Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 3

Juliette Pov

I looked out of the window to find clouds and only clouds. I was frustrated being in that same room from his knows to many hours. So, I made up my mind to go out of the small cabin and check out. The stunt that I pulled a few hours ago is still fresh in my mind. Still, I just want to know why did he do that?

I walked out of the room, crossing a small cabin, I reached the front part of the plane. There I saw the devil himself sleeping on his seat leaning his head against his seat.

He looked so peaceful in his sleep.

He took all my peace and dreams away from me. I was suppose to enjoy my life, my honeymoon with Emmett and here I am mourning on his death and sitting married to a complete stranger.

I don’t understand what to do. Should I cry and shut myself down for Emmett’s death or should I take revenge for him?

Finally, I decide to lock all my tears and sorrow inside me until I take my revenge. I won’t satisfy until I make this Zachary guy kneel down before me and ask for forgiveness for what he did to Emmett and to me.

Suddenly I was brought back to reality when the plans began to tremble. I loosed my balance and in no time going myself falling towards my front. I closed my eyes scared and waited to get hurt but when I felt a touch on my arm, my eyes fluttered open only to find myself again on Zachary.

For the second time of the day.

He held my arms supporting me while I sat sideways on his laps. His eyes displaying shock and surprise but at the same time I found myself getting mesmerized by his brown eyes which were filled with deep secrets and something which I couldn’t comprehend.

His eyes began to flutter and I snapped out from our little moment. I jerked up away from him as soon as I realised I was sitting on a murderer.

“What the hell is your problem” he spoke narrowing his eyes as adjusted his black suite.

“You are my problem” I spoke lowly but I knew he heard it.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked as I sat infront of his seat on another seat.

He stared at me for some minutes and as usually chose to ignore me as he leaned back against his seat and closed his eyes totally shutting me.

“Fine!” I muttered irritated by his rudeness.

I chose to calm myself down for some minutes. So I sat next to the window and leaned against the window.

I just wanted to forget everything that just happened few hours ago. My energy system is totally drained out and now I will gladly accept anything which could provide me peace and more importantly calmness.

I closed my eyes and folded my arms across my chest feeling little cold.

“Who ever knew that a simple wedding could turn out this horrendous” I thought to myself as I drifted to darkness.

“Get up!” I heard someone

As I began to gain consciousness, I rubbed my eyes and looked up to find the murderer himself standing before me and looking down at me with a boring expression.

“Get up! We are here. Follow me!” He commanded me as if I were his dog and turned on his back walking somewhere.

I got up from my seat and felt something dropping to the floor. I looked down to find a shawl lying on the floor. Confused, I picked it up and ran my palm over the soft shawl wondering who covered me with it.

“I said Follow me” I heard him speak up and without wasting any more time I took that shawl with me as I ran before him following him.

He walked out of the plane with me trailing behind him and immediately I looked arround to find ourselves surrounded by luxourious black cars whose name I didn’t know quite actually.

I sucked at all this.

For me car is a car.

I noticed body guards with huge well built body all dressed in typical black clothes with black sunglasses looking here and there to security.

“Sir welcome back” a guy bowed his head before Zachary and in return Zachary just nodded.

“This way” he escorted us to a car, black luxourious car and without uttering any words I followed Zachary into the car because I knew it was useless trying to escape.

First of all, I had no idea of where I’m the world I was. Secondly, I was surrounds by his men. That means I would be easily caught if I ever tried to escape and lastly, I didn’t wanted to escape. Not now actually. Not before getting my answers and getting my revenge.

I sat silently lost in my deep thoughts while the car ride. I tried to atleast have an idea on where I was by looking outside the window for any shop or clue but everything was written in different language and eventually I gave up when I didn’t get a single clue.

But as if God heard me I got a clue and it was totally devastating for me. I was in freaking Egypt. I would’ve never got it if I had never saw that pyramids. Now I got it. It was all in Arabic language.

“How can I be so stupid not able to recognise this earlier?” I questioned myself.

I just can’t believe this. This freaking monster made me travel all this way to Egypt. But how in the world I couldn’t know this earlier?

I looked towards my left to find him typing something on his phone. I tried to peep but a shiny material which poked out of his waistline made me to sit back on my seat.

“Why in the world is he always carrying that stupid gun with him?” I muttered as I closed my eyelids rubbing my face using my palms frustrated.

“Why are we in Egypt?” I asked in a low voice.

For some minutes I thought that may be he didn’t hear me but when he did I wished I should’ve never asked it to him.

“You are where I have brought you” he spoke in a bored tone as he continued typing in his phone.

“Idiot!” I muttered

The car ride was in silence and after a hour we reached out destination. The car came to a halt before a big house. I scoffed looking at that house. Atleast my house was bigger than this.

“We will staying here for three weeks then we will fly back to my place” he said as he stepped out of the car.

“Y-Your place? What do you mean by that? Isn’t this your place?” I questioned confused.

“Do you think I stay somewhere like this?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

I chose to keep my mouth close.

Ofcourse! He would never stay somewhere like this. Ever!

He walked towards the entrance and as usually I followed him.

“Witney take her to her room” he ordered a woman who was dressed in black typical dress like a maid.

“And sent me something to eat” he comanded again and without saying anything walked away leaving me alone with Witney.

“Please follow me” she spoke professionally and I did as she said following her wherever she took me.

“Here! This is your room for now” she opened a door which led is into a room. It was not a big room but medium size room with purple and white wall paint. An attached bathroom and a wardrobe. A small bed in the middle of the room and most importantly no window.

“Why isn’t there any window in here?” I asked confused.

I have already started to hate this room. I was feeling suffocated.

“Please give me some other room” I told her and tried to leave but she stood before me blocking me with an apologetic face.

“I am sorry Ma’am but Sir told me to give you this room only. You can not leave this room” she spoke with a low voice.

“Wha-” she cut me off “Please change something comfortable you will get from that wardrobe and I will be bringing you your food” she bowed and closed the door on my face.

“What the-” I began to bang on the door “open the door! Please! Open the door”.

When no one responded, I eventually gave up as I slide against the door crying and sobbing again remembering who he was and what he did to me.

After crying my eyes out, I managed to stand on my feet but my feet wobbled due to my draining energy.

“I just hate for all this Zachary” I screamed as tears pooled my eyes and I made my way towards the bathroom.

This wedding dress suffocated me and I just want myself out of this as soon as possible. I can not bear seeing those blood stains on my dress which made me remember painful memories.

As I got inside the small bathroom, I got rid of the dress as soon as possible and took a cold shower relaxing a bit. I rubbed the parts of my body painfully feeling disgusted that a murderer touched me. What Zachary did was a sin. He did all that in a holy church and for that I wished God to punish him for his sins.

Using the towel I wiped the water away from my body and wrapped myself using another towel and walked out of the bathroom. The ceiling fan was rotating making squeaking sounds and I feared it to fall on me.

Opening the wardrobe, I fished out a layered spaghetti top and a black one third pant. But no undergarment.

“I guess I had to just manage with this” I muttered as I changed into those clothes and wrapped my way hair using that same towel.

I walked towards the bed and layed down on it watching blankly as the ceiling fan rotated.

Soon, I began to feel sleepy and eventually I passed out with only one person in my mind.


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