Boss!” I recognized that voice as Willi’s.

“Destroy the CCTV,” Zachary said.

“And provide them hospitality,” he said and I guessed that it was for his man who was hurt saving me.

I felt myself being kept inside the car. The cold leather seats made me squirm and I felt his arms encircling around my shoulders pulling me next his warm body.

“What is going on?”

“Why am I leaning against him as if my life depended on him?”

“Why am I not pushing him away?”

“How can I like the warmth of his body when I knew he was a much cold and ruthless man from inside?” I thought and clutched tightly to his hands that encircled me.

“How can I be relieved when I should be running away from him for he was the reason of all this which was happening to me today?”

“Like I have said before,” I heard him speaking for the first time.

I waited for him to complete was what he was saying.

“I leave you for a minute and you end up getting into trouble” he finished and as much I denied that my inner-self agreed with him, which was disturbing.

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