Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 30

Juliette Pov

“How dare you?” he snarled at me pushing me against the wall.

I just wrapped my arms across my chest and stared at me while he raked his hand through his wet hair.

“How dare you humiliate me? I get it you didn’t get a thing that I had warned you earlier” he punched the wall from the side of my face which made me flinch a little.

Don’t be scared, Juliette! Don’t let him dominate you.

“Just a flick! Just in a flick of my fingers, I will destroy everything. Do you get it? I can destroy everyone you love and your family” he rage was clear from his voice.

“Oh really?” I said and for the first time I raised my hands and in one go I pushed him hard and away from me.

He stumbled backward a little with a shocked expression. Never had he ever thought I would ever fight back.

“What more will you destroy? Hu?” I yelled.

“You have destroyed everything already!”

“What more is left?” I yelled on his face.

“Shut up!” he growled and held my arms and he jerked me a little in anger hurting me a little. I winced when he pushed me hard on the wall enraged.

“Don’t raise your voice on me!” he threatened.

“Or what?” I pushed on his chest testing his patience.

“Or..” he came dangerously closer to my face for which I had to look towards the side avoiding the contact.

“You know Jace,” he said and I looked back at him with wide eyes.

“Your beloved brother Jace Swanson,” he whispered.

“He is opting for medicines right?”

“How will be it if your brother gets kidnapped directly from his way back home?” he threatened to which I gasped.

“Yes! I do know everything about your family. What are their names, what they do and want? Everything” he tightened his hold on my arms jerking me to him.

“You wouldn’t!” I gritted out.

“Oh believe me! I can and after he is kidnapped I’ll make sure that he gets the best treatment for,” he smirked, “he is my wife’s only brother after all.”

“Yo- You are a monster” I cried out.

“Much more than that,” he smirked.

“Get away from me!” I pushed hard on his chest and he did move away running his hand through his damp hair.

“Do you think me as some average thief or gangster?” he asked.

I stared at him while he folded his sleeves up.

“Don’t take me for granted Juliette. I do what I say,” he said and crossed his arms across his chest.

“For instance. This is your-” I cut him off.

“And what makes you think that you can suppress me every time? I am not your dog,” I retorted back.

“Do you think you can just lock me inside a room for two days like some dog? You will say stand up and I will just follow your commands as if I am some kind of dog?” my voice raised.

“For god sake I am human and I have some limit and you are crossing it every time you do something like this. You are a despicable man!” I told him by a pointing a finger at him.

“Despicable?” he chuckled darkly.

“Oh so I am despicable?” he said and in a moment he was before me with my hands up pressed on the wall as he caged me with his body sandwiching me between the wall and his body.

“I see this little bird has grown its wings hu?” he jerked up when I tried to push him away.

“Let me go!” I snapped.

“So you find me despicable hu? What about that mutt?” I stopped wiggling and eyed him up with confusion.

“What is he?” he asked further.

“Who?” I asked in confusion.

“That lover of yours” he answered my question.

“If I’m despicable than what is he hu?” his question angered me.

“He is a lot better than you. Do you understand? Don’t pull him into this. At least he knows how to treat a woman and here look at you. What are you? Is this the way you treat a woman? Every woman? He is a lot better than you. Better than you in every field!” I snapped at him and felt my eyes stinging from the unshed tears thinking about Emmett. Emmett would have never treated me like this.

“Don’t ever compare me to that mutt!” Zachary growled on my face.

“Mutt? Don’t you dare call him that? You are the one to be holding such adjective not him. Do you understand? He is way much better than you,” I yelled on his face.

“Better? Because he bedded you?” Zachary’s question made me stop in shock.

“Wh-What?” I whispered.

“Is that what you are talking about? Are you comparing me with him because he gave you pleasure in bed and I never? Is that it?” he asked and chuckled darkly seeing my expression.

“Is that what you want? Sex?” he pushed me further even more to the wall.

“Why don’t you test me? Test me if I could make you scream even more than him. You are pissed, right? Pissed that I never looked up towards you in that way? Nor ever approached you or even glanced your way? Is this what pisses you off and you take his side more than me? Then why don’t you let me change the fact? I will show you how better sex partner I can be” he said which made my heart beat rise, not in a good way.

“Is that what you want?” he questioned.

“Is that how low you think of me?” I questioned not believing what he just said.

“Low? Isn’t that the truth? Bittersweet truth hu?” he countered.

This angered me even more. Is this how low he thinks of me. Do I look like a slut to him? I know that we don’t know each other nor do we have any serious relationship rather than unknown enmity but I used to think that he does have a little maybe a tiny bit of respect for me, for which he never abused me in any kind of physical way because I used to think that maybe, just maybe.

A lone tear escaped my eyes and I mustered up all the anger that I have inside me towards him. In a swift motion, I freed my hands and a loud sharp noise was heard in the room. It was me slapping him right on his face.

His face turned the other side when I slapped him and I tried to control my breathing because of the anger that I felt towards him. How dare he insult me?

His face masked pure shock but all of a sudden he took his revolver from his back and pulled the slide of it before pointing it directly at my head.

“How dare you?” he growled.

His eyes were devoid of any emotions and his face held pure hatred and rage for me. I was sure that my face held the same thing towards him too. I didn’t even flinch when he aimed the gun at my head. I was no longer afraid of death.

He hurt my dignity, my self-respect. How dare he?

“What are you waiting for?” I asked as I held the front of the gun.

“Pull the trigger and end this all,” I said in a low voice not wanting to express my feelings.

“You have already killed me. This won’t kill me,” I said and let go of the gun.

“C’mon! Shoot!” I said encouragingly.

Tears shredded down my face. I was hurt badly. He hurt my sentiments and emotions. It was as if he slapped my dignity. He ruined my image.

He breathed heavily as he stood there pointing the revolver on my forehead but I saw as his eyes flickered some emotions within them when he saw my tears.

I was expecting that today it was my last day on this earth. But surprisingly, I witnessed as he lowered the gun down still looking at my face.

“Why are you like this?” he whispered but I heard it.

I leaned my head against the wall as I looked directly into his eyes.

“Ask yourself!” I muttered answering his question.

His face contorted back into anger and the revolver fell to the ground from his hand as he took a step forward again holding me by my arms.

“Why are like this?” he yelled on my face jerking me a little.

“Let me go!” I screamed trying to free my hands from his.

I said leave me” I shouted as I yanked my hand back from his hold.

“Why are you behaving like this?” He hissed at me as he took hold of my arms and pushed me against the wall.

“I don’t want to do anything with you. You are a murderer and I can never forget what you did to him” I cried as I tried to free myself.

“First of all, you are my wife and next time I am not going to tolerate any such activity from you. Do you understand?” He spoke through gritted teeth.

I glared at him and pushed his chest hard using all my force and he stumbles back shocked.

“I told you I don’t want anything to do with you,” I told him icily while the head of Mafia and the billionaire who was my husband glared at me.

He stood there and stared at me for some minute. I was expecting for him to lash out again at me or maybe something which would hurt me in any way but he surprised me by bending down and picking up his gun.

He shoved it back on his back and walked out of the room taking long strides as he banged the door shut behind him. I flinched at the impact of the door and let my tears fall down as I slid down against the wall to the ground hugging my knees and crying my eyes out for he tried to question to my dignity.

I will never forgive him for this.

For the words he spoke today was a signal of a new fight between us for which I hate him for eternity.

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