Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 23

Zachary Pov

I carried her back to the room and made her sit on the bed. I went to the bathroom and got rid of my jacket and kept the mask inside the basin. It had some bloodstains on it. Quickly, I turned the tap on and let the water wash away the fresh stains.

It wasn’t mine. I didn’t even have a scratch on my body. I knew he was going to shoot himself. I sighed thinking that if I would have caught him then I would have got much information from him but no worries, I have already captured some of his men and I do have his cell phone with me.

But the thing which kept nagging me was why did he attack Juliette. Well, I knew that she would have a situation like this in the near future, but it’s just too soon. Or was it a warning?

If they wanted to kill Juliette, they could have. Easily.

But they didn’t. Were they really after Juliette or was it just a warning that they can kill her easily?

I kept my hands on my hips and looked up inhaling deeply.

“Why did I get into this?” I thought.

I turned the tap off and kept now clean mask on the side and took the first aid box out from the small compartment near the mirror and went out to Juliette.

She had been a mess. She is not even talking.

“I guess she is traumatized for the second time. No, it’s the third time” I wondered.

“Clean yourself,” I said showing the first aid box before her.

She didn’t even move. Her eyes were fixated on something, nothing in particular and she sat there like a statue not even blinking. But I noticed her trembling hands.

“Juliette!” I called.

“Hey!” I snapped my fingers before her eyes but no movement.

“Do I have to do this too?” I muttered and brought the stool from the dressing table and sat before her opening the first aid box.

I took the cotton and the antiseptic liquid and applied it on the scratch on her forehead. She didn’t even wince.

“Juliette!” I asked in a low voice. She didn’t even move.

“Ok, now I’m worried!” I thought and gradually reached for her hand which was trembling. Her cold hands trembled against mine warm ones and I sighed feeling little guilty that she has to see all this.

“Juliette!” I said again and when she didn’t respond reluctantly I kept her hand on the side and I did which would snap her out.

I slapped her thigh and it worked because she gasped and jerked up in her seat looking at me with her widened eyes.

“What?” she snapped.

“Now that you are awake. Clean yourself!” I said throwing the first aid box on her and she caught it with ease. I stood up from my place and took my jacket.

“Mom will be coming back today. My grandfather is coming with her too” when I said that I looked at her through the mirror to see her looking at nothing in particular. Lost. Again.

“Juliette!” I snapped which made her look at me and she stood up from her seat now attentive.

“Go and get a bath. Eat and sleep. It will be late when Mom will reach here. So you will meet her and grandfather tomorrow. We are having a small welcome party for him tomorrow” I said and she nodded.

“Don’t embarrass me there!” I said which made her glare at me.

As surprising at it sounds but she was the first woman in my life who had the audacity to glare at me with fearing my presence. Well, after mom of course.

“I won’t be coming back today,” I said and took my wallet.

I was heading out for an important business meeting and I had already instructed Max to take care the matter in here. And about Willi. He will always remain under my watch. At first, I thought he was just playing with me making a story telling me that he was against Nicholas in this battle.

But then, he really saved Juliette. He could have easily killed Juliette back there with ease. This is surprising as well as disturbing. A chance of trying to make him look loyal to me is possible. Because Nicholas may have tried to make him look loyal before me by attacking Juliette in public and then Willi saving Juliette. It can be a plan.

I know that the only way to reach Nicholas was Willi. If I had killed Willi that day then I would have never traced that bastard again in my life. So there is only one choice left. Play with them in their own game.

But Juliette had to pay for all this. She is really innocent to be dragged into all this. It would have been very easy if she knew everything in the beginning.

I glanced back at her and walked out of the room when she didn’t say anything.

“Seth” I saw him walking towards me. He bowed a little before speeding my way.

“Make sure to have an eye on Willi. He may be Juliette’s bodyguard but you and Kyle are the real bodyguard of Juliette. And if he tries anything stupid or suspecting, you are free to put him in the cellar. I will handle him after I come back” I said and he nodded understanding.

“And grandpa is coming tomorrow” when I said it, his eyes widened in shock.

The ex-mafia leader was coming back after a decade.

“General?” he asked surprised.

They all called him ‘General’.

“Yes! So prepare for a small welcome party. Remember this, he is no longer involved in this mafia world so don’t talk about anything related to this to him and he isn’t coming here for any business either” I told him and watched as confusion marred his face.

“Then?” he asked.

I sighed and looked up towards the window where Juliette used to stand occasionally.

“He is coming to meet his daughter-in-law,” I said and got inside my car and drove off to my office.

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